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November 12, 1998
a year ago

Running About

Last night we ate whatever we could out of the fridge, with John repeatedly saying that he was saving our lives as he threw out fuzzy things. That was pretty funny. We ended up with chili dogs on bread with the last of the chopped onions.

I packed teas, books, then clothing, then we took Fezzik for a walk as I listed the other ten thousand things I wanted to bring. Essential clothing, first, then the odd, pretty stuff that I'm not at all sure that I can or will bring or wear. I don't have a specific costume, either hall or for anything else, just strange, pretty stuff that you don't see normally on the street, but which I wear for everyday, when I can. Antique kimono, velvet leggings, and that cape. I should, someday, make something real to wear for a Con.

When I finally did get to sleep it was only with a notepad and pen by the bed so that when I did wake up with something on my brain, I could just unload it quickly and deal with it in the morning. No, I am *not* bringing my ton of makeup and stage makeup gear. No need, I'm not in the Masquerade and not helping anyone with it. Yes, the mutan white needs to go in case Cera wants to try it. Agh. Playstation? Carl says that he might bring a game, so I should pack the PlayStation in the car if I can. That would be funny and amusing.

Thank Dr. Synder. His adjustments worked. Even with all the pre-trip stress and anxiety and I know I was grinding my teeth last night, my crown is no longer under stress or attack. It's happy. No enraged nerves or anything. Yay!!!

Then the frenzy of who I'm going to meet when and how. Getting phone numbers, times when they'll be there, when they won't, a few folks I haven't met for years. It'll be cool to see them if they make it. A few are in Portland, some traveling from the Bay Area, some from here, which amuses me no end. The funny thing is remembering all the things that I'm supposed to be bringing for all of them, when I can remember.

Fezzik pictures. I have to remember my Fezzik pictures.

Yes. This is occupying my brain beautifully.

More emotional blackmail going on last night, as all the folks that are leaving, no matter what, have decided to bail on the vote and bail on the people and, amusingly enough, in effect, bail on Lee. I really wonder what it's going to look like on her record when she is not only asked to leave but the congregation drops by a quarter or even a third or even half. And if they think that they have at least half, why are they bailing? Possibly for the same reason I'm thinking of it. Conflict is not attractive.

So I'll avoid it.

Unless pushed to a wall. Then I had to fight. So it is.

The day's been pretty cool, all in all, though frantic for it's own reasons. Lots of things to mull over for the next few days. It'll just be so good to sleep and use the hotel gym and run around and see people and dress funny and have fun and get books and read books and actually get to meet Lois McMaster Bujold and worship at her feet or something. Maybe talk tactics or Caltech or Miles with her, and ask for my favorite book to get signed.

Yes, it's been a while since I've been to a full-fledged SF Con, I've mostly only been to gaming Cons for a while. I think the last SF Con was Westercon in Seattle, the July before last, but I didn't sleep at the Con, then, and I think I missed a lot of people that time. So, yeah, I'm in a tizzy over it all. It's fun and good distraction.

We're gonna go home early from work, get Fezzik to the boarding place, then drive down. I think I am not going to have Internet access while down there, but I'm not too sure. I'm certainly do the 'write things down by hand and dictate 'em when I get back' thing. Should make for an interesting study in how and what kind of differences that makes to my writing.

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