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Running About

Well, it seemed that my initial experimentation worked out well. In that by doing my exercises early in the morning, the day was relatively painfree and the evening was pretty good. Sleep was easy after hot tubbing with John and it was all pretty good.

Sunday morning, instead of doing the church thing, I did my therapy exercises after driving John to church, as I was supposed to meet him and his mom and dad at Lombardi's the restaurant that I'd set things up at for Mother's Day. So I got a good hour and twenty minutes in which to exercise and get my shower in before meeting them. It worked out just right.

Thing is that I was on-time at the restaurant and John and folks didn't show up until fifteen minutes late. It was kind nervewracking as I'm used to the Rostyki being on time for just about everything, but they were actually late. It worked out okay on the most part, though, as both David and John with this mom and dad showed up all within minutes of each other. David because the traffic through the metro area was just awful that day and the others because they got a bit caught up with the Fellowship stuff after church.

Lombardi's was just packed. Completely. Totally. And they were really in trouble so far as just dealing with all the people that had come in and it really was a place where there was no room for folks that didn't have reservations. The food was utterly excellent, but everything took forever. So long, in fact that while we were waiting for food John and I had to take a bit of a walk in order to get my knee to stop screaming about sitting still for so darned long.

I was a little sorry for all that. It might have been better to just have everyone over for brunch and cook things that morning rather than just sit there forever. But we got to visit a lot and talk a lot and exchange information on how life was going and it was cool for that. So I'm not sure that it was terribly bad, the only thing was that in order to get to Regis and Kelly on time, we had to leave fairly soon after we finished breakfast. We paid for our parts and left his parents and David to finish and talk. And they didn't mind at all. So that was good. John had already told them that we were off to visit with other friends, so that worked out.

We arrived a bit late, and it took quite a while to get completely through the market to them, but they were there, and we had fun wandering around getting things that I'd saved up to get. Things like four more of the mice, good Greek pita, tea from World Spice and Tea (including a Silver Monkey that'd just made it into the country less than a week ago, which was part of the spring picking), and while the three of them went down the Hill Climb, I just sat and drank a passionfruit pop and enjoyed the grey skies and watched the people flowing through and by. That was good. It felt really keen to have my foot propped up then and just sit and relax for a bit.

Turns out, sadly, that the kite store had been taken over by a cigar store, so the three of them trooped back out fairly quickly and the four of us just sat and talked for a while and then planned the next stages of our existence.

Sometimes I think life just is that way, you plan the steps when you get to them. And the steps we planned were most fun. We wandered through and about the Seattle aquarium, got to see lots of salmon fry swimming in silver clouds of Brownian motion, got to see the sea otters get fed huge amounts of fish, and got to see lot of other aquatic peculiarities and beauties. Including just a whole case of sea jellies that were lit with black light and it was just gorgeous. Got to spend a lot of time just watching the fish floating by in the dome aquarium, where the fish are all around and above us. That was very keen.

It was nice as there were lots of places to just sit when I got tired and the other three didn't let me get in the way of their having fun and seeing cool stuff. So that was really, really nice. And the way it was all setup they could go do sections while I sat and rested between bits and they'd be back where I was camped out in a good amount of time for me to rest up for the next section.

So by the time we were done it was dinner time. Shiro's was closed so we went to I Love Sushi off of Westlake and stuffed ourselves full of sushi. It's always fun to set and sushi with Kelly as she's really into it and the quality is something that's fun to see. The view of the lake was nice, too, and they were prompt and polite and the food was good.

We then drove home to watch X-Files and Kelly and Regis got a cheesecake and then got to tackle Fezzik for a while. The trip back home showed the Olympics all cushioned in soft grey clouds with the rain just pouring down. It was really fun to share the new house with Kelly and see things and just talk and talk and talk about everything and anything and none of it having to make too much sense. It was keen to get creeped out in the same way by the Bug in the episode. That was fun. I also did a wise thing and iced my knee thoroughly.

The cheesecake was lovely. Along with the tea and by the time we were done, I was completely exhausted. I had to take a couple of ibuprofen, and when I got to bed, the darned knee was just screaming from all the walking I'd done, but it was worth it. Completely worth it.

So I'm learning just a bit more about the knee's limitations and what I value and what a sore knee is well worth ignoring for.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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