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November 15, 2001
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Home Again, Home Again

7:34 pm: It's been a great day. Jet didn't have all that good a night, he was up for a good hour and a half early this morning, from about 3:45-5. It was only after I finally cleaned out Jet's nose that he went back to sleep. I think he was having problems breathing through his nose, enough that he would wake himself up each time.

For all that, Jet had a great morning with Joan. He didn't nap at all, so by the time he came to me, he was ready for a nap and he went to sleep with a little help from bouncing and other stuff. So I got a good hour and a half of work and lunch in. That was really good and I'd forgotten how nice it is when Jet does nap.

We had fun playing in the afternoon. It was really good to just have time with him that was free of everything else. I'm getting tired of just killing myself to get extra stuff done, and until all the reviews are done I'm not getting any further anyway. And that doesn't happen until tomorrow, so I decided four hours was plenty and I may as well just enjoy Jet.

I think he knows the difference, too. I think he knows when I'm working that he can't get all my attention, and when he doesn't he does get kind of sad. He can play by himself and he will for a good long while, but he does end up knowing, I think, that there's something that's more important than him for a little while. When he does get my full attention he just blossoms and laughs and plays and is the coolest kid ever. He just seems to really know and to really appreciate it when I do have fun with him, enjoy him, and love the time that I get with him.

I think it really makes a difference, too, to know that, for a while, he really is the most important thing. I think that one of the things that I really want to do is maximize the time when he knows he's important, perhaps not more important than me and my needs, but that his needs are at least as important. And that a lot of the time, when there is no conflict, his needs really are the most important. That's something good for him to know.

John got home early and while Boss Bill said he'd call at 4, it was 4:20 when I got tired of waiting and wrote him an email to call me tomorrow. We then went to Safeway and stocked up. One of the special things we got was a 20 pound turkey, as anything over 16 pounds was only five dollars. Anything under 16 pounds was four, so it was quite the cool price. Talk about cheap meals. They were all frozen, so I'll have to roast it sometime, I can't just part it up and refreeze it without some danger. So it'll have to all be cooked, first.

We also got stuff for another batch of Shanghai teacakes for a Thanksgiving appetizer. That should be fun.

Home again, home again, and we baked a Papa Murphy's pizza, garlic chicken with spinach added. It was yummy and pretty and even hot and crisp and chewy it didn't hurt my teeth too badly. I think that things are definitely getting better, being able to be home is really helping my jaw.

I am surprised, mildly, by what a tremendous relief it is to simply be home. To rest in my own bed, to do the things we're used to doing and to have all the things that we're used to doing it with. To eat what we really want and like and can even make ourselves, to rest in the ways we're used to resting and are familiar, and to be in a familiar environment with everything in its place. It's just so nice.

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