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Well, if I ever in my life doubted that having the John Fellow is an important part of my life, last night would have disproved it. He got in around 5:40 pm, at work, and it was really good to see him. We wandered about with Satish for a bit, to the grocery store, the QFC so that Satish could get his wife a flower, and I asked John to get some salmon as well. He came back with a salmon colored rose as well as the half a pound of salmon.

He was most excellent about cooking dinner while I showered after my exercises and he ran about kegging his newest batch of beer while I exercised. So by the time I got out of the shower, I had pan-fried salmon with brown rice and peas. Yum. Didn't have to think or do things while exhausted by the other things.

He also took care of getting information to his brother and parents about Sunday and as I came down he was calling the Golden Wok to setup Peking Duck for tonight. Yum. Pecking Duck. That will be good after a week of eating leftovers. I never really did get out and do crazy food things this time. So this will make up famously. Also managed to get the full-sized Spring J. Peterman's catalog and now I have to get the soda glasses and the linen/cotton bath towels, and maybe even one of the bathsheets for my bathtub adventures. Well worth the money to have actual linen.

Realized that I don't really need much more from their catalogs in ways of clothing while I like most of what they do. There is one coat that I want from their winter sales catalog, don't know if they still *have* it, but they might, and with it I want to get knee-high black leather boots and either a pair of black leather pants or maybe my 'as soft and black as sin' leggings will do, and something interesting for a top. Then I'd be set for the BorderLands rave stuff.

Had this talk with Peggy the other day where she wondered if I was a star at physical therapy and I noted that I seemed to be, and mostly because I did the exercises every night. We both wondered why people wouldn't do them as it would get them back on their feet so much faster until I mentioned that it was nearly two hours of work every night. No wonder most people don't do it. I have no life. <grin> Well, at least this should help me get more of my life back more quickly.

What really clinched the 'it's good that John's home' feeling was that after dinner we just cuddled up together on the couch to watch one of the basketball playoff games. It was just *sooo* good to be held again by him. To just cuddle up and relax finally that I wasn't the only one to let Fezzik in or out, to take care of anything that might go wrong in the house, or deal with whatever emergency might come up. I unwound to the point of nearly falling asleep right there. That was nice.

Sleep was pretty easy after that, though I had to wake him up to turn him onto his side when he snored a lot. That was kinda funny as a tradeoff.

Wandered to Victor's as we usually do on Friday's and a guy there really loved the Happy Buddha (which we drove because it's supposed to rain today and it has a roof and John's not exasperated by it), so talked with John about it while we were in line. That was fun to listen to.

Grumph. My hair is starting to turn more and more blonde, still a greenish blonde, but nontheless blonder than it was. So I shall have to get it re-dyed at least. I might bleach it and dye it in June for the rave, but for now, just a re-dye seems to be in order. Still have to get a good picture of it is as it is now, as some of the stuff is nearly translucent, pale green like new spring grass...

Decided that paying attention to the pain isn't doing me anything, so I'm gonna just ignore the stupid feeling unless I know it's actually a problem rather than the joint just healing. Problem is that I think that I might be having a problem with the MCL, which was strained, never operated on, and mostly just needed to have some time to heal.

Grey, grey day today after the lovely weekend of sunshine and clear skies. I was glad of the clarity to keep the Stoat dry while I drove it as I like driving it a lot more than the somewhat nerve-wracking Happy Buddha. So it stayed dry and I'm glad. But I'd like to feel the rain again.

Good letters from Raven today, things to think about and to know. I'll likely keep in touch with him wherever he goes, now, so long as he wants to write.

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