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November 13, 2002
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Grumpy about Swimming, Baby Software and Jumping Boy

9:47 pm: I really didn't want to go swimming tonight. Jet had a good night, actually, but, as usual, when he suddenly stays asleep for a long time, I start aching with milk in the morning. So I was kind of restless by 4, and he was up at 5:30, so we both were up. I nursed him to get comfortable and we played for a while, until it was 7. That's when I was tired enough to wake John up and ask for a changeover, and I went back to sleep.

I got up at 8:30, and had just enough time for breakfast before we left to drop Jet off and go to work. My teeth seem to be settling down a little more. Though eating cold cereal with colder milk was a bit of a pain. Still, Jet sat in my lap and spooned up all the cereal he wanted as well, and then drank a good deal of the milk. So he got a good breakfast.

That was cool. Work was okay. I got some things done. We went to the Curry Kitchen for lunch and I was impressed by the buffet assortment. There were four types of curry, the spinach dish I always love, a potato and eggplant dish, dal, lots of tandoori chicken, naan, rice, half a dozen chuteys, four desserts, a salad bar, and fruit. Wow. For $6.95, it was quite the deal and they made very tasty dishes, as far as I was concerned.

It was great talking with folks. Chad and Cary sat with me and the other folks sat with John at a table just across from ours. It was cool getting to talk more with the quieter Chad, as he normally doesn't get many words in edgewise with the rest of the wisecracking gang. He told me about buying some smoked salmon over the Internet at a fish shop he'd frequented when we were at Seattle. it was expensive, but he had a very appreciative audience for it.

He's engaged to a woman in Russia, Siberia to be more exact. And her family really appreciates smoked fish, but they don't normally get salmon in their part of the country. When Chad had brought the best smoked salmon he could find to his relatives in Salt Lake City, Utah, they didn't know what it was, so refused to eat it. So he's very happy to know that his gift will be well received by his in-laws to be. That should be very cool. I thought it would be a very fine gift.

We got home, I got to nurse a mildly rambunctious Jet. He'd had lunch and other stuff at Joan's, and had a good hour and a half nap, that he woke up from just as we pulled up. So he was happy and raring to go. When I had to go upstairs for a meeting at 2, he followed me up the stairs. So I set him up with his computer and his games, and I sat down to work. He really likes it better when I'm paying attention to what he's doing, and he managed to find a set of half a dozen small screwdrivers. So he played with those and ignored poor Big Bird imploring him to put the star on a color...

The Sesame Street software does build the skills up gradually enough. The first games simply have to do with moving the mouse to a spot and clicking on it. Jet doesn't have that down yet. He can move the mouse in wild circles, but he doesn't understand the fine control stuff, yet. He really liked it when I helped him put down paint shapes on a pad. I just moved the mouse around while he clicked away like mad.

I finally changed it to the BabyWow software, but that, again, he really likes it better when one of us plays it with him. So I wasn't really getting all that much done.

My gut got unhappy about the, and I thought he'd be okay with the little screwdrivers for a bit as John was in his meeting. So I headed for the bathroom. I heard a thunk and then the sound of John coming up the stairs and by the time I could get out, Jet was downstairs with John and had pulled the half packet of ramen out of the pantry and was demanding, "Open!"

I opened it for him and Jet ate nearly a sixth of the dry block of ramen while the water was boiling. When it boiled he tossed it into the water when I asked him to and then demanded to have it back again. I asked him to wait and he did. Whew.

So he was soon happily eating a bowl full of ramen. I asked John to take care of him while he was eating, and he agreed. I finally got to work in peace for a while.

John made dinner. Fish sticks, curly fries, and nuked peas. Jet ate a stick and a handful of fries, and nibbled a pea or two, but then was off playing. He and I did a lot of jumping and bouncing on one of the exercise balls.

The I was off to swim.

I didn't want to go. It reminded me, intensely of how I didn't want to go to soccer games when John and I used to play soccer. I really didn't want to go, and I knew that I'd feel better if I did. I was so tired and it was so cold out and so on and so on. John asked if I wanted to have he and Jet come along as well, and it was just one more thing I really didn't want to deal with and it took me a while, but I finally got that out.


So no extra stuff on top of just screwing my courage up enough to go.

I finally went. And I'm now glad I did, eventhough there were like twenty other women there, and it was really crowded. I got a good workout. I got to talk with Joan, and I got to meet a lady that was a marketing major who is now making baskets out of her house. That's cool. She's making good money, and just had a baby a month or two ago. She also has an 18 month old son. Whew. I don't think I'd do that.

But she's really happy, making good money, and has a huge order for Thanksgiving, which is good for her business. And she gets to stay home with the kids.

I got home to my boys, and found Jet playing with my exercise putty, the stuff I got when I was doing physical therapy for my hands. He was pulling it out in long strings and trailing them everywhere. He loved the stuff. We played with that for a good, long time, then John changed him, and as we were talking about nursing, Jet took this running leap at me.

I caught him. Parent reflexes are the fastest in the world, I think... but I wasn't expecting him to *jump*. But he did. And the he did it three more times after that! Yi! Jumping boy!

Earlier today, Jet started throwing things at me, and despite all warnings, kept doing it. We finally had to give him a time out, and he cried during it, but stopped throwing things at me for a while. Instead he threw something at John, but with a single warning after that, he stopped and started playing with something else. Whew. Just a time out to let him cool off and get emotions under control again is a good thing.

But it amazed me that he was throwing himself at me. He laughed when I caught him, too, and hugged me tight. Yay!

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