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Sore and Tired but Happy

So, yeah, I'm sore today. Woke up so sore I wanted to just go back to sleep again, but John was a sweety and massaged the sorest of my muscles around my knee. I've managed nonetheless, so that's been good. Been doing the getting up fairly frequently thing, in part because of how the day was structured. Started with a meeting that met and broke and met and broke around John's schedule for the day, as well as around the fact that I had a dentist's appointment at noon for my toothguard fitting. So I got a new guard that's very nifty and solid, as my old one is so worn by the grinding of my teeth that it's got holes all through it and it's already snapped once across the eyeteeth and its got an inch long crack that's traveling along the indentations of the upper teeth.

So it was time for a new one. With a bright purple case. So that's been good.

The afternoon meetings went on a bit longer, and included a solid code review of my stuff. Reflexively, when I get reviewed, I want to kick something, but in addition to that, these people found good stuff for me to correct and think about and re-do, so that was really good, all in all. I enjoyed that part of it all immensely.

This stuff is going to be solid when it goes out, so that is something that really warms the deep bits of me that enjoy making something right.

Quite a few things have come out of it all, including more specific things that should go into our coding guidelines and stuff. So that'll be useful. Organization is one of the things that I do well, i.e. taking a document and putting things in such an order that it usually makes sense to most people. So that should be good and useful for folks.

Eh. Kelly made this interesting comment about someone that she knew, where that someone was still feeling hurt and still complaining about a lover that they had had problems with more than a year ago, and just how boring that could be to the ones that had to hear it over and over again. And that it mostly indicated an inability to deal with the fact that it was *over* and that it well past time to move onto new things. I couldn't help but realize that that was what I've been doing with Mark. It's time I just let go, I guess, and got on with my life. It's not like he's actively a part of it anymore, nor making an effort to really be an active part of it.

So I should just stop complaining and get on with life and if I really need what he used to give me then I should look elsewhere for it.


With the forty minute timer I can actually see that I'm stretching my leg for a good ten minutes before it hurts too much to keep doing it. Yeah. I have my kitchen/tea timer here at work and I'm using it because it's really annoying and can go off every forty minutes to remind me to stretch and walk around and stuff. I still ignore it once in a while, so I should probably do what Regis suggested and set it across the room or something where I have to get up and get it. Only problem is that then it'll annoy the hell out of the people in the offices to either side of me. Yes. It's that loud.

We'll see if they shoot me before I get better.

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