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By the time we started heading home yesterday, the weather outside was just hot and humid. We were pretty happy that there was no top on the car, and so we wandered about just a bit after work, thinking there was Some Movie we wanted to watch and that it was out. So we drove by the Bella Botaga and then by the Redmond Towne Center and checked out all the marquees. There were no movies that jogged our memories, so we drove to the upstairs part of the parking area, parked, got out and tried the cheesesteak place.

It wasn't bad, but it wasn't particularly good, either. Ah well. The weather was just sweltering for us, and we walked about a little while, checkout out PlayStation games and then sport watches for John, finally my knee gave out and we went back into the car and then home. To ice and hockey and cuddling up and eventually to bed.

Sleep was hard because it was so warm. We had the windows to the bathroom and the bedroom open and it was cooler outside, but it was taking a while for the coolness to get in. So I just lay there, breathing in the scent of the air, and realized that it smelled of rain. At first, also, the frogs were out, thousands of them, singing and croaking and peeping just a few yards from our window, as there's a bit of a pool of water at the base of the cliffs that are around out house. Then they gradually became silent. Then utterly silent.

There is a wind chime we have out on the porch that lost the larger part of its striker, so when the wind now blows, it strikes only single notes rather than all the bells. It's a remarkably clear chime set, so when that single note is hit, it's pure and lovely and singularly easy to hear over everything else.

It sounded like the sea. The wind did, as it came and brushed all the tree tops, rustling leaves and tossing branches, a roar that drew closer and closer and then the single pure note from the chime before the wind blew into the room, tossing about curtains, rustling papers, and caressing us with its coolness. Then the wind started to come steadily, like rolling brakers on a sea of air, slowly building in intensity until, with one more sighing caress of coolness, the rain started to fall with a low roar.

It was easy to get to sleep.

The morning's been mostly a waste, but the afternoon's been okay. Just breakfast, a shower, got myself to work to do a few things, convert a couple of classes so that they could use smart pointers. That was fairly straightforward. Now I get to just create all the other support classes for warnings and errors. That should be fun. Probably take 'em home and do 'em and write when I get stuck.

Nicest thing is that it's grey and rainy and occasionally blue, but plenty of coolness for nice hot tea. Plenty of time for just wandering about. John went to Costco to get stuff. There should be plenty of things to do around the house and I moved my keyboard upstairs as well as my CD player so that I could listen to tunage while I coded and wrote. That will be good. Heck, I should just start now. Should also tell Raven when to show up at our house. Probably should stock up on some vegetables on the way home and rice. Maybe fish, too.

Dad's birthday is tomorrow. I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to get him, though. I knew that there was something a month ago that I really wanted to get him, but I've now forgotten what it was. Ah well. Ideas ideas ideas.

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