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November 12, 2002
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Playing with Jet

10:20 pm: I am tired. I woke up with a really sore jaw and aching teeth, but my bite was better in the morning. Now, after a full day of using my teeth and doing things with them, they are, once again, more misaligned, and sore. Sigh.

Jet had a relatively bad night, getting up four times, but he had a great day. He was happy, playful, only grumpy when he got tired or hungry, and he ate a lot for breakfast and lunch of various things, including fruit, cereal, yogurt, rice, bacon, various juices, and he stole half a chocolate bar that I'd left lying on my work station. Oops. It was dark chocolate, too, and he loved it. Hee. Okay, in that he is his mother's son.

I worked the morning, came home to find Jet awake and he and John were putting together his software on the home machine. But the moment he heard my voice, he wanted to come downstairs to me. We nursed and he went right to sleep for a good hour and forty minutes. He really needed the nap by half past 1.

He napped. I worked. I had a meeting, John took care of him, and then Jet and I settled in for the evening when John went out for a men's fellowship kind of thing. Brats and brew. Jet and I settled for Lui's Chinese food, and I loved the egg rolls, but was, as usual, a mite disappointed by the dishes. Ah well. Jet ate broccoli, rice, and nibbled an egg roll, but gave it up for the Chinese mustard and sweet and sour sauces on his rice. He also ate a few noodles from the vegetable lo mein I got, and he really liked the mini corn. He even did his best with his chop sticks and got a lot of food into himself as well as all over himself, the floor, the table, and the chair. I spent quite a while mopping up after him.

I also did my best to clean the house up as well as possible, as the cleaning folks are coming tomorrow. It'll be good to have a clean house again. So it's important for me to pick stuff up and get it out of their way.

When John got home, just before Jet's nap time, Jet was playing away happily. We'd watched some Goofy tape and the Bob the Builder tape that Kathy had given him, and he was playing 'choo choo!' with a half a dozen things with wheels. Including a balloon that the balloon Man had given him that was shaped like the box cars of a train. There was a Transformer toy, a couple of trucks, a Hot Wheels car in bottle green, and the balloon. They were all lined up on the arm of my rocking chair and then pushed off with crashing, rumbling sounds from Jet.

He is such a boy.

It was a lot of fun sharing the evening with him. We played a lot, and had a pretty good time, I think. He nursed to sleep easily at 9:30 and got to bed at 10 and I'm ready to go to sleep myself. I'm debating which guard to put on, but I think I may stick with the old one yet again and see how much of the bit sticks tomorrow. My lunch and afternoon was pretty good.

Another thing that was a mild disappointment today was that back in May, I'd ordered some sprouting seeds and equipment from a company, and I'd never gotten it. They'd gone on a three months sabbatical, so I asked, over the weekend, what had happened to the shipment. They said that they'd sent it, even though they'd never told me that they had, and that it must have gotten lost and since I hadn't told them about it 90 days from the shipment, they couldn't claim anything from the shipping company. Which I could well believe. They also said that they couldn't absorb the loss, and that there was nothing they could do about it. Which I also believe, but if they'd even offered a ten percent discount off their stuff, I would have bought more in an instant.

As it was I went back to Google, looked up sprouts, noticed that their page was now nowhere to be seen on the top search listings and went and bought an equivalent amount of stuff from a different company. I figure that's the only way I'll get what I want and do it with a business that I won't be disappointed in. I guess it is kind of like voting with my dollars, and I intend to give good feedback to this new company and keep them up in the search hit ratings. So long as they deliver. We'll see how this one does.

So I did something about my disappointment, and that felt pretty good, besides the promise of something good and fresh during the winter months.

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