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November 17, 2001
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Walking In Boulder's Westside

9:38 pm: Today was a very active day. Jet was up for an hour with John last night, so I took care of him this morning until John got up himself. We had a great time watching cartoons and playing after nursing at 7:30. Jet was up at 7, but he had fun playing until about 7:30, which was very nice for me.

John made breakfast and then we went out to drop off the recycling before going into Boulder and parking at the high school before getting out the stroller. The weather reports said that today would be a beautiful day, in the high 60's, and that tomorrow would be raining and/or snowing for a day or two. The rest of the week was going to be in the forties or fifties, so today would be the day to be outside.

So we were outside. We walked and walked and walked down Pearl, past the mall, and we found a lot of cool little shops that were off the main drag. So we had a great time looking at stuff we'd never seen before. There were art shops, deli's, and gift shops of all sorts. There was a really nice gardening shop that had a bunch of forced paper whites.

Paper whites are bulb flowers, a lot like amaryllis, which can be forced at any time. Amaryllis have huge, beautiful blooms that don't really smell like anything. Paper whites have tall, slender stems and simple, star shaped white flowers that smell tremendous. They have a scent that would probably be the only flower perfume that I'd ever wear if I wore perfume. It's sweet and intense and clear, like something between jasmine and honeysuckle.

I really love them and had been thinking about asking for a few of them for Christmas; but here they were, bare bulbs only a bit more than a buck apiece, and I only really needed one. So I bought one.

We eventually made it back to the Mall and I couldn't decide on what to eat, so John decided for us, by simply going to the nearest thing that appealed, which was a bakery with soups and sandwiches. My teeth hurt a little, but soup would definitely work for me, and they had panini. I got a portabella and mozzarella panini and my hopes were answered when the juice from the mushrooms soaked into the bread and made it pretty nice and soft. Easy to eat.

Jet was really hungry. He ate a whole jar of solids and then happily demolished a thumb sized piece of really crusty French bread. He loved eating that, letting it soak and working on it carefully, taking it out frequently to check on it visually before putting it back in. Okay, that would be gross in anyone but a baby, but it was kind of interesting watching him be so careful about it.

From there we went to the Erie Safeway, and Jet fell asleep while we went there. John got Shreck and The Mummy Returns while I stayed with Jet, then I got a short list of grocery items in anticipation of Kathy coming on Monday. I didn't really check about what to get for the turkey tomorrow, but that should work out anyway.

When we got home, we watched Shreck and I wasn't disappointed. I enjoyed it a lot, and John had a lot of fun with it as well. Jet even watched portions of it and wanted to play for the rest of it. I'm very happy with the home theater setup, as it really lets Jet bounce around and play and squawk and be happy while we're watching.

The movie is a lot of fun. I enjoyed the animation a lot as well as the whole plot linen and the characters. There was a lot of fun stuff in there, and I really likes Shreck himself a lot. It was especially cool to have Eddie Murphy doing another animated character voice. His voice is just so cool for it. I liked what he did in Mulan, and I liked what he did here as well.

We got phone calls galore during the movie as well as doing Jet changes and stuff. I got to talk with Kathy about last minute preparations. We talked with Mai about the fact she wanted to bring a turkey for Thanksgiving. We're going to have to do a bunch of side dishes as well. On top of all that I rode the exercise bike for half an hour as well. That felt good.

After the movie we went upstairs and I took a bath while John made dinner. He just heated up Voila!, a chicken fettuccini dish and baked some refrigerator croissants. It was a very tasty dinner that was easy on my teeth and ready when I was done with my bath. I couldn't ask any more than that. I did get to see the first episode of The Justice League on Cartoon Network while we ate. That was pretty neat.

Jet went to sleep soon after. We took the monitor and tucked it into a pocket of my heavy coat. I put on my really heavy boots and we went outside to look for meteors. We saw a bunch of brief falling stars to the East as cloud cover was coming in from the West. The only clear areas were to the East, so that's what we watched. It was really cold out, but it was nice to just stand with John and watch the sky while we could trust the monitor to keep an ear on Jet.

That was really neat.

It amazed me that the clouds were coming in. The day had been so totally clear. We'd walked along Boulder Creek with Jet peeking at the creek every few feet, watching the low water lazing along. The sunshine was warm on the skin, pretty much everywhere we went, and everyone in Boulder was basking everywhere they could. We'd had our lunch outside in the sunshine along with just about everyone at the bakery. It was just really nice, and I think we appreciated it more simply for knowing that it wasn't going to last.

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