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November 10, 2000
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Getting Fezzik Back

John had a 9 o' clock meeting, so we got up not that early. He toasted pecan rolls and cut grapefruit while I showered, and we enjoyed our breakfast without too much rush. We weren't going to even try and pick up Fezzik until noon as John had to be in all morning and I found that I was having problems building the latest software last night, so I had to be in in the morning in order to figure out the problems I was having. Then we planned on going home and working for a while. I had a four o' clock code review that I had to get back to work for, but I figured that that would work out okay.

I really enjoyed my shower, and used the grapefruit body wash from Origins, it is super concentrated and I really liked the scent of it all over. John was pretty surprised at how little was really needed on the scrubby thing to make a very large amount of foam. I really love the scent, especially when I'm feeling down. Citrus and especially grapefruit is supposed to help against depression. I sometimes wonder if that's one of the reasons I am craving grapefruit these days. Or, maybe it's just cause they're in season, now, so they're cheap and really good. I rather like the fruits that come into season, glut the market and are, therefore, both fresh and cheap.

The grapefruit was lovely, juicy, firm, tart and exactly what I wanted first thing in the morning. Breakfast, on the whole, was just very enjoyable, and we got to work in plenty of time for John's meeting.

I had a really productive morning, though it mostly consisted of getting a working environment on the head branch of all the code. I got to hunt down two different people who had broken various things. In one case the break had nothing to do with what I thought it did, and the guy I thought responsible wasn't. In the other case it was pretty clear that he was responsible and he admitted mea culpa and then went to fix things. When it was fixed it was fixed for everyone, so I felt pretty good about finding the problem.

In the meantime Cary was getting frustrated with stuff and started asking, "Is it lunch yet?" When I was finished with things, it was time, and we started gathering everyone up. John rushed up and said that he had a meeting until 12:30 or so and that we'd leave then. I blinked and thought that we were going to have lunch together before leaving to get Fezzik. So we pretty much hadn't talked about expectations. He blinked as well and then nodded, "You should go to lunch, I'll find something, and when you get back we'll go."

So I went. It was just Bob, Cary, Chad and I, so we only ordered three dishes and the seafood hot and sour soup. The soup was really comforting on the chilly day, we were sitting near the door, so we got a few blasts of winter air. It's so odd knowing that just a month ago it was really hot, nearly shorts weather and now it's so cold I can't imagine going out without a coat. We got a tofu hot pot with lots of veggies, a crispy duck and a chicken and vegetable special that turned out to have the really meaty mushrooms and baby bok choy. It was a really nice lunch and there was plenty of food for all four of us.

Back at work I cleaned out the last of my network connections and set the resolution to match the monitor at home and then John and I went out to the Land Rover with our stuff. I decided to carry my machine, and John made me giggle a whole lot by looking furtitive and going, "Yeesh, what are people going to think of me letting my pregnant wife carry a machine?" I think he made it harder for me by getting me to giggle so much than just having me carry the darned thing.

I am getting decisively bigger. It's also very obvious that it's not fat. Bob noted it during lunch, that I was looking really good, just the belly changes were really obvious, but the rest of my body was looking pretty much as it did before. I actually weighed myself this morning and found that I'm just under 170, given that I'm just starting the third trimester and I started around 150, it's actually about right, as I'm supposed to get between 25 and 35 pounds for the whole thing. Still, it's interesting walking around with an extra twenty pounds a little bit in front of my center of gravity. It doesn't really feel like it's that much weight, but it does make a difference when I'm going up or down stairs. Especially when I'm carrying an extra weight in terms of the computer.

I am more careful, now, than I was before. The expecting book said that most women have a belly flop at least once in their pregnancy and that it's not really something to worry too much about; but that it really is caused by the offset in the center of gravity.

We got out just fine and John was very careful to point out every step and thing that I might trip over. I did just fine and got the computer to Borax, no problem. We then took off for Wheatridge. The first thing we went to see was a garage that specialized in Land Rover vehicles and in refurbishing old trucks, including old Range Rovers. While Borax was fine for Rosty, Fezzik and I, it really wasn't baby friendly and John wanted something that could actually accomidate a baby seat. So we went to the place, got to look around at the shop as well as at the truck that they were working on refurnishing and that we might actually be able to buy sometime. It was a sad, old truck, understandably, as it wasn't finished, yet, and still had some significant things that needed doing. There were interesting trucks all over the property and once the proprietor actually saw Borax, he understood that John actually understood Rovers.

