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A Body in Motion

Found out that one of the main reasons why my knee's been aching so much has been that I've been sitting at my desk for about 10 hours at a time, without getting up and stretching it. It makes a lot of sense, because the knee is still. When it is still the fluids collect within the joint, and it gets used to being in the position it is in. So it hurts when I moved from the position it used to being in. If I get out and walk periodically, the joint gets used to being used and the motion washes out the collection of fluids that immobilize the joint.

Rick and I figured that out as we went over the list of my aches and pains on Friday. He gave me a good lecture about the fact that it was only four weeks since I had major surgery, and to expect myself to be able to work as much as I do without any breaks to respect the fact that my knee is rehabilitating is silly. So, in addition to my normal exercises I get to take a break about every 40 minutes, do a little stretching, take a 15 minute walk at lunch, and then lie down for 10 or 15 minutes with my knee propped up in the air.

Thus giving practical application to the adage, "A body in motion tends to stay in motion."

At one point Rick said with no hesitation whatsoever, "You work at least 50 hours a week. Do you really need to make up the time for your physical therapy?"

What? Is a written on my forehead or something?

He also sounded somewhat surprised that it took me an hour and half to two hours a night to go through all my exercises. But, it's possible that he's not used to people doing all the exercises every night even though he says they're supposed to.

I was sore.

After physical therapy, John, Bob and I got together for short meeting at work. I couldn't sit still, and eventually started to just pace. The pacing kept the pain down very well, which surprised me, but worked with the theory that Rick and I had. The meeting actually went really well, I guess I can think on my feet. We came up with a new design that worked better with how things were set up, and the next two major steps week, as a group, had to take. So, we're fairly set for the next several weeks.

I finally had to take to ibuprofen, and ice the knee on the way home. We settled up on the couch, and propped my knee up while watching basketball until 7 p.m.. John had made reservations at the Golden Wok for 7 p.m., and we showed up in plenty of time.

The Peking duck took a little while after we ordered, but we had soup and dry cooked green beans to start. When it came, we were glad we waited. The skin was golden and crisp, the meat was tender and succulent, the pancakes were thin and tender, and the green onions were slivered to a fine lace. The combination was exquisite. There was enough duck for four people, if there had been other dishes. With just the two of us, and only one other dish, it was perfect as the main course of the meal.

It was good consolation for how I was feeling. I enjoyed it greatly, and enjoyed sharing it with John quite as much.

This morning I took the lesson to heart, and did my exercises even though the knee was aching. It helped. In fact, after finishing and taking my shower my knee's felt better than it has in quite sometime and the pain is mostly gone.

So, it seems that I am to start my life into motion once again

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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