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May 10, 1999
a year ago


Work was very simple today, a number of meetings, more communication, and coordination with Bob. There were a few coding things that I was supposed to do tomorrow, and a lot of things I had to set up in order to be able to do that again, it's been weeks since I've actually coded, and I can feel it.

The real adventure, today, was in the saga of the Defender 90. John hatched a plan that had him in Denver at lunchtime, paying their credit union and receiving a title for the truck. Then, after work, we went to pick up the truck from their house, as the wife was still working late and couldn't help her husband bring the car halfway. So we did the long drive again. This time, however, John was intelligent and fed me at Good Times before we even left Boulder. I was far less cranky.

The drive out to Greenwood was just gorgeous in many ways and in many places. There was this point where I-70 broke out over the foothills the we could see the mountains all arranged in jagged peaks out into the sunset. Once off the freeway and down a highway, we took a turn onto a mountain roads that was parallel to the stream. There was also a dam in town that had sheeting water flowing over it in transparent fury. We followed that stream back up again, and found the husband in the house waiting for us. He handed over the keys, and then spent another 15 minutes explaining all the things he had in the truck, he even gave us a copy of a Land Rover book that we already had. It was obvious that he wanted to do it right, so we never gainsaid him. It was also somewhat obvious that it was a difficult decision for him; but one that he felt he needed to do.

We just didn't want him to change his mind.

We took off soon after that, and I followed John home. During the entire drive I marveled at a Land Rover that could do 80 on the freeway, was entirely clean, and even had power for the uphill parts. In the sunlight it was so white, clean, and perfectly straight that I kept wanting to call it Galihad. It was almost like some knight in shining armor.

After we got home, John and I had a lot of fun talking about the Defender. Okay, some part of it is that the name Defender keeps making me think about knights. But we kept turning things around in our heads, and at one point I blurted out, "Well, maybe we should call it Borax!"

I am very afraid that that name is going to stick.

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