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November 8, 2001
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Good Flight, City, and Dinner

Jet did wonderfully on the plane. He had a pretty okay night, for all that he had a cold. John was having problems with snoring, and I was having problems getting to sleep because my teeth were aching a bit, so I had John sleep in the basement. I thought it would be good if John could sleep the whole night through and have a brain while we were traveling.

It turned out to be a really good thing. Jet was up four times, only two of them to eat, and then he also woke up every hour after 1 to sneeze, cough and then go back to sleep himself. So it wasn't all that bad, but I woke up every time Jet did and I often went upstairs to check up on him only to find him asleep again already. So he actually had a pretty good night. I had the bad one. Still, I slept better than I might have with the bed to myself and no snoring to keep me awake.

Still, I was pretty trashed, and John was great and did all the thinking while we packed and got ready for leaving. Jet was happy and playing or crawling everywhere we were working on putting things together. We headed off fifteen minutes earlier than we thought we had to get going.

In the newspaper we'd seen the announcement of the opening of a Krispy Kreme on the way to the airport. So we stopped by there on the way to the airport, and Jet really liked seeing the machine running. They were, as usual, giving away free samples inside the store. So we only bought a couple other donuts and some coffee. Jet cheerfully played in a high chair while we ate, but he then kept grabbing at the donuts, so I gave him a nibble of mine.

Kathy is really right. They're only really any good while they're hot and tender. The extra donuts I bought weren't nearly as good as the sample, luckily, I'd gotten one more of the warm traditional ones as well, and Jet liked getting small pieces off of that one.

From there we headed on to the airport and got there in plenty of time. I had had the bright idea of using the curb side checking to just not have to haul all the luggage across the parking lot from the economy parking. So John dropped Jet and I off with the big bags at the United curb side check-in and we just checked everything in there. That was very fast and very quick and very nice. The lines inside were actually fairly small, but it was nice just not to have to bother with them at all.

Jet and I sat happily in the sunshine and I drowsed just a little as we waited for John. I then went to look at the securities lines just to see what it was that we'd have to get through, and it wasn't all that bad. When I got back John appeared, and we went for the lines.

It turns our that at DIA, if you have a baby, you have a free pass to the express line. I guess it makes sense that parents carrying a baby wouldn't fit a terrorist profile, and it's not like we didn't get x-rayed and metal detected and all that. It was just much quicker, and far better than having to stand for half an hour in a line, especially if we had a baby that might have been fussy at the standstill.

Jet was fine with all that. We went on the train and he was very happy to sit in the back end of the train and watch the rail rushing away behind us. He really liked staring at the moving rail and the pin wheels on the walls of the train tunnel, that were all whirling away as we sped by.

Lunch was at Wolfgang Pucks. I had some tortilla soup and the heat and the crunch of the tortillas touched off the nerves in my teeth. Oops. So I had John get me some milk while I nursed Jet at the gate, and I had a Motrin with milk. Jet was quite content to nurse, and when he was done he popped up and crawled around a little before we had to board the plane. We'd only gotten there two hours in advance, so lunch was timely but not rushed, and we got everything together in good time and didn't have to spent too much time at the gate.

John changed Jet right before we got on, and we got on right after all the pre-boarders. Jet's seat went in just fine, and Jet was pretty happy in his seat after we got everything strapped into place. I pretty much instantaneously went to sleep. John stayed awake long enough to give Jet a bottle on take off. Jet sucked away happily at the formula until we reached cruising altitude, and then John tucked the bottle away and gave Jet some toys to play with. Then John went to sleep.

Jet pretty much played by himself for the next hour. I would wake up occasionally, when he'd made a particularly exuberant noise, but he'd be obviously fine, so I'd go right back to sleep. Eventually, when the drink cart came by, I woke up and Jet was asleep. He pretty much stayed asleep until we started our descent, and then I nursed him until we got down to the level where electronics had to be turned off. Then we handed him his bottle, strapped him in and got him good and safe for the landing itself. He did good with that and sucked enough formula to keep his ears clear, or at least clear enough that nothing was hurting him when he came down.

So he had a really excellent flight.

I strapped him into the front pack when we got onto the ground, so he could kick and wiggle, and we walked over to the rental car desk, and then got a bus out to the place where the cars were kept. We then got into Northwest Traffic on the way to the hotel. It took us a while but we made it and when we checked in we had a message from John and Johanna to call them. So we called them on our celphone from the parking lot and connected up for dinner.

It was sprinkling outside. Just the faintest mist. We made it over the bridges into town and met up with them at Dan & Louis's Oyster Bar. John and Johanna told us that it was a place that the locals never really went to, but lots of people from out of town went to frequently. It'd been in Portland forever, and when the food actually came we could see why the locals rarely made it there. The fresh oysters and the selection of those that were available were really good, but the menu items themselves weren't all too impressive or all that wonderful. I had an oyster stew with crab and other seafood, and it was pretty good, but nothing fantastic. The Dungeness crab was good and tender, the oysters fresh, but the stew itself wasn't particularly hearty or varied or even all that good, given the quality of the main ingredients. Everyone else got fried foods, and they were just like any other fried food bar kind of fried oysters, cod, or other stuff. Not particularly better than anywhere else.

Jet did get oyster crackers to munch on, and the four of us did get to talk a lot. Johanna is seven months pregnant, and getting to that stage where she's starting to get tired of it, but isn't totally sick of being pregnant yet. They had some questions to ask and some stuff to talk through and one of the very cool observations they'd made was that the 'What To Expect When You're Expecting' and 'What To Expect For The First Year' authors were definitely Food Nazi's.

Having just read a section about how it's important to only let your child have healthy treats and to not be weak and let them have ice cream and cake at a birthday party and that one really should only let them have your fruit sweetened snacks. I tend to agree. Then again, there are a lot of interesting developmental data in those books and things to watch out for that are useful for checkups. Plus there is also some good information on what parents might fear but not have good information on how to combat the fears that I found quite useful. I guess John and I mostly just ignored the food Nazi bits because they were so clearly unreasonable. But it was a pretty clear statement of the biases of the book.

We had fun talking outside for a while before I recognized the look on Johanna's face, having worn that look when I was pregnant often enough to know that it was Time To Go. So we went.

Jet had been fussy inside the restaurant, but when we'd gotten outside he'd gotten far more cheerful. I don't know if it was because o the fresh air, or if it was because he was having a teething incident or whatever... but he was happier outside and when we put him in his car seat and took off for the hotel, he went to sleep.

We got him back to the hotel room with no problems. He woke up along the way so he got to explore the room as we unpacked and put things away. He got into everything, as ever, the plumbing under the sink, the wires behind the desk, and he peered under the bed longingly but kept bumping his head against the bed frame while he peered, so he didn't try going underneath.

The crib had arrived, and it turned out to be a portable play pen, actually. It had mesh sides, was foldable, and had a padded bottom floor. It was really hard to set Jet in it without waking him up as the rim was so high up compared to where the floor of the pen was. We did put him in it for a while while he was awake, but he cried. After we got completely ready for bed, a lesson well learned from the Rocky Mountain Park trip, we then nursed him to sleep, and tried to put him down in the 'crib.'

He woke up crying. We tried it a couple more times with the same result, so we finally just tucked him into his car seat, and he went to sleep there. I guess that after spending so much time in it up until today, it's a familiar sleeping place. I'm glad he finds it comforting.

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