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November 27, 2001
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Seeing Kathy Off

9:35 pm: The temperatures outside are already in the single digits. It's getting cold and colder, and the world outside is all white from the snow of the last three days.

I went outside, tonight, to put my check for my Eskimo account in the mailbox, and I bundled up in my sub-zero boots and in John's huge heavy coat. When I went outside, the first breath was still a shock. This is killing cold. It bit into my nose and lungs, and I could feel the skin of my hands losing moisture to the cold air.

So it was good that Kathy left this morning. I took her to the airport after she got to say good-bye to John and Jet. We had fun talking in the car on the way over to the airport, and hour's drive is a good thing. She thought it was mildly ridiculous that I was getting her there at 10 when her flight wasn't until 1; but she was basing her expectations on the San Diego airport, and I said that DIA isn't the same, and I was glad that she was getting three hour's worth of cushion.

We talked about movies, food, the travel plans she had for the coming year, the parents, Christmas, and other things. It was fun to just listen and think.

I dropped her off in front of the Frontier area, and there was a huge line outside for the skycap's desk, which did not bode well for the indoor line. I gave her a hug and helped her get her stuff out of the trunk and she gaily waved bye as she went into the white tents of DIA.

I headed home. I was tempted to get more Krispy Kreme donuts on the way home, but decided that I needed to get diesel and fill the back rear tire more than I needed a sugar fix. So I went to the truck stop at 52 and I-25 and filled up on cheap diesel. The tire was down, again, to about 24 from 30 and after I filled it the handling of the car, again, got much better. So I'm going to have to be really careful about this. It's been less than a week from when I last did this, and I'll need to keep on top of it.

I got back just in time to get Jet from Joan. There are times when I get tired of the two hour drive to and from DIA, it's a lot of time. Still, it's better than it could be, I guess.

The rest of the day was spent trying to get back into the normal swing of things. Taking care of Jet and working is still as hard as it ever was, mostly with being mildly torn between wanting to just be with him and with the responsibilities of the job. There is still some internal voice that says I should work as much as possible, whether or not it's actually within the bounds of my four hour day.

John came home at 4:30 and took Jet and I got to work for a while, and we had leftovers, and then I found out that my Eskimo account had expired yesterday. Oops. I had gotten a notice several weeks ago, but I'd paid too early last year, and didn't make it nearly as urgent this year, so I had completely forgotten about it while Kathy was here. Drat. So I wrote Nanook, said I intended for it to be renewed, and I wrote the check to pay for it, which is why I went out into the frigidly cold night.

Once again, Colorado pegs on the extreme temperature scale. I sometimes wish the weather could be somewhere more tolerable than sweat like a pig or freeze extremities off.

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