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November 24, 2000
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A Better Day

Astonishingly, Fezzik was a lot better this morning. When I got up, well after John had gotten up, John said that Fezzik had made it up the stairs, somehow, during the night, and had been sleeping on his bed by the front door. He had come into the house with absolutely no problems on the wood floor, whatsoever, and walked straight over to his food bowl. He'd eaten his breakfast standing up and when I actually got up, he was lying in the livingroom. I petted him a lot, and when John made us a breakfast of smoked salmon and toasted bagels, Fezzik actually got up, crept onto the wooden floor and lay down right at my feet.

Yes, he got smoked salmon for the effort. He was astonishingly better. A lot of the swelling on the right side of this face had gone down, and while his throat nodes were still pretty large, they weren't overflowing into his face anymore. That was really amazing. And after breakfast, when John lured him outside with biscuits, he did get help with his hind legs to go over the wooden floor, but he went directly to the biscuits and didn't lie down and did start grazing on the various scattered pieces.

John and I took the opportunity to go to Costco. It was going to open at 10, so we were out the door by 9:30, and we got there just as it was opening. John needed to get new tires for the Baby Buggy, as the rear tires were worn weird and really needed replacing and Costco seems to have the best price on tires that we've ever seen. Turned out that these particular tires had to be special ordered, so John had them order them but warned them that if we found them elsewhere, we'd likely cancel. The guy was content with that, so long as John called if he needed to cancel the order.

Costco, itself, was nigh on empty. It was pretty unbelievable, given what I've seen of the Costco's in the Seattle area the day after Thanksgiving, or even any given Saturday, for all that. We breezed through the place, getting everything we wanted and even had the room and time to wander about and shop a little for things we didn't know they had. One item took us a while of thinking. Our vacuum cleaner is pretty old and the beater bar keeps getting clogged up with Fezzik's fur and my hair and we've gone through like three beater bar motors because they seize and burn up when it gets clogged up like that. So we were thinking about getting a new vacuum. The Hoover wind tunnel commercials on TV have always intrigued me, especially the bagless variety with a HEPA filter because I kind of like the idea of not having to buy and throw out bags and having the carpets really clean when the baby decides to start crawling all over everything. It also seemed like it didn't need multiple passes to pick things up so there might be less chance of clogging the beater bar.

Costco turned out to have four different Hoover models, each at pretty good prices. They had demonstrators out that we could push around and see how wieldy they actually were, and it turned out that the bagless HEPA filter one was handy enough to feel good. So we loaded that into our cart. I also got a tiramisu cake that looked much smaller than their other baked and bakery sweets, and looked at quite a lot of clothing. Didn't really get any of the clothing. It just seems silly to buy clothing now when I have absolutely no clue what size I'll end up after the pregnancy. It was very cool to have no line when we got to the checkout and get pulled into a completely empty line. We were out in record time.

The Land Rover dealer was next, and John had a list of things he needed for the Baby Buggy there as well. The parts manager was a guy John had known from the manager's East Coast days, i.e. when he was with Atlantic Rover, and it was fun watching the back and forth. They actually didn't carry anything that John was looking for as they didn't work on many ten year old trucks. Most of the work the dealership did was on trucks that were under warranty, so they didn't stock parts for the 'old trucks'. It was really funny hearing that as I thought of the Baby Buggy as being really new compared to most of our Land Rovers. I enjoyed using the really posh women's restroom.

Home again, home again, and John made chili dogs with cheese. Yay! Food! Yummy. He then ran off to do other Baby Buggy related errands having to do with title, license, and various other legal matters. I stayed home, and Fezzik decided, after lunch, that he wanted to just lie around outside in the sunshine. Brilliantly beautiful day today, just like yesterday and probably like tomorrow will be. I went upstairs and dictated all afternoon. I used the big blue ball for a while for sitting at the computer. It's very comfortable and with the constant movement involved none of my muscles get stiff from sitting in one place and one position for too long. I also ate grapefruit and drank tea when my throat got dry, and when it was dark, I came down in a mild daze of the last few days and couldn't decide what I wanted to do about the evening. Movie? Eat out?

I was just whiny. I had no clue what I wanted to do, at all. Until we hit on seeing Charlie's Angels. I wanted to do that. The timing dictated that we had to eat fast, so that triggered 'reheat spaghetti sauce' and dump it on spaghetti, which was really quick. There was a nice garlic bread from Costco that John toasted and together with a spinach salad, it was a really quick, really good meal. Fast. Then we drove off for Westminster.

The place was jam-packed. We didn't find parking except at an edge lot and it was a really long, really chilly walk to the ticket booths. Once there, we found out that all the shows were sold out until 10. We decided not to sit there for two hours, and I felt better for the ride and the walk from the parking lot to the theater and back again. I guess I just needed to get out of the house and into some fresh air. So, we went to our video store and rented Sleepy Hollow because we hadn't seen it. Fezzik was surprised to see us back so soon, and he came inside for a little while. When it became obvious that we were going to be watching the TV without any popcorn or other conspicuously smelly food stuffs, he asked to go outside. So he went out and I could hear him wandering about.

The movie was good. Consequences and thought and interesting characters and a really interesting extension of the original legend in all directions. I liked how it hung together and how most of the story is done in pastels exactly as if someone had made a half-hearted attempt at colorizing a black and white movie. The only real light and color is at the end. Really pretty movie.

After the movie we ate tiramisu! Yum! Well, it was good while I was eating it. Then I realized that the 'coffee syrup' they'd used on the cake actually contained coffee. Oops. Can you say caffeine sensitized? Sadly, that and the high cream content kept me awake far into the night. I really can't do that again.

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