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November 29, 2001
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John's Birthday

Today was John's birthday, and I tried to do something for him throughout the evening. I called him at work to ask him what he wanted for dinner, and Jet and I made crepe batter after he answered that he'd like ham, cheese and broccoli crepes.

We had a pretty good day all together, Jet and I. I was very careful to not work any more than my four hours, and we had a lot of good play time and time together in the house when I did have time. The two hours when I had to work with him, I actually set up the barrier in the office so that it was around my chair because Jet was having such a hard time being separated from me, and he had a good time roaming around in the area and coming to me whenever he needed reassurance. So I could pick him up, cuddle him a bit, check him or nurse him as necessary and then just set him back down again to do whatever he wanted to do.

He also gave the characteristically cranky cry after lunch that got me to take him out of the office, bounce him in his room, and then lay him down to actually take a good nap in his own room for a while. He just went right to sleep and I got to work for a while again. That was really good.

The crepes were fun. I used Alton Brown's recipe from last night's episode of Good Eats, and they turned out tender, strong enough to roll with the filling I made and they tasted really good when we got around to eating them. I just threw together half a cup of white sauce, added huge handful of cheddar and then a cup of chopped ham and a cup of frozen chopped broccoli (which I'd thawed and partially cooked in the microwave) and stirred it all together for a filling. I rolled the filling in the crepes, lined them up in a buttered baking pan, tossed more cheese on top and then baked them until they were hot through and served them with a spinach salad.

John really liked them.

I then asked him what he wanted for dessert and he asked for my chocolate things. Sadly, I'd used the last of the eggs on the crepes, so we couldn't do that, so we decided to go to Dairy Queen, instead.

It was bitterly cold out, so we all bundled up thoroughly and drove out there. Jet then had a great time looking at everything there while we ordered and then tried to steal handfuls of John's Blizzard while we ate. That was pretty funny. I had a hot fudge sundae with nuts and it was yummy. We talked a bit about Fezzik, about the memories of the place, and about how Jet might like ice cream when he's a year old. We talked about his nose and what seems to be another cold. We also talked a bit about John's last year and how he liked it.

He said he thought it had been pretty awesome. I'm very glad.

After we were done we walked over to the Safeway and stocked up on a few of the everyday things we needed, like eggs. So it was a pretty productive and quiet birthday evening for John. I think he liked it, though. His gifts are probably going to scattershot to him through the next several weeks, and I know that my gift for him is going to be late as we got another twenty percent off by ordering it after Thanksgiving. His Scottish blood said it'd be okay, which I was thankful for, too.

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