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May 23, 2001
two years ago
three years ago


I had a good morning at work, coordinating with everyone else in the group as to what they were expecting to do and with what I wanted to do. It turned out that four other people were working on pieces of the puzzle that Bill had handed me. The thing is that Bill hadn't been able to get a big picture look at it, he'd only been sending people off in all directions after what they were interested in doing.

So I'm the one that's supposed to organize it all. That should be useful to do, and be the one to talk with everyone about what everyone else is doing. That should be useful. I'm also going to be able to work a bit during the break, while John can take care of Jet, and get some things done before people return, I think.

That should be more useful for everyone.

Lunch was at Efrain II's and we'd wanted to get there early because we knew that it would be crowded. I was going to take Cary and Chad there in the Passat, but when we got in and I started going, there was a thumping sound at the rear right tire. This morning, going to work, I'd heard some thumps on County Road 5, and I'd gotten out to check it out. The tire was still firm and solid and so were all the others, so I got back into the car and drove to work.

It was dead flat when we checked it before lunch, so I parked it, and we decided to take car of it later. Chad drove us to lunch and as we got there, John pulled in with Jet. Chad had had to go to the way back part of the lot to find a space, and John got a space right by the door. Baby parking karma. With the baby you get good parking, I think. Also, even with people out the door, when John arrived, we got our table. Wow.

Jet was asleep and stayed so, not only for all of lunch, but all the way home. He'd been up three times last night, and both John and I were pretty beat by it all. Jet, however, could sleep all he wanted during the day. He came home with me, and just as I was pulling into the driveway, he woke up crying. He was hungry. I got him and everything else into the house and just sat down and fed him.

We had a good afternoon. Just cool and quiet and sitting around the house for most of the early part of the afternoon. Then at 4, I decided to check out Lots for Tots in Longmont, so Jet and I could have a little bit of an adventure outside of the house. I called John's work phone and left a message with our intent. Some of my intent was to let John get some sleep without a baby in the house. Jet makes so much noise even when he's happy, it's harder to sleep with him around.

Jet did just fine for the trip. It did make me regret, a little, just how long it takes for us to drive to just about anything. It was a good twenty minute drive out, and we got to the little used childrens stuff store and found it mostly filled with clothing, a few toys, and fewer books. There wasn't any furniture, and certainly no cribs, so I was mildly disappointed. Still, it was good to check it out as it was the only Longmont place we'd thought of checking out.

Since checking the place out was a pretty short thing, I took Jet in my arm and we went to the Country General, just to look around a bit. Jet gravely looked at horse tack, cow licks, chicken coops, racks of coveralls, and a whole area of feed and seed. He studied it all carefully from my arms and nodded with his still a mite wobbly head at the cashiers as we headed back out and back towards home.

John met us as I pulled in and he helped get Jet out of the Range Rover. He'd taken the Passat to Big O Tire, since we'd originally bought the tires on the Passat from a Big O, but in Redmond. They fixed the flat, rotated the tires, and balanced all the tires for *free*. Now that is a deal. I'm now more convinced that if I need to buy tires, I'll buy them from Big O, with that kind of service. Yeesh. Turned out a big old nail had gong straight into the tire, making for a slow leak, since the nail filled most of the hole.

John decided to ride the exercise bike instead of sleep. He needed the exercise and felt better for it. I pulled out the frozen Voila! bag of food, and when John got into the shower after his ride, I put it on the stove to heat through. I also made buttermilk donuts, and greased the pan, this time, but they still stuck. By the time I was done with that Jet was in his mildly irritated late afternoon, early evening mood, but he ate happily and played in his vibrating chair cheerfully enough while we ate.

We then watched a bit of TV, and when I fed Jet again, John fell asleep on the floor. He snored quite loudly, but we let him alone for the half hour that Jet ate. Then Jet and I went upstairs for a little while, and when he got fussy, I took him down to change him out of his wet diaper and then the two of us went into our bedroom.

It was dark by now, and I got out the Aquarium. It's a tank filled with water with two plastic goldfish that go around and around and around the edge of the tank are little vials that catch air at the top and when they go down and around, they let go of air bubbles into the water. It's backlit with a light and there's an opening at the top that can let light out that's water distorted, really cool motions. And while all that is going on it'll play sounds either bubble sounds to go with the fish tank theme, rain sounds, sea shore wave sounds, rock a'by baby, or twinkle twinkle little star. Now that's one cool way to go to sleep.

Instead of going to sleep, I propped Jet onto his side with a pillow so he was turned towards the thing. I turned it on in the dark and I lay on the bed behind his back and watched him watch the tank. He didn't waver. He watched the fish steadily for the next fifteen minutes straight. By then it was time to eat again, so we happily went back into the livingroom with a snoring Dad and settled Jet for another good nursing.

John woke up and apologized for not helping with jet, but given his morning (which was getting up at 5:30 and basically having to stay up after that all after having gotten up at 11pm(!) to help a crying Jet get back to sleep), it was totally forgiven. He got Jet to bed pretty quickly, as Jet was tired, and we all went to bed. I was pretty exhausted by this time as I'd been pretty much doing my best not to worry John with stuff after I had charge of Jet and he had gotten the car all fixed and everything.

So I prayed that Jet would do well tonight. We'll see if that helps at all, or if Jet will just work his way through this backsliding and go back to one waking per night instead of three.

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