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May 25, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Burning Both Ends

8:13 pm: 14 lbs - 5oz for blanket

I got up at 7:30, kind of tired, but not too bad, considering the last few nights. Jet only got up once last night, and then again at 5 in the morning, but John took care of him then. So I had better sleep than I've had for most of the week. So I was up at 7:30 and, as John kindly put it, I looked like I was actually awake and ready to stay that way for a while. And so I was.

John proposed a breakfast adventure, and since he'd forgotten his Programming Perl 5 book at work and I really needed it we were going to drop by work as well. The King Arthur gingerbread mix called out a 9x9 square pan, so I wanted to look for that, too. Finally, we had a bunch of recycling that had to go into town, so John loaded the Range Rover up with recycling while I fed Jet.

We first went to work, and John ran in to get the book and he was out in a flash. The next stop was the restaurant supply place I'd been to before. I bought two 2-quart containers, and then cast about for a 9x9 pan. I never found one, though there were plenty of round cake, pizza, and pie pans. There were also lost of sheet, half-sheet, and even quarter sheet pans. There were two roasting pans as well, with handles and they were fairly deep, too. One looked smaller than an 9x13, which is the normal rectangular baking pan, and it was definitely smaller than the roasting pan I already had, so I got that.

Why get a roasting pan smaller than the one I had? So I could fit it on the stove after roasting a bird and wanting to get all the good drippings up into a chicken gravy. You really only need a roasting pan that's as big as the bird, mainly to catch all the juices and drippings so they don't go anywhere. And if it's not non-stick, all the good stuff stays stuck to the pan so you can use some stock or wine to get it off into a broth or gravy. Non-stick pans don't hold the fond at all well, it just comes off on the bird or roast or whatever, so nothing left for a gravy. The big roasting pan I have is non-stick, too. If I don't make gravy and leave all the stuff stuck, the non-stick pan washes up neat as a pin.

Hopefully, I could use this little pan for small lasagnas, two-person roasts, and gingerbread cake. Lots of possibilities. So I bought it but it wasn't a 9x9, so I told John I wanted to go to Target as well, if possible.

From there we went to The Buf, and Jet went to sleep on the way there, and he was happily asleep while the waitress coo'ed over him and while we ordered our food and talked. When the food came, Jet stretched, woke up and just peered about the room with wide eyes. He didn't wake up yelling, just watching to see what was around him. The waitress got a quirked smile for her efforts and she went away saying, "Kids are the coolest..." I had to think, "Yeah, well, you're not seeing him cranky at 5 in the morning for the third time in a night..."

But he really is a cool kid in the daylight, when he's had enough sleep and enough to eat...

John and I filled up on breakfast happily and John took the time to change Jet when he finished before I did. I guess that's one advantage to eating more slowly. I did get to pay for breakfast, and then the three of us went nearly next door to the Target. They just dropped me off and went to park while I went to look at the baking department. That's when I realized that the 8x8 pan that I had was the standard, really. There weren't any 9x9 square cake pans, at all. Oops. I decided to simply not buy anything and went back to the car.

The recycling center was really busy. It was mildly odd to be breastfeeding Jet while all those people scurried about in front of our windshield and could, clearly, see us. I had a blanket over Jet to keep it modest, more for my sake, I think, than theirs. Jet ate away happily, and when John was done, we pulled over to an empty place away from the bins so that Jet could have his last ten minutes.

From there we went home, and John went to work. It was only 10:30, and he had an 11-12 meeting. Sadly, the meeting went all the way to 1, though I didn't know. I just knew that he was still in his meeting at 12:40, so I put some pho noodles into cold water to soak and started slicing stuff for pho. Jet was doing really well all morning, and still doing well around lunch time.

We had pho for lunch. Boiling hot broth on cooked noodles, the cold meat from the oxtails, and three types of vegetables. That was very yummy, especially since it had clouded over for the afternoon, and was much cooler than the morning had been.

Jet had a bit of a fussy time in the middle of the afternoon, but then calmed again after his massage. I am really glad of the massage, as it seems to make him feel much better a lot of the time. While he was fussy, he wanted to eat every hour, again, so I just fed him every hour, if he fussed or not, and he was pretty eager through most of the day, but dropped off in the last afternoon.

That was interesting.

John did take Jet for an hour immediately after lunch, so that I could work straight. I'd been reading the Perl book all day, while nursing Jet, so I had some experiments I wanted to do. It was good to be able to do them and just have fun with that and not worry about Jet, though I did hear him crying some.

John had promised me two hours, but by the time we made dinner, and I'd started the cinnamon rolls from King Arthur, John asked me if I wanted to go to Safeway, get groceries, and then have ice cream at the Dairy Queen. Ooo... ice cream. The real reason was to give me a bit of a break and have ice cream. So the three of us went to do that, and I was mildly worried that Jet would be unhappy, after as busy a morning as he'd had.

Jet did just fine. He happily watched folks making John's and my desserts, and then sat in his car seat in a chair at the table outside, by the reservoir, and watched us eat. He also watched the sunset burning sky, the people that walked by, and got licked on the nose by a 10-week-old puppy. It startled Jet a little, but he was pretty calm about it.

The puppy belonged to a family with one older girl and twin girls, who gravely told me that the puppy's name was Henry. The mom was pushing the double stroller while Dad and the older daughter were already in the ice cream place. The puppy, being a puppy, was everywhere. That was fun.

Jet was happy in the Safeway, too, especially with John singing to him, making up rhymes, and showing him all the cool colors on all the cereal boxes. He was happy as a clam as we wove about the store and picked up the fresh things and things we run out of every week. Things like tomatoes, green onions, orange juice, onions, and yogurt. We didn't get a whole lot, didn't need to with everything else stocked pretty solid.

John weighed him, as well, and the scale read 14 pounds. That was pretty cool and very interesting, as this is the first time that his weighings have indicated that he might be slowing down! Amazing! A pound in two weeks after having gained a pound in just one week. It's still well over the 'average' that the pediatrics book said, which was a pound a month from 4-7 months. Still, it looks like there's some light that might be the end of the tunnel. If he doesn't need so much energy to grow with, he might last longer at night.

I have to keep remembering that Jet's nearly four months old, no longer three. I think I've also just given up on the concept of Jet sleeping all night.

Jet was wide awake, but very quiet all the way home. He ate happily when I offered him the nipple, as it was 9, already. I was surprised he wasn't fussing or crying as he hadn't eaten his usual every-hour in the evening schedule, but maybe doing that for most of the afternoon had set him up to be content for the evening. Or maybe he really doesn't need to eat as often as I'm feeding him anymore?

However it worked out, he was content by the time it was time to go to sleep, and he slept until 3, which was a good five and a half hours. He went back to sleep at 4 and was up again just before six and did pretty well.

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