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November 22, 2001
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8:28 pm: Turkey and ham day!

Jet had a pretty rocky night. Some of it was his nose, some of it was gas in his gut, and some of it was just being upset about waking up. After how busy he was yesterday I was surprised he got up at all, but maybe it was just all the input he'd had all day.

He had a very busy day today, too. At this particular moment he's so tired he can't sit up straight. He is fighting sleep anyway. He did nap for about half an hour in the evening.

First thing in the morning, we all had breakfast. Kathy and I went to Blockbuster to return the DVD. We saw Jeremy there and said hello and made sure he was coming to dinner later. He was happy to come over. We then headed into the Safeway to get yogurt and whipping cream. Of course, since it is Thanksgiving, there wasn't a trace of whipping cream to be found. The only thing we were able to find was Cool Whip. So we got that instead.

Then home to nurse Jet and the Hamiltons appeared when Jet was about done. Mei had bought a turkey and we went through everything to roast a turkey with stuffing from removing and browning the giblets for the gravy to stuffing it to safe poultry handling to rubbing it down to testing the internal temperatures to make sure it was actually cooked.

I didn't do it as well as I wanted to. I should have just left it unstuffed and I should have done the upside-down bird trick that worked so well with the bigger bird. I made the mistake of putting the temperature probe in the stuffing to make sure it got to the 160 degrees it was supposed to, and, of course, the breast over cooked and the wings were especially dried out.

We did bake some of the teacakes for an early snack, as Mei needed food. Then we tackled the green beans, the sweet potatoes, and the giblet stock. It all got done by 4. Of course that's when Jet wanted to eat, so we nursed for about fifteen minutes before I went out to eat with jet. He took a bit to calm down but he did manage to and went out into the diningroom with me.

All the food was out on the counter. John had the great good idea of having everyone get their own food and then sit down. He hadn't quite counted correctly for the seats, though, making only ten places when there were twelve people. But it worked out okay with Bob and Ray sitting at other seats. The room is open enough that they were part of the meal anyway.

The food was really cool to see all together. Ray and Joan brought garlic mashed potatoes and spiral sliced ham. Mei's turkey was carved by Andrew, and there was stuffing and gravy to go with that. We also had the green bean casserole and roasted sweet potatoes and dinner rolls. John had made the fresh cranberry sauce and we also had the jellied stuff that Mei had brought. John had also thought through the olive plate and pickles.

Yes, John did most of the work of remembering all the details of a traditional dinner. Everyone was seated around the table and passing thing and enjoying the good food.

Jet had a great time at dinner, eating turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, tiny bits of green beans, and crumbs of rolls. He talked and played and watched all the people at the table. With a dozen people it was pretty fun watching. Haley and Alex were showing plenty of action for Jet to watch. He really was fascinated by Alex, and kept staring at him happily. Alex was very pleased to be so interesting, and afterward they played on the floor together for a while, head butting and Jet was giggling a lot for the whole thing.

Now I know why Jet like headbutting me on the floor and giggling like crazy while he does it, he does it with Alex all the time. It's a very gentle head butt, but it was pretty surprising the first time Jet did it to me.

After dinner a bunch of us went downstairs to watch Jet, Haley, and Alex ride the electric train. Alex was also having a blast playing with Andrew. That was pretty cool. The three kids were having a blast, and everyone else had a great time watching them.

Dessert finally lured Alex upstairs and then the rest of us as well. Pumpkin pie and blueberry pie and plenty of Cool Whip for everyone. There was plenty of dessert for everyone and it was just fun to sit with folk, enjoying the food and talking and just being together. Much better than being alone, even with just the family here. Joan was really glad to have the time together, and it was just really comforting to have friends here. I am very thankful that we moved with a bunch of friends instead of the usual way. It makes everything a bit easier and more fun.

The evening was mostly spent with a very tired Jet, a cleaning up John and just sitting and talking with Kathy after everyone had gone. It was just quite and good. Jet napped for half an hour and then fought sleep until it was time to nurse to sleep. John then took him up and he was out like a light. I had cleared his nose out right after his nap, so I think he's set for the night.

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