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November 11, 1998
a year ago

Quick Help

The molar hurt this morning, too, when I woke up again. Seems that when I'm grinding my teeth, it's just irritating it more and more. Especially when I'm doing it unconsciously and can't stop it. It seems like it would be the perfect feedback, you know? Pain if I do it so that I'd be aware that I'm doing it and stop doing it.

But even when I'm stopping it when I'm aware, I'm still doing it when I'm not, when my attention is on something else or I'm asleep. So.

I took it with me to Dr. Synder's. I had a cleaning appointment and when they asked me if anything was bothering me I told them about the crown and the first thing Dr. Synder did was get a bit of marking paper into my mouth, had me grind to the left, to the right, forward and backward and bang-on, there was a specific spot that looked like it was the culprit. Between the cleaner cleaning, him finishing off his other patient, and x-rays, he managed to grind off that bit (which felt like it was *right* on the aching bits) and one small bit more and then take care of the night guard as well.

Seems that they were both possible factors in what was going on, but he said that he couldn't guarantee that that was it, there might be something abscising under the crown itself, and these were similar symptoms. Then he also went on to say that he'd had the same problem I was having with a crown he had, so thought this could take care of it, and they'd call me in a week to ask how it had gone.

It was all done in a whirlwind of activity and he might have fit me in at quarter to four, but, instead, managed to get the crown taken care of in the small downtime between patients. That was very, very nice and very, very quick. So I was very impressed.

I have a feeling that if the pressure point hadn't been relieved, my nerve sets into the tooth would have been so upset, eventually, it would have just blown up. As it is, it's going to take a little while for the bruising to calm down, I think. But it may not mean I have to do a root canal. Does make me wonder about my old dentist's aptitude in leaving it for this long and having me complain about it three times in the past, with one emergency visit to have it ground down a little why it was he *still* hadn't gotten it right.


I now have a dentist that gets it right. So I'm happy and am extraordinarily happy that he took care of it during a normal cleaning and checkup. My teeth are feeling really clean, now and pretty happy. The hygienist found an odd gum pocket on the back of one of my lower teeth, I'm going to have to brush that area a bit better, it seems. Maybe floss a bit more or something. The rest seems to be doing okay, though.

Another day is being layered onto the rest. There's another meeting tonight that I have no intention of going to, and it's okay. I have plenty to plan for for OryCon. John's still a bit shell shocked from everything. I think I might be the one to drive down. Maybe show him one of my old social groups and see if he can find connections there as he has elsewhere.

It's kinda interesting to realize that, on the most part, I've taken on his social groups as my own. Church, work, and his local friends are all the folks that I've taken as my own social groups as well. He's gotten more and more into my Internet friends and connections as they all drop by here when they're in the area, visit for a while, stay for a bit, and interact with him some. He likes pretty much everyone he's met so far, so that's good.

So, maybe it's well past time I gave him one of my groups for his support as well. Though, it might take having him read more SF. Not that he's adverse to that at all, as he reads a lot as it is.

So I'm in a complete tizzy of planning, and it's good to get involved in something again. I am, however, in a complete and total quandary as to what teas to bring. Which is making me laugh quite a bit.

Laughter is good. What's making me laugh even more is that the entire coming weekend, on The Weather Channel's predictions for Seattle, is all grey. Completely grey, all clouds and rain and more rain. It's the same for Portland as well. That's pretty good. So rain gear will be necessary for getting between the hotels, I think. As well as good bath stuff and some good hot shower stuff and maybe even hot chocolate makings or something.

Planning can be fun.

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