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May 9, 1999
a year ago

Sunny Mother's Day

I called Mom today, pretty much the first thing after John made me breakfast. She had actually gotten the flowers the day before, and while the company hadn't been able to deliver the orchids I'd ordered they said that they had substituted something more expensive. Mom really liked the flowers that she did get, so I wasn't unhappy with the service.

Today was just as sunny and gorgeous as the day before, but I was a bit more leery of the sunshine. Both John and I put sunscreen on before we went anywhere. I managed to sleep in a bit more, mostly by shutting the door between the bathroom and the bedroom, thus keeping the sunlight that streams into the east-facing bathroom from getting into the bedroom early in the morning. That really did help. So it wasn't until about 11 a.m. that John and I actually left on our errands. The Avalanche game was supposed to start at noon, and we knew we weren't going to make the start of the game. We did, however, want to see at least part of the game.

The errands were many and varied. They started with a trip to the Performance bike shop, and we got distracted by a shop that sold blinds. We knew we needed them, so we went in and asked a lot of questions. What was really funny was that I had brought my planner along, which had all the measurements of all the windows in the rooms that needed blinds. For some reason, I felt like I was overly prepared, the planner was almost like some kind of high-powered status symbol, or something. It is very effective, sometimes, though, it feels obnoxious.

It was also handy when I went into the bike shop, as my list of things that I needed were in it. We came out with four new tires, four new innertubes, spray on degreaser, chain lubricant, and a bike stand. Plenty of things to work on and with whenever I might have time to work on the bikes. We then attempted to go to McGucken's hardware store, and found that the entire area was packed with people, cars, traffic, and lots of shoppers rushing to and fro. In the middle of all that, looked at each other and said simultaneously, "Let's bag it." Most of the grocery store, bookstore, and hardware store items we had listed as stuff we wanted to get were all things that we could do without for a while.

So it went home, and watched the Avalanche game. Sadly, the Avalanche was getting pummeled by the Red Wings. It was very depressing to watch, but we stuck with it to the bitter end.

I wanted to catch up on this journal, so at that point I went up to the study and started to dictate various entries for the last week. John took Fezzik out for a walk. The amusing thing was that John took his mountain bike and the retractable leash for the walk. John rode the bike, while Fezzik ran on the end of the leash, and I was very impressed that they didn't have any problems with tangling or sudden stops. Fezzik made it all the way to a stream, where John waited while Fezzik waded around in the stream and drank his fill.

By the time they came back to to the house, I had finished about as many entries as my voice could take. So I took some time to plant the opal basil seeds in some planters, soaked them well and then set them by a heating vent to give them enough warmth for germination. I spread the coal-black seeds through the dark potting soil, careful of where I put them, and after I soaked the whole box in water, I could see the seeds change. From little black lumps that looked like coal, the outer shell turned transluscent grey from all the water they were soaking up; and I could almost see them starting to split, allowing water into their innards and the baby plant inside.

I took special care to drink a lot of liquids all through the day because of the dehydration yesterday.

I then went up and worked on a few more journal entries, and eventually John asked me what kind of pizza I wanted for dinner. It turns out that the pizza place was new in Erie, and they did not only pizza the subs and other things as well. I really wanted a meatballs sub, and John found something that he wanted as well. What was really cool was that they delivered to this place. So, we're not really in the middle of nowhere, not anymore. The food was actually pretty good, though the salad was rather sad, it was nice not to have to cook.

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