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November 5, 2000
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Snowy Sunday

I woke up to a very grey day with misty rain falling everywhere. So to make up for it I made scones, raisin and cranberry scones. I even did all the adjustments for the altitude and the results were fantastic. John and I inhaled half the batch happily. I had mine with milk and he had his with coffee, and both of us split the last grapefruit. I have no idea why grapefruit is called grapefruit when it seems to have absolutely nothing to do with grapes; but it was very juicy, tart and delicious anyway.

By mid-morning the rain had turned into driving snow and the three of us just holed up inside with the fire going and the fan blowing warmth into the room. Fezzik slept at our feet, and John read, did various things on his machine, and folded laundry while I did the laundry loads, played FF VII and occasionally watched football when my hands got tired. A very, very lazy day. We had tomato soup and ham and cheese sandwiches and in the evening, unwilling to go out to get any groceries we cobbled up a green chile casserole from scratch.

We didn't have any corn tortillas or enchilada sauce, and John had a recipe that called for both. So I found my bag of masa and tried my hand at making corn tortillas by hand, without a press. Whee. Mixing up the dough was easy when I remembered that taza means cup in Spanish, and read the recipe on the side. So I just mixed masa and water and a pinch of salt, and then rolled the resulting soft dough into a ball and smashed the ball between two sheets of wax paper between two plates. Sadly the soft, wet dough stuck to the wax paper, so I tried plastic, and that turned out pretty well. Not wanting the plastic to touch the hot skillet, I tried it on foil, but the dough stuck like glue to that. So I went back to plastic and turned the fragile, wet tortillas onto my hand and then turned that over the skillet. A good number of them broke or fell awkwardly to the hot skillet, but since they were mostly for thickening of the casserole and their shape didn't really matter, I cooked the whole batch of dough and, by the end of it, I was getting fairly decent, if a little bit thick corn tortillas. Soft and chewy and really fresh, they were actually really yummy, too, just significantly different than store bought ones.

John layered them with a sauce we made up on the spot, whole green chilies, and a mass of cheddar cheese. The whole thing went into the oven, cooked until it was bubbling and the cheese well browned, and then he served it. It wasn't that spicy, just temperature hot, and completely redolent with green chilies, mild green chilies that were very, very flavorful and overwhelming in numbers. There were a *lot* of chilies in that dish and it pretty much overtook everything. Then again, everything was kinda different from the sheer mass of chilies to the thick corn tortillas to the thin amount of cheese and meat. It was likely very healthy for all of us, all those antioxidants, vitamin C, fiber, vegetable matter, and whole grains; but I just couldn't get into the taste of it, at all.

I did finish what I was given, though. We then settled and watched Sunday Night football and curled up together comfortably while Fezzik say by the fire. He went out at one point and then barked to come in, and I saw him hovering at the bottom of the front stairs. By the time John and I got out there, though, he'd lain down in the snow and showed absolutely no intention of getting up for a while. So we left him there and about half an hour later we heard a bang on the front door and there he was. He'd made it up himself and wanted in, so we let him in.

Given that Fezzik couldn't come upstairs anymore, I asked John to move my machine and our home monitor downstairs. I didn't need a phone connection, at all, and would only be distracted by even the possibility of getting on-line, so we just connected the monitor and machine up on the counter in the kitchen. That way I could keep an eye on Fezzik if he needed in or out and still could work. John was very kind about all the carrying and I managed to find the converter cord for my weird keyboard. It has the old PC large connector and needed the big to little converter to actually work with my newer work machine.

It was bitter cold out. So during the night, when I let him out on demand, I'd be lying there listening for him even as I tried to sleep. He would eventually bark to be let in, but sometimes it was just the sound of him trying to get up the stairs that would wake me and I'd ask John to get him. One time John actually helped him *down* the stairs as he evidently wanted to go down, but didn't dare to do it himself. It made for a very broken night's sleep.

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