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May 16, 1999
a year ago


Today was grey. Seattle grey. The entire sky was filled with clouds, from horizon to horizon and it was that way nearly all day, with small cracks of blue sky between clouds here and there with the attendent shafts of sunshine.

I took advantage of one of those shafts early in the morning and pounced on John to take a few pictures of me in the sunshine. Peter was going to put a picture of me in his book and he'd lifted one of my web site pictures that had me with red-gold hair and he'd then black-and-whited it, and it looked really weird. So I wanted to do my own picture, somehow or another. John took a series of them, and I wasn't particularly enamoured with any of them.

Anyway... we did what we could before all my batteries were dead. The soother sound maker eats AA batteries nearly as quickly as my camera does, so we decided to go out and get some more. More English muffins later, and we were out on the road towards Longmont with our old Sears lawnmower in the back of Borax.

First thing we stopped by Ryan's new house. It's just a gorgeous little place with two little postage stamp lawn bits that just needed a little cutting. We had no more use for the old lawn mower and both he and his neighbor didn't have a lawn mower, so we gave it to him and Francis as their house warming present. They appreciated it, we appreciated being able to give it to someone that needed it and the lawns were so small Ryan was happy to mow their neighbor's place as well. They were preparing for a lunchtime BBQ, so we left them fairly quickly after getting a full tour of their new house. They really loved it and it was cool to see how much they enjoyed owning their own place and being able to do things that they'd get to keep and use and enjoy.

Target was next, for the batteries, cleaning stuff, and other things we'd forgotten at other times. Francis had also mentioned a few nurseries in the area, so we stopped at a few of those, and while I looked for herbs, I didn't find any. I think I was also distracted by the fact that the Avenlanche game was on the radio and we eventually hurried home to see the last period of the blow-out in the *other* direction. After losing the first two, the Avelanche had won the next two and this was the fifth game in the series and they were just beating up the Red Wings badly after what had looked like a complete blow out of a series.

It made things very fun to watch, and they won sweetly, and Roy was just amazing.

Afterwards, John made good on his promise to me and we went and saw The Black Mask. I have to admit that I thought it was an American movie with Jet Li in it, rather than the Hong Kong movie it was that was dubbed. I think I would have liked it better subbed, and Jet Li, himself, is always a really cute dynamic martial artist. I loved the action sequences; but the story just didn't really hang together all that well for me. I loved a lot of the mythical elements and how the characters were set up; but the language difference, and the sheer presentation difference really got in the way. I think, also, that if I'd known that it was going to be a dubbed Hong Kong movie, my expectations would have been different.

One interesting thing, though, was that the theater was just jammed with people; and over half of them were Asian! I don't think I've seen that many Asian faces in one place since I've moved here. That was just entirely surprising to me. Also very good to simply know that there were that many in the area. I'd gotten used to being the only Asian face in every crowd.

When we got out of the movie, it was raining. Not the harsh, banging Colorado rain I was expecting, but a very Seattle-like rain, soft and gentle and slow. Small droplets here and there, and it was easy to walk the distance to the car without getting too wet. We got home pretty easily, but I noticed that Coloradians drive like Californians, as if the pavement is dry, even when it's raining. Fast and tailgating all the way at nearly any speed. That was kinda scary to watch.

We had ramen, with fish cake and snow peas in the broth. Yum. I put the herb trays outside to catch the rain, and we watched X-Files after we ate. Fezzik was chewing his feet, and we figured out that he had athlete's foot again, so we Desenex'ed his feet thoroughly. Poor dog, he tried licking his feet some more and he made awful faces and went and drank a lot of water to get it to stop tasting that way, but he left his feet alone after that. That was good.

By then the batteries had been recharged, so I had fun taking a few pictures of myself. This one turned out okay, but a bit fuzzy. Another 'self-portrait' had me laughing so hard I could barely breath.

I wish I could say that I fell asleep to the sound of the rain, but the rain had stopped when I went to the bedroom; and I decided to sit and write some stuff for a while. As I wrote, I had the one light on in the house, in the bedroom. All the moths in the house congregated on my one light and a number of moths started to crawl out of the heating duct. For the last couple of weeks we've been haunted by moths, dozens of them, and we didn't know where they were coming from. From the evidence of them coming out of the heating ducts, I'd say that they were in the basement and came up and out through the ducting. They fluttered and banged about the bedroom for quite a while; and I finally turned on my rain noise maker to just have something else to concentrate on before I could fall asleep.

But during the night, when the timer turned off the sound, I woke up again to the flutter and tiny thumps of the moths against the walls..

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