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November 28, 2001
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Going In Together

10:35 am: The frost, this morning, made the whole world look like it was decorated for Christmas. The trees were all flocked and glinting like diamond. The earth and every structure on it was draped in glittering white. It was really gorgeous.

Jet was in a great mood this morning, roaming about the kitchen and livingroom cheerfully while we ate our breakfasts. He had a good poopy just before leaving for Joan's and was chortling on the changing table. When John got him into his car seat he was giving shrieks of delight every so often. Just for the fun of it. It was pretty amusing. He was wearing his Big Dog's jacket and his sack-like idiot mittens (no thumb or fingers and connected by a cord) and his Cossack hat. Warm baby. And he was happy to go to Joan's and even sat patiently in his seat while we admired Joan's new gas stove.

John and I came into work together, and it was really fun to just be together and able to just talk with each other for a while. He also came home with me and we had lunch together at home, eating leftover pizza from last night. That was good, and it was even better having both of us go get Jet from Joan's because John was the one that picked a sleeping Jet up and put him in the car seat.

For some reason, for the last several weeks, when I pick Jet up at Joan's and then put him down in the seat he cries inconsolably. It's really hard to do, but I don't know what else to do, but just go through it. He just seems to get really upset about being set down by me after I've picked him up. But I don't know what else to do as when he sees me he cries even more if I don't pick him up at all.

So he seems to be going into the phase where he's got some mother separation anxiety. He was showing a lot of that when Kathy was here, too. For some reason when I'm completely out of sight it's actually better. He doesn't worry about me when he can't see me, that's a good thing. But that does mean that, sometimes, when John is trying to feed him it's better if I'm completely out of sight, which gets sad sometimes.

I had one meeting in the afternoon and having John there with me made it a lot easier. So I'm glad we can now go in together on Wednesdays. Yay!

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