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November 10, 1999
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Small Steps

Another half-blank day.

Though some of it was due to work, some of it was due to the stocks and some of it was just my brain on me.

Part of the problem is that we did invest in stocks that I'm not happy with, in the brief time we've had 'em. Everything fell during October, which is to be expected, two of them haven't pulled themselves out yet, and with all the other nifty, new stocks that folks have been showing me, I was getting unhappy. Especially so with Qualcomm just climbing all the walls for no reason anyone internal to the company can tell me.

Though, again, Xilinx did darned well today. So I can't really complain too much. But I was unhappy, finally talked with John about it after my morning meeting. Talking it out helped and it was out of my system and then I started to do other things. I get way too emotional and just making it concious makes me stop, which is good.

Reviewed bugs, signed up for benefits next year, got a dental appointment with one of the dentists that I queried the local site about nearly four months ago, and did a journal entry for yesterday while still perplexed with today. So it might show some. I don't really know if this doing the entry the day after thing is the best. Some things really are just of the moment. I also got called about my digital camera by Mike's, they told me that they could fix it and how much it would be. I said that I'd call them back about wheither or not to fix it. In no mental mood for decision making.

I even went and rode the exercise bicycle for lunch and then stood in front of the vending machines in my sweat and bike outfit and caused one co-worker to laugh himself silly at the juxtiposition of healthy acts with very unhealthy acts. The sandwich from the machine wasn't all that bad!! I loved the one profiler for geeks that had 'eats out of the vending machine one day and eats at a really fine restaurant the next.' I have plans for tomorrow, now.

At about 4:30 my phone rang and this cheerful voice goes, "Hello!" and it's Johanna. Oh. My. For some odd reason I thought she was coming Thursday, so I ran over to John and the two of us went to the bus stop to pick her up. She had a conference here for the last weekend and part of the week, and was done today. Her John is coming tomorrow, it turns out, as he had a conference where he was. We got her, deposited her in a cubicle and then went back to working, and just as I'd finished incorporating everyone else's changes Lynn had questions for John that John drew me in to answer while John went off to help Cary.

So I spent the last precious two hours of the day working with Lynn to get him up and running. Not a bad thing, just not my planned thing. Oops. Ah well. That's okay. It's life, and I have tomorrow.

We brought Johanna home and last night I'd soaked the sticky rice in water overnight, so I just plopped it on corn husks instead of in some kind of special basket and plopped it all into my steamer and let it steam for a good long time. While it steamed I made some regular rice because I knew that the sticky wouldn't be quite enough for three people. I'd experimented, not really meant it for a whole meal. Then I threw together a quick chicken curry. Carmelized onions, potatoes, sliced carrots, a chunk from a curry block I had in storage, and, finally, when I realized I didn't have any frozen peas, I put some sweet corn into it for the crunchy texture and the sweetness. I then just let it simmer until the root veggies got tender. It turned out very good, good warm food for the cold night. The sticky rice also turned out really good, we could pick up clumps of it with our fingers and eat it after dipping it into our curry. That was very keen indeed.

There's a recipe for Thai spicy grilled chicken that I want to try sometime and it's supposed to be served with the sticky rice. Also Thai City in Mountain View has some of the best sticky rice and mango that I've ever eaten and I really, truly want to know how to make that because the rice is very obviously flavored with coconut milk, but if it's not boiled, I have no idea how it gets that flavor deep into it. Something I have to figure out.

We were so exhausted. Mostly just ate dinner and went to our beds. John, however, took a moment to work with me to get our stocks going where I wanted them to go. That was good. I also took the time to actually take a nice, long, hot bath with candles. I can nearly light up the entire bathroom with my candles, now, and the light's enough to see by to brush my teeth adn everything. Sinking in to the foam with the warm light that's so different than electrics. Feels as if there's some part of me that finds the warm flicker of real flame to be something as safe and soul warming as fire might have been to folks a long, long time ago. Then again... I might just love watching chaotic patterns dance for their own sake.

I pulled sleep over my head like warm covers.

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