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November 16, 2001
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Work Antics

It's very good to get back into the swing of being at home and being at work and having the schedule that we're used to. I guess it's good to be home and back amid the familiar.

Thursdays always feel like Fridays and Friday's are always easier than the rest of the weekdays. Work had a couple of meetings, but I also got a little time while Jet was at Joan's and while he was napping to actually do a concentrated work. I was glad of being able to find my brain again.

My teeth were actually pretty good today, though I didn't really try them too hard for the morning. I actually cooked myself a small pot of oatmeal. I think I like it better cooked in larger batches because by the time some of it was good and creamy there were still a few chewy bits in it. It was great with a bit of brown sugar and milk, though, so I wasn't sad I made enough just for myself.

I finished breakfast just in time for boss Bill to call me for a pre-meeting consultation. I then went upstairs for the meeting itself while John took Jet to Joan's. Jet had had a great night, only got up once at 2 to eat and then got up for good around 6, though for a while he looked like he was going to go back to sleep. He slept for something like ten minutes and then started playing with his music box, it's been a while since he could do that. We even got batteries for his aquarium yesterday, so he got to play with that, too, and it's pretty clear that he knows that he can bang on the buttons on the side to get it to 'work'.

The meeting actually went really well. Bill had focussed the reviews to the point where we were able to finish the last of the document in about fifteen minutes. Compare this to going through exactly one section of twenty-five in two hours. Oop. So it was very good. There was one point where marketing started debating something again, and I brought it sharply back in line with the focussing elements that Bill had brought to the table. Bill said, later, that it was exactly the right thing to do.

I'm glad. I'm very glad of how it all worked out while I was gone.

John was working hard when I was done and when I was finished with some of the editing. So I went to go get Jet from Joan. He'd had a great time, hadn't slept a wink, and hadn't eaten anything. Maybe it was the last fact that set him off, but I'd picked him up when I got there, and whenever I tried to put him down in his car seat he would start crying. I finally had to just put him in the seat, strap him in and take him outside.

He stopped crying for a little bit, then cried again when I put him in the back seat. I guess he really hates being in the car seat again, or he just really hates leaving Joan's.

Jet didn't go to sleep after getting home and nursing. He joined us for lunch while we ate leftover pizza from last night, and then we played happily while John worked. I then nursed him and he sounded like he was going to sleep, but he woke up again when I tried to put him down. John took care of him and then we juggled phones.

I used the home phone for the first half hour of my meeting, and then switched to the celphone. John picked up the house phone for his meeting and took care of Jet during his meeting. Since John could use the head set, he was able to chase Jet around, change him and have fun with him while he met. I couldn't type so I took notes in a notebook. It was good that my meeting only ran half an hour over as the battery was nearly out when I was done.

Of course John's meeting ran nearly an hour over, and Jet and I had a great time during that time as well. I played with him happily while we went through stuff, and then nursed him and this time he actually went to sleep for a nap. So I got another hour to work and play a little, because I had plenty of hours. I actually downloaded Angband, to have something other than Solitaire to think with. I'm not entirely sure it's a good thing for my hands, but it's better than the mouse. I got another chunk of editing done and tried to organize things for next week.

When Jet woke up John took him downstairs and fed him solids. I decided to make dinner right then as well. I roasted some cut up potatoes, carrots, celery and baby onions in the oven while baking some garlic breadsticks. I also nuked some of the Hormel beef tips in gravy. When it was all done I stirred in the warmed beef and we had stew and warm breadsticks.

The breadsticks were a bit burnt underneath and a bit chewier than I was expecting, which would normally have been a good thing. With my teeth it made dinner mildly painful after a while. The good thing was that my teeth hadn't bothered me all day, the bad thing was that chewing, hot food, and chewy breadsticks made them ache. It's better than a few days ago, though, so I'm glad of that. When I stopped eating, it took about ten minutes for things to call down, but they did calm down, so that was really good.

When that happened, I decided to bake one of the pies that we bought from Alex's school. I had John pick and he picked peach. So I put it in the oven.

Then we sat and watched the second hour of 24. I hadn't been impressed with the first hour. I am impressed with the second. I guess there's only so much you can do setting things up for the plot lines, and there's plenty of action in this one. Enough to really keep my attention well.

Jet had fun wandering around, playing with everything he came into contact with. He went to his chest of toys and stood at the edge of it, his legs gradually spreading wider and wider and wider until he started crying because he didn't know what to do. So we lifted him back to standing and he did a lot more of it. I think he wasn't quite sure what was happening when his legs got tired, and he was yelling while he was standing for a really long time, but he'd also yell when we tried to get him to sit down. Finally I picked him up, laid him on his back and massaged his legs. He really liked that. I guess when you're exercising muscles that have never been used this way before that much, they're bound to hurt.

Jet seems to be getting up regularly in the middle of the night, so I may take a bath tonight and enjoy the relaxation. Since I could feel my jaw getting better with our own pillows and being home that actually being able to relax would be a good thing.

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