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November 28, 2000
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More Dumplings and a Bubble Bath

Spent most of the morning working on the writing of my design, as I'd been thinking about it for a good, long time. I also wanted to get the design docs out at least twenty four hours before the reivew so people would have time to look at them. Also had a two hour meeting as well that was pretty uneventful. I finished the last of the documentation at 1, scheduled the design review for tomorrow with everyone, and went and got my Stouffer's lasagna and nuked it plenty and then ate it. Not bad.

I spent a bit of the afternoon talking with Cera. Got off and iced before things got too puffy. Managed to remember my ball and got some comments over it, but it fits nicely in my workspace and nicely under my keyboard. I used it some and it's much more comfortable than my chair, even. I wrote some journal stuff, watching my hands pretty carefully, and worked on a few coding things that I had to do no matter how the review turned out. That was good.

John had a late meeting, as is usual on Tuesdays, and when he came out, we headed for the car and I drove 'cause I knew which way I wanted to go to the Chinese Dumpling House again. John wanted to try the place out after my adventures yesterday. So we drive up to the place and the little business park looks half dead, the lights in the restaurant are partially dimmed but we could see the proprietor outside with a cigarette. I pull into a spot and grind the front plastic bumper on the high curb. Ow. So I pull it back and park it so that it's not resting on the curb and get a look see from the proprietor at the grinding sounds. Fei said that the guy's name is Dave, and it seems to fit.

I open the door and ask him if he's still open and he says that they're open until 9. It's only 6:30. We're safe! So we swing in and he asks John if it's still summer as John's in nothing but a t-shirt and shorts and his Birkies, and it's like 30 degrees out now that the sun is down. John laughs like usual and says he's perfectly warm which gets a smile. John asks what's good, and the guy says that the vegetarian dumplings are really good as is the shitaki soup and the tofu salad. There's a little white haired old Chinese lady at a table just behind us, and she offers John a taste of her tofu salad. Dave protests and gets one of the dipping dishes and places a little of the tofu salad on that for John and I to taste. It is good. It has the chewy texture of good tofu in small bits with scallions for flavor and just enough sesame oil for it to taste really good.

I order the pork dumplings again, this time I ask for them to be pan fried, as one of the ladies, yesterday, had had hers 'pan fried' and he'd put them with a bit of oil in a wok and placed that on a gas burner that had blue flames shooting up over the rim! John enjoyed the spectacle while I stole one of his veggie dumplings. He got one of mine back when mine came, crisp on the surface, tender on the inside and really, really hot. The peanut noodles intrigue me, so I order them, but they turn out to be long-soaked fettuccini in a really bland sauce, nothing like the peanut butter noodles I made over the summer. I was disappointed by that, but I'll remember to ask for the tofu or the cucumbers next time. John loved the pickled jalapenos. Hot!

While we were there, two guys came in asking for the shitaki soup. Seems that the younger of the two just inhales the stuff in quantity. I may have to try that next time. It seems a really good place for good vegetarian food, and it's just interesting to think through, as I wouldn't normally have thought of a Chinese food place being good for a vegetarian. Too much of the flavor from most Chinese food seems derived from various meats. But these folks obviously liked it and the veggie dumpling was really, really tasty, and had good texture and they'd picked the right kinds of vegetables to put in it for taste and texture.


So, quite content, we went back into the night and went to Wendy's on the way home, via Arapahoe. We drove up to the drive-up window, ordered two plain bacon cheeseburgers and as we were pulling away, we both heard this sound of crunching glass right outside John's window! Ack! John hops out to look at the car while I wonder what damage was done and on what, as we seemed to be pretty far away from the curb and I hadn't noticed anything that might ding the car. John found nothing. That was kinda weird and scary, but there didn't seem to be anything wrong and all we could conclude was that someone had smashed a bottle just as we started pulling away, or something.

John got us home so quickly, the burgers were still warm. Fezzik was waiting for us on the lawn in front of the kitchen porch and he got up as we pulled up. His ears went up at the scent of the burgers and he struggled to try and get up the stairs after the burgers. John was great and just picked Fezzik up bodily and deposited him on the porch. It took a bit of maneuvering on my part to support Fezzik's butt across the kitchen floor when he kept wanting to turn around towards the burgers. Eventually, I had to just hold the door for John to do that. Then we each took a burger and took turns feeding Fezzik chunks of burger. Fezzik was so greedy for them he pinched both of us a few times as he grabbed burger bits really hard. He loved 'em.

I fed him a bit more rice and hamburger afterwards and he ate that up happily as well. He was, however, doing this deep, wet, lung coughs while we were feeding him. It was just like at Thanksgiving, and, just like then, it worried me some. Then, when he settled after eating, and was still, he didn't cough nearly as much anymore and watched us happily for a bit. Then he levered himself back up and wanted out the kitchen door. It was pretty tough work getting him out there as he was completely losing his back end, this time. He got out there and just sprawled right outside the door. I gave him his bed, again, and worried about him.

As one of the more intriguing things to happen with this journal, one Robert Goodman read that I really liked European bubble bathes more than American bubble bathes, a very long time ago. That the open structure on the European ones had always been nicer feeling and less styrofoamy for me. He has his own recipe for bubblebath that he writes a lot about on his site and he specifically formulated it for non-irritating qualities. It's definitely non-soap based. I thought it was pretty keen and he sent me a sample, good for two long bubble bathes.

Since I was so worried about Fezzik and there just wasn't really anything I could do for him, I decided to take a bath. I followed the instructions and put an ounce in with the first few inches of water, and leaned over (much harder when one is pregnant) and swished the water a lot with my fingers outspread and made a vast amount of foam. It was very, very nice foam, with some of the same tender structure that the European bubble baths had, not the Styrofoam stiff stuff. I then let it fill and more bubbles were to be had! Hoorah! When I slipped into the warm water it was just wonderful. The bubbles just slid over my skin happily, and closed over me thoroughly and then they just stayed around! The European bathes have, as a drawback, the fact that the bubbles don't really last all that long, this stuff just stayed and stayed and stayed and provided a marvelous insulation layer against the cold of the bathroom air. So my bath stayed good and warm.


The Fish started wiggling about after I settled, the way the Fish usually does when I get still. The difference, this time, is that I didn't have a layer of clothing over my tummy. It's funny to note that my belly is now so big that even with a full bath, the belly isn't in the water, and, in this case, was even poking out over the foam. Looking at my tummy when I felt the baby move I could see my skin moving where he was pushing!! Eek! Alien baby!! The Fish is getting so much stronger, more active when he wants to be active, and it was just amazing to see him distorting my body's shape from the inside. Creepy, a little, too, but amazing as well. He then started just banging against one side and I could see the foam and ripples in the water. That was pretty keen.

It also got my mind completely away from Fezzik. Which was very nice. Relaxing in the water and the foam and the heat was just so very nice. Nice to just let go. After the bath, while the instructions said that I could just towel off, I found that, of all things, the skin of my shoulders started itching. So I went back into the tub and poured fresh water all over me from a pitcher I have in the tub for just that purpose and when I toweled off after that, everything was just fine.

Fezzik seemed quite content when I went out to visit him after the bath, and he was lying on his bed by the front door and not coughing so hard. I settled for that as some peace of mind, and went back inside and fell dead asleep, for once totally warm before even getting into bed. Very nice indeed.

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