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The Other Gretchen

Everything happened to plan Friday night, which kinda surprised me and rather delighted me, all told. Everyone arrived in time for Godzilla at the time I'd set, and it was really cool to just stand around the lobby and talk for a while. It'd been quite a while since I'd seen Gretchen and she'd picked up Bruce in Bellevue to wander about Seattle with her for most of the day. I hadn't seen him since Bryant came down, so it was good to see him again and talk.

The movie was really, really fun. It had plot holes as big as Godzilla's head, but the action was fun, it as fun to watch, and it was very pretty and had nice effects, and I really, really enjoyed Brodrick's rendition of a geek, and Jean Reno was just exquisite as the French Man. I think he really made the movie far more entertaining than it could have been without him. Such fun.

I had much fun screaming at the appropriate places, cheering at the fun places, and going ooooo at the places that reminded me of the old Godzilla movies. Like they really got his cry *right* on. It's funny what one remembers from ones childhood and how important they can be, even in something as supposedly trivial as a movie. We had some discussion afterwards about why Godzilla worked for us when Lost in Space failed miserably and realized that a lot of it was from how much we remembered of the old renditions.

After the movie we went to dinner at a nearby restaurant that had good sushi and good other things as well. My cold was getting worse, so I didn't really want to waste sushi on my inability to smell or really taste things, so I just got a lovely huge udon with plenty of hot soup, lots of cooked seafood and big, fat, chewy noodles. Yum. And talked a lot more. It's amazing how much fun there is in analysis of a movie after it's done. Okay, so we're happy geeks.

John helped out, afterwards by driving Bruce home, I rode home with Gretchen to give her directions while Raven had been to our house so many times he didn't need 'em. So we all made it back to the house, were we showed Gretchen the Bandicoot that ate our brains, and then she showed us episodes of Iron Chef.

The premise is a challenge of gourmet chefs. They each get a completely stocked kitchen, assistants, and one single hour to prepare food along a main ingredient theme. It sounds whacky until you actually see one and see exactly how seriously they all take it and then it become something very Japanese. Honor is what's on the line here, and to uphold their honor, they throw everything they have into the creation of dishes and meals that are just utterly and completely incredible. It is always good to eat before watching an episode as the food they make from just about anything and everything is absolutely amazing.

The two we watched that night had to do with chestnuts and giant Shanghai Bay Prawns. The 'prawns' were nearly 10 inches to a foot long. Huge things and the show gave me a complete craving for seafood. Yum.

After the showings, Gretchen gave me a stack of comicbooks from Carl, who asked her to remind me that comicbooks are an important part of the healing process. He's so right. Gretchen, on her part, gave me this lovely black and blue-green swirled angel candle, which matched my hair. I'm not sure I'd ever be able to burn it as its so gorgeous, and I like it for that.

We talked more and I didn't get to sleep until midnight. Which really messed me up a bit as my lungs were starting the usual bronchial filling mechanism, and I kept John up a while with trying to clear enough space to breath enough to sleep. Poor John. But eventually I dropped off.

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