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November 25, 2002
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Sick Jet, Swimming, and Tea

9:19 pm: A turducken is a boneless chicken stuffed into a boneless duck, which, in turn, is stuffed into a boneless turkey. Madden is probably the coolest football commentator ever. I've always loved him and I'm very glad that they finally, finally, finally nabbed him for Monday Night football.

I am sick, I think. Jet's sick and sicker, his throat sounded pretty hoarse today and he was saying that something 'Hurt' all day. Poor little guy. He was mildly crabby all day, but had some good times. He had fun at Joan's and really loves Joan's dad. Calls him Papa, like Haley and Alex do, and wrestles with him, hugs him, and has a great time with him. I'm glad of that. They love Jet, too, and like holding him and playing with him and talking with him. It's cool.

He fell asleep on the way home, and I just tucked him away into the bedroom and when he nursed, afterwards, he pretty much napped for another hour on and off. He was feeling badly enough that I thought it a good thing. I spent the morning working and the afternoon taking care of him. We had ramen and soup for lunch and he drank a lot of soup and ate a good deal of noodles. He'd eaten a whole banana for breakfast, and he snacked on V8, raisins, and part of an oatmeal cookie.

A pretty good food day. Joan found out that there was no class on Wednesday, so she was going to go swimming tonight. So I went with her, and I'm very glad of it. She's joined Weight Watchers with another friend, and is glad to have extra incentive to exercise. It was fun. I'm tired, but I feel pretty good, now. She also wrangled a spot in whatever swimming class Alex and Haley have for Jet, so that we can do that together, too.

John stayed late as he's prepping to be Santa for the work Christmas Party. He got to look at costumes and look into what he has to do to rent one and get it to the party. I think we should be okay. I like that the start of the Bob the Builder's White Christmas that Kathy gave us starts with Bob talking about playing Santa to be one of Santa's helpers as Santa can't be everywhere at once. I don't think we have to explain anything to him, but it's a good one.

I made a lasagna like thing with big, tube noodles, that Jet usually likes, and leftover ricotta, moz, and I ground some of the cooked turkey to put into it. I poured in a jar of sauce, and found that my casserole was too small. So I stuffed it all into a much bigger pan and baked it. It came out very nicely. Jet ate a few of the big tubes, a bunch of bread, and some croutons. He played, and was happy with John. I was, therefore, able to go to swimming, no problem.

It's good to move. It's good to get the blood flowing and I can feel it through all of me. My shoulders and arms are sore from typing and working, and it's good to just get everything limbered up and working on something better than a keystroke. My right knee aches, but in a good way. I have been having problems with it while sleeping at night, so it's good to just get it going again.

I'm very glad that I have my massage tomorrow, as I'm sore; but, amusingly enough, eventhough I have sore muscles, they're usually not tense. And the tense muscles hurt a good deal more when I have a massage than the ones that are just tired from having worked at something. That's good.

I also packed everything for tomorrow's meeting. I'm actually running half the meeting, as Jayashree's out and assigned it to me. I think we'll do okay.

I'm also going to have to admit, I think, that I like the big lab notebooks for what I do. I don't think I can be as free with the tiny aspect of the pocket Moleskine. So I'm probably going to have to swap to using my Lands End briefcase instead of my book bag when going to work. It's good to get more work out of that old bag. I can carry the hard drive, the notebook, all my pens, refills for the pens, my celphone, and other stuff all at once instead of piling them into my arms. Fresh tea. Must remember the tin of fresh tea.

I'm gradually working through the samples, and I always have one black and one green open and ready to go. We have so much Celestial Seasonings herbal teas that I don't need any herbals for a few years, I think; but it's good to have something with more kick in the morning, especially a morning where I have to be in charge. Ugh.

I hope it's quick.

The Slightly Sweet Oregon Chai is great stuff. I'm really liking it. The flavor is wonderful, and I'm so glad it's o longer overwhelmed by the sugar. It's funny to have it go from being 100 calories a serving to only being 17 plus whatever I add to it so far as a milk-like beverage. Yay! I can enjoy it more without worrying about what it might do to my weight.

It's time for all the charities to start contacting us. I went the other way and contacted the place that used to be the Colorado Center for Model Mugging, and found that they've changed ownership in the last year. They've changed the curriculum to be single four and a half hour sessions. One can take them in series. I'm not sure if anyone actually gets hit in them, either, which seems to be a drastic reduction of the effectiveness of the classes. I am going to have to take a class just to see what's involved and what I'd be giving money to, if I do donate to their scholarship fund. At least if I gave money to the Bay Area Model Mugging, I'd know that folks were being effectively trained.

Here, I'll have to make my own judgement and do the research myself. It's mildly scary, but an okay thing, I think. It never hurts to learn more stuff. They also have a kid's class. I will have to see what that's about, too. I'm sure I'll want Jet to take that, if it's any good. They're struggling as a business, and given what they're selling, I can kind of see why.

We'll see.

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