It was mildly funny before then, as the guy was trying to tell John a bunch of things he already knew and wouldn't let John get a word in edgewise to find out differently. It's interesting when people form an opinion about someone and run with it without ever stopping to listen. One can make a lot of mistakes that way.

From there we went to the Animal Hospital. Dr. Biller had actually called John and told him that Fezzik had a little nausea, but had eaten a very hearty breakfast. She also said that he was pretty grumpy about having to stay the night. The word grumpy made me giggle, as it meant that Fezzik wasn't despondent or sad, but grumpy meant that he was still willful and energetic enough to grump. John paid for things while the lady at the desk called for someone to bring Fezzik Rostykus to the front. Dr. Biller was supposed to have today off, but she actually brought Fezzik out to us.

He was walking just fine, even on the slippery stuff, which surprised me a little, but he seemed to be having an okay time of it. She talked with us for a while, and she seemed sad that he was deteriorating so completely and she tried to cheer us up some and managed to do so. It helped that she'd put on the care sheet that Fezzik was pretty tough and that we should just hang on. The great thing was that she didn't back down from the probable outcome, which was simply that this would help a little, but not a whole lot. She wanted us to call her in a week with an update as to his condition and if there really was anything to be done then. She left us the drugs that would likely help against any pain and also against any inflammation in his spine that might be causing the leg problems. So we should be able to keep him comfortable for a good while.

I asked about how grumpy he was, and she said, "Well, he's cheered up a lot now that you're here." Fezzik was sitting on the carpet part of things and leaning against my thigh, and, indeed, looked pretty content. She laughed, "He was pretty grumpy this morning, though." She wished us well as we left, and we both thanked her for her work and care.

Fezzik walked out as quickly as he could, and slipped once. I got his rear end up and he happily kept going right on out the door. On the concrete and grass he was much steadier and he enjoyed the grass and all the scents thoroughly while we were out there. Breath steaming in the cold air. He seemed just really happy to be out of there, and once in the back of the truck, he just lay down contentedly. We'd put all the computers in the passenger seat, so they wouldn't slide around and hit him. I climbed into the back with him, buckled up and settled.

There was a Dairy Queen right there, so we went there, and fed him his cone inside the truck. He lay there and ate it happily while John was laughing at how close Fezzik sometimes got to his hand, but they did a very neat job of it all and didn't spill a drop. I got a small cone and John had a S'more Galore and ate it while navigating the freeways home. It made for a mildly wild ride, but since I had my seatbelt on it didn't bother me too much. Fezzik just stayed low and seemed very content to be petted a bit as we headed home.

I pretty much immediatly rushed off to work once everything was unloaded from the truck. Fezzik spotted me as I was leaving and I swear his face fell; but given that it was getting dark already, I was pretty sure he'd see John in the house if he wanted to go in. Work was good. Jennifer had gotten the on-sale Birkies and dropped my pair off for me, which was very nice of her. The review was useful and a few things got fixed. I stayed a little later, using Buttercup, my Unix box, for a few things as Fezzik, my NT box, was sitting on my kitchen countertop. I could check Web stuff and do a little primitive mail stuff from the shell, which was enough.

Home again home again, and John was working away at his laptop and Fezzik was laid out in front of the couch, sleeping deeply. He was an exhausted dog, and, eventually, I made him his dinner and set it on the floor in front of him. He actually just rolled to be on his chest instead of his side and ate lying down. He cleaned the bowl completely and he got his glucosamine and his vitamins as well. Well-fed dog.

I threw together a tuna fish casserole. Just cream of asparagus soup, tuna, a splash of Worchestershire, some wine, cranks of pepper, and a dash of nutmeg all mixed with a bunch of noodles. I found some canned French's onions and beat them up with some bread and butter for some nicely flavored buttered bread crumbs. That went on top and I baked the whole thing until the crumbs smelled really good and were well browned. Tuna casserole the old-fashioned way. Comforting food on a very cold evening. Fezzik got up to sit by my seat while we ate and I slipped him bits of casserole. One bit was a bit too small and he pinched my finger a bit with his teeth.

Most of the rest of the evening was just Ape Escape, a bit of TV, and pieces of movies. I was too distracted from various things to stay with one thing for long, until I plugged in the computer and just wrote stuff. The news had all kinds of pictures of people crashing into each other because of black ice all over the place. It's *cold* out and I guess I have another reason to be thankful to have reasons to be home rather than out on the road tonight.

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