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May 11, 1999
a year ago

Clean Planning

The house cleaning fairy came today, really early in the morning, around 7:30, so she could talk with us and get started. She had to shuffle schedules and stuff to get our house in as we're a bit out of the way of her Monday schedule, but at the start of what her Tuesdays look like. She had fun telling us just how busy her schedule was, and that she'd basically gotten out of the high tech business, i.e. making hard drives, to do the more satisfying work of cleaning houses. I can kinda see what she means. The house smells clean and fresh and nice. It's nice to settle into some of the old routines again, and get all that working, again.

Work was cool and fun and busy, and I seem to have reason to get up in the mornings again. The stuff we're doing is interesting, fun, and is going to be quite a challange and we actually have a real requirements list, a real set of probable implementations, and a few assesments of hidden risks on some of those coold problems. This is going to be really interesting, as they're asking us for scheduling and we, as a group, have never really done scheduling that has to be held to and delivered on. Since we were software driven, most of our schedules were feature driven, i.e. if we didn't have something, we wouldn't ship. It's nearly the opposite here, with the hardware schedules actually driving the timing. Basically, here it's going to be, if a feature isn't done on time, it won't ship.

It's an interesting change.

We decided to take the Passat into town mostly because we didn't have plates on Borax, and there wasn't any point in risking problems. So that was normal. I also packed all the exercise stuff for the bike and did that at lunch time, though more folks were in the exercise room when I got there. It was easier, this time, no surprise, and I managed to cover 8 and a half psuedo miles in about twenty minutes. So it might well be possible for me to do 15 miles in 45, so riding to work might actually be a possibility. By the end of it I was sweaty, breathless, but not entirely drained, and I think I could probably have gone a full 45 without much problem. The knee wasn't bothering me, and my breathing was pretty steady throughout and even fairly low eventhough I was going about the same rpm as before. That was interesting to find out.

Maybe I set the resistance on the pedelling to be too easy. Anyway, John brought me lunch when I was through, but I could only pick at it. Exercise really does reduce my appetite, but I drank glass after glass of reconstituted Gatoraid at about half strength. That was nice.

We hit Whole Foods on the way home and had a frenzy of grocery shopping. There are just so many really good things at Whole Foods it was lots of fun. We bought everything from pudding to steak, snow peas to organic hot chocolate. That was pretty amusing. The steak was a one pound top sirloin that I wasn't quite sure what to do with, but figured that since it was called 'steak', I could just fry it for a bit in olive oil, garlic, and a bit of butter, and it would turn out okay if I didn't cook it too long. And I was perfectly right. It turned out to be a very lean steak, so it was good that I made it rare to medium rare, as that kept it tender and kept some juice in it as I'd also seared both sides before letting it sit and cook.

Mashed potatos, French-cut string beans, and a John-salad later, we had a real meal. Yum. The steak turned out lovely, tender but lean, and all the fat could be cut away easily. I cut the huge thing into four parts, and we each had a single part with a lot of the other stuff, and the other two piece I refrigerated for tomorrow. There was sour cream still left over from the party, so that could do a pretty good beef strogonoff with wide egg noodles.

Nice to be able to plan a string of meals and know that we weren't going to be haring off on another trip.

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