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November 24, 2002
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Snow and Sprouts

10:57 pm: I got to see Pierce Brosnen on The Actor's Studio tonight. I really liked his answer to a question about whether his good looks have been a hindrance or a help. His answer boiled down to beauty has both good and bad qualities and consequences. The real deal is to simply make peace w/ yourself, with who and what you are and have.

I really liked that.

There was snow this morning. A thick blanket of it everywhere. Jet had had a great night, and we were set and ready to go in the morning and headed over to Cafe Luna for breakfast. Jet really wanted one of the Odwalla bars, but he got a scone instead. He nibbled some of it, but tossed a lot of it around. I got the straight cappuccino and loved it. Their coffee is good enough that I don't really need the syrups or flavor enhancers that I get at other shops, and ever since my pregnancy, I've been eschewing the really sweet stuff on a regular basis. I'm happy with the taste of the straightforward coffee drink.

After breakfast we got to church, heard a thoughtful service that included a very interesting voice choir on the sheep and the goats bit. Where the 'good guys' are only those that gave something, did something, or comforted someone. Nothing about having to be Christian or Jewish or whatever, just that they helped someone that needed help. Period.

I kind of like that method of encouraging giving.

Jet had a blast, as usual, afterwards. He sat at the kids' table, devoured grapes, crackers, and other goodies, and then ran around for a while. Eventually, he ended up behind a row of chairs that are in the fellowship area, and played with one elderly lady who had simply planted herself there. They played peekaboo and Jet giggled and stuffed himself back into a corner and popped out periodically to smile at her. They both had a good time.

Home again, home again, and my sprouts have grown so fluffy and huge that we're just eating them out of the jar. Crispy, crunchy and wonderful on sandwiches, so we had sandwiches. I rarely have sandwiches, as I rarely like what I have on them. But this time I actually chowed down. Jet ate sprouts straight out the jar. He seems to like the crunchiness and the taste of them. It's so nice, in the middle of winter, to have some vegatable matter that is entirely fresh and crisp and wonderful.

I am glad that we expose him to a lot of different kinds of foods.

After lunch, Jet napped for more than two hours, and I took advantage of the lull to make 10 dozen cookies for the church bake sale. It was fun. I got through three batches of molasses spice cookies, one of oatmeal raisin, and one of snickerdoodles. The mixer was going constantly, and it made it really easy to just work through all those cookies.

By the time I was done with all that, I had no intention of making an elaborate dinner, so we made tacos. Just a little bit of meat, the leftover corn tortillas from a few nights ago, and a bunch of the stuff in the fridge. We need to start thinking of cleaning the fridge out, before our trip. So this was a good clearing dinner. Dessert was ice cream, can't have that going bad while we're gone. *grin* And then I got to see Brosnen on Bond and on being over 50, and on wanting to do as many of the movies as they'll let him do. I liked that attitude.

I also really liked his candidness about the fact that most actors only really have one performance in them. That's the one that they keep pulling out for every part they do. The really good actors have two. The best have three. I thought that especially appropriate.

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