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May 17, 1999
a year ago

Impromtu Feast

I woke up exhausted. As much from all the moths and the sleepless night as from the dream I had just before I woke up. It's a single scene, as many of my dreams are, with a whole history and life and existance around it. I think this one will go into a story, eventually, so I won't write it here, yet.

I showered just to get the bleariness out of my brain, then we went to work, hit a meeting immediately, and then I finally got to settle in. I found that both my ebay auction folks had contacted me as the winner, and I sent money off to both of them. I did win a Parker Vacumatic in gold pearl and I won, surprisingly, a hard rubber eyedropper of an unknown name, but with a very nice nib for only $17.50. Cheap for a pen from the 1900's. A pen nearly a hundred years old for less than twenty dollars, now that is kinda cool.

The day at work went as well as the auctions had. I got more done than I normally think I'm capable of doing, and did a lot of design and up-front thinking of how things should play before figuring out actual implementations. That was very cool. There was plenty of stuff to do, so we didn't start home until it was almost 7 p.m.. Since it was so late, we thought we'd go to Taco Mine, and get some Mexican food; but they were closed for the evening.

So we just meandered home and threw together some killer Nachos with browned onions and beef with taco seasonings, cheddar, tomatoes, avocado, and some sour cream that I still had. As I was defrosting and browning the onions and beef, John was rummaging through the refrigerator going, "Should we put this in?" I kept answering with a yes, so we ended up with something that was really, really yummy. We ate happily and then I went out with a spray bottle of Round-Up and killed as many weeds on the dirt driveway as I could stand with my hands in the shape they're in. The squeezing action of a spray bottle is way too much like the actions of fingers on a keyboard for my hands to be really comfortable doing a lot of that; but there was a ton to do.

John kegged his stout while I did that. He also moved the Green Monster when I wanted him to, as it was standing on the biggest stand of weeds in the driveway. By the time I ran out of Round Up the sky had darkened to black, and I came inside, went upstairs and did journal catch-up. Using the voice recognition system for one entry really helped my hands feel better, so that I could do the others by hand. In the end, I think, it's all a matter of balance.

John played Bandicoot while I wrote, and while he offered the PlayStation to me to play Parasite Eve, I have to admit I really prefered watching to playing and using my hands for more stuff

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