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November 23, 2001
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Missing Filling

5:54 pm: It was 1:30 in the morning, and I was trying to clear Jet's nose as he was having problems breathing. I heard Kathy coming up the stairs from the basement and she helped me out with Jet and it was much faster with the help. When we had settled on the couch to nurse, Kathy told me that when she was flossing, she'd accidentally pulled a filling out. It wasn't hurting her but it was bugging the hell out of her.

Like me, she was thinking about it so much that she couldn't sleep. So we just talked for a while and that seemed to help some. She also got up when John took his shift at 4 am, and he helped her to a thimbleful of liquid help from the liquor cabinet. So she got to sleep.

Jet was up some during the night, and at 7:30 in the morning I nursed him and was really surprised when he went back to sleep. I guess yesterday really tired him out. He stayed asleep until about 9:30! It astonished me mildly. I was up at 9 getting all the research I'd done at work on the local dentists and printing all that out. We wanted to try the dentist that had fixed my toothguard first, but after that, there was a bunch of people we could try.

So I called the emergency number for the new dentist, and left a message. He called back a little while later and I handed him off to Kathy. She told him that it wasn't a total emergency, so he told her that his schedule was filled through Tuesday, but his partner might find some time for her then. John then called several dentists even one that said that they did 24 hour, weekend emergency services, and they were all closed today. Finally, when I really thought about it, the Macri Family dentists hadn't done criminally bad work. They just hadn't finished it too well, and since this filling was on the side of one of Kathy's teeth, they weren't going to be able to mess up her tooth.

So John called them and found out that they were treating today as if it were a normal work day. Wow. They had an opening right when Kathy called, so John and Kathy went in right then. I baked blueberry scones while they were away. John dropped Kathy off with our cell phone to call us when she was done, and John had enough time to read the newspaper before she called and he went to get her.

It was good. She was done and it was done thoroughly. She was pleased with the work and with the finishing they'd done for her, so that was all to the good. It was far less stressful for me after she was done and didn't have to worry about it anymore, whether or not it was really hurting her or not.

When that was all settled, we decided to go to Flatiron Crossing, the huge new mall that has tons of stuff. It was just a good place to go shopping and looking at stuff to see what there was to see. We wandered over the entire mall, several times. There are a whole lot of stores there, and Kathy got to buy Jet a set of blocks. John and I finally got a set of night robes that weren't completely ripped out and messed up from Old Navy. We managed to snag a table for lunch and got noodle bowls from the pseudo-Japanese place that were actually pretty good. Jet had a great time slurping up noodles and bits of rice and teriyaki.

Afterwards I got to finally figure out why the ladies' lounge is the ladies lounge and not just the ladies restroom. The Lord and Taylor's Ladies' Lounge had four seats and mirrors before the toilet area, and Jet and I settled into one of the seats and let Jet nurse for a good long time in comfort, even as people wandered by to use the toilets and sinks. It was actually quite useful and I didn't have to worry about any modesty problems, and Kathy came in and sat with me and talked with me for a while as we let Jet eat. That was pretty cool.

We wandered about the outside areas for a while, taking some time to get drinks at the Starbucks and then heading to Safeway to stock up a little, get a movie, and then get Popeye's dinner for the three of us. We ordered three dinners that ended up arriving such that they differed from each other by one item. I had a two piece, dark meat, mild dinner with mashed as the side dish. Kathy had a three piece, dark meat, mild with red beans and rice. John got three piece spicy, with dark meat and red beans and rice. They made a mistake and put three pieces of chicken in my dinner. Luckily, the mashed made it easy to figure out. The problem with Kathy and John's dinners was that they only differed by the amount of spice on the chicken, which isn't visibly obvious and they hadn't marked the boxes. Oops.

It turned out well, though, as John bit into a leg, declared it possibly spicy, but when Kathy bit into a leg, she yelped and was unequivocal about it being spicy. So John got the leg he'd bit into, the leg Kathy bit into, and the rest of the spicy pieces. I handed a mild leg over to Kathy, leaving me with the two pieces I'd originally ordered, and she had three pieces of chicken to finish as well. Yay!

We took our dinners downstairs with a big roll of paper toweling and we sat down and set Jet down with some toys and we ate. Jet would occasionally get to something he wasn't supposed to get to, and John would put it on the taller glass topped table. When there were finally about half a dozen things on that taller table, Jet had tracked all of them to their destination, so he crawled over there. He peered underneath the table, saw the prized items, and headed in under the table. From below, he got up, somewhat unsteadily, onto his knees and started whacking at the items from below.

John died laughing.

I was pretty amazed myself, but Jet was utterly determined to get what he wanted, and he was under there a good long time, trying to reach the things he could see before he finally gave up and started playing with the table itself. He liked the little cave, and we got some good pictures of him in there.

The movie John and Kathy finally got was Snatch, and it was just hilarious. I was very, very impressed with Brad Pitt's accent. I was also very impressed by the whole plot. There was a very sweet complexity to it along with a little bit of cartoon craziness to the whole thing, and the way it all finally fell together was very satisfying. I really liked it and how it played out. It is very violent, it is very full of bullets, and in some very odd ways it was filled with color the way I think comics and Hong Kong action films are vivid. There were Named Characters and bit players and some really interesting things that went on that were very much like Hong Kong action flicks.

I think that a little of that was that all the regionalism was nicely detailed, too. I sometimes wonder what gets lost of the Japanese regionalisms when manga is translated into American.

Anyway. I highly recommend Snatch.

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