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November 19, 1999
a year ago


Today was kinda odd.

Found a bit of a roadblock in what I was trying to do and it was fairly fundamental, so it took me most of the day to get around it. That wasn't too much fun. It felt like wasting an entire, precious day at home to get around something that seemed to be something that I really should have gotten quite a while ago. But, then again, all coding really is the building of steps on each other; and this foundation bit had to be done before anything else could and I only really ran into it today. So it was the time to do it, I guess.

Problem is that I keep thinking that my days home should be 'productive', where productive is 'moving forward'; but after this long in the industry I should know that steps forward nearly always involve a few steps back to start.

I got a bit discouraged, and spent some time playing with Fezzik, took him for a short walk at lunchtime and that relaxed me enough to go at it some more in the afternoon. It's all a matter of getting the next step done with all this multi-step stuff.

Dropdeadline is the end of the month, but Mom and Dad'll be here for Thanksgiving and I'd really rather not have this hanging over my head while they're here. I'd rather enjoy the visit and not worry about work. I think I can do it; but sometimes it just seems impossible. Still... it looks like I might get at least the major functionality in and then worry about the rest when I actually get around to it. It's going to be the first Thanksgiving they've had outside of their house, so I'd rather keep it fun and special instead of worried and stressed out.

Darkness fell pretty quickly. I also found out that being at home has the distinct disadvantage of being bad on my hand, without the interruptions and the meetings, I work non-stop and when I do that I really trash my hands, arms, shoulders, and ahhhh... no wonder my back and lower back are so messed up. Amazing how connected everything becomes. Yeesh.

But I got all the foundation solidified again, and I was pretty proud of myself.

Called John when darkness fell and figured out that pot-stickers was about all I was up to. Costