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November 14, 2002
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Grocery Shopping With Jet

The old splint is working in that it's making it so that I now have a bite that I can use to eat with again. The NTI really was shoving things so far out of alignment as to make my teeth just meet all wrong when I was eating. Bad juju. The only problem is that with the old splint I'm getting the old jaw problems. Ah well. I guess I'll just have to swap between the two until I get some relief from both sides. The NTI was moving things pretty gradually, so I may well be able to go through a week of the old splint and then a week or at least a few days of the NTI and all over again.

I'll probably make an appointment with Dr. Davis to get a new splint.

Today was a really good day, all in all. Joan called at 10:30 to ask if she could keep Jet for longer, as they were having so much fun at the Longmont Mall playground. There's a two-year-old that a friend of Joan's is taking care of. They're his grandparents, but the parents are having so many problems, that the grandparents are basically ending up having to raise this little boy. And the two-year-old, Haley, and Jet have a blast at the little playground together. They get there early and stay there until the big kids show up and scare them or get too rough with them. And this morning, the big kids never showed up. The little guys got to have a complete blast. Hee.

That's pretty cool.

They played so hard that Jet fell asleep the moment he got into his car seat in their mini-van. Joan delivered him asleep, and I tucked him into our room and got the humidifier on and he slept for three hours, plus a bit. My. I had plenty of time, then, to get everything done that I wanted to get done. I was very glad of that.

When Jet woke up, we nursed, and then I had some lunch. Jet ate a few things as well, a couple of chicken nuggets, some pizza crusts, a bottle of milk, and a couple of grapes. We then got everything together and went to Safeway to shop. I haven't shopped with just Jet for a very long time. I'm told that with more than one kid, they'll entertain each other, and I have the pictures to prove that it works quite well for Haley and Jet. But with just Jet, he did great for the first half, where he was very happy to be strapped into the seat of the cart and just watch what was going on.

We did well with the produce, the pastas, soups, cereals, and stuff. By the time we hit the meat counter, however, Jet was raring to go. He wanted out. So I didn't pick up a frozen turkey, which was only four dollars for sixteen pounds and under and five dollars for sixteen pounds and above. Yi. I can't imagine doing a twenty four pounder for the three of us again. But a sixteener would do pretty well. Instead, I did the half shop and half look out for where Jet is kind of thing.

We actually did pretty well, though Jet wanted to clear out the vitamin display and he really liked wrestling with the bananas that were on a series of shelves. I managed to get his milk, some vanilla yogurt, and then we went into the bakery. There he had to stop and ooo and aaaa at the steamers sending streamers of steam through the bakery area. He loved watching that, and got an appreciative laugh from the bakery lady as he just stood there, open mouthed and amazed. I managed to get the apple fritters and a donut for him before he thought to move again. I picked up one of the bakery pumpkin cookies that were out for anyone to take for Jet. He didn't eat it. He just held it and ran around looking at things.

It was fun watching him follow me. He patted every loaf of bread, gently. He even patted all the pita breads and a few fell off the shelf. Jet even picked most of them up before he got bored of that and kept going. So I went back to pick the rest of them up. He looked, very intently, at the whole deli display and was disappointed to find that it was behind glass. He liked the whooom of the refrigerated cases, and stood there in the warm wind coming from the heat transfer areas. He was amazed by the huge, glassed in freezer section and plastered himself up against the glass to see what was in there.

I took the opportunity to look for something and the next thing I know, Jet's disappeared. I just leave the cart. I don't care about it. I get back to where he was plastered against the case and look wildly around, and find him just running, for all he's worth, down the freezer aisle, back towards, of all things, the bananas!! He saw them, again, and was headed back to do some banana bunch wrestling.

The half dozen bananas bunches are so huge, that when Jet goes to pick one up he has to do it with his whole body. He looks like he's wrestling the bunch, and he managed to get one into the cart, so he kept trying to get me to put more of them into the cart. Finally, I had to pick him up, put the bananas back and take him back to where I'd abandoned my cart. Luckily, the place wasn't that busy, but it was funny.

Also, when I checked out, I automatically said that I didn't need any help out. I shouldn't have said that. Jet wouldn't go back into the cart. So I had to hold him, wrangle the cart back to the car, and then get him into his seat, strapped in while he fought it every inch of the way. But when I had him strapped in, I did have the time and room to get all the groceries in, no problem. So I didn't treat a grocery worker to the screams of a little boy that did NOT WANT TO SIT. After the first click of the buckle, though, he settled down and peacefully started munching his pumpkin cookie, which, of course, he'd held onto for this entire time. Even while wrestling new banana bunches.


We got home and found John at home working away furiously. I started putting together an artichoke heart casserole and kept half an eye on Jet. But when my hands were completely covered with stuff, Jet got into some good trouble and I had to snap a bit at John to get him to take care of the situation. It's mildly unusual, as John's very good about shouldering his half of just about every care with Jet. He did take care of Jet, and went back to working, and I interrupted by asking him what was going on with work...

That was a good thing to do. It got John aware of what he was doing, and it also gave me enough information to know what was going on, as I hadn't a clue as to why he was so completely buried in work. So it was very useful to air it all out. Plus Jet got his bar stool and he was able to get up close and personal and help me put stuff all over, and I do mean All Over, the casserole. Hee. He enjoyed helping make dinner, but it didn't seem to make it so that he ate any of the casserole. He did steal some bread and ate that very happily.

I sometimes wonder if having as much variety in food as John and I do, if we're making it hard for Jet to find things that are familiar for dinner. He gets familiar things, all the time, for lunch, but for dinner, things are changing so much and so often that maybe he just isn't into it. Or he could just be doing the normal toddler thing and not eating stuff that he finds, right now, to be strange. I guess I should just be glad that he'll eat ramen, chicken nuggets, protein bars, and V8 on a regular basis and that I have his iron, A and D drops that he gets every once in a while to make sure he has enough iron. He does eat some things, which is very much unlike some other toddlers, so I should be thankful for that.

We gave him a bubble bath and used the last of the experimental bubble bath that I'd bought him. I'm very glad that it was such a success. We'll have to get him some more. Or just do regular baths for a bit, but he likes playing with the bubbles so much. Makes me mildly envious.

He went to sleep just fine tonight, as usual, but his two little, lower canines are showing white through the gums. So we gave him Tylenol and then I took a while and cleaned his nose out. He hates it, badly, but they were both stuck with all kinds of crud. I'm glad we did it, as I'd rather to it early than have him wake up over and over again as he finds he can't breath.

We'll see if the strategy works.

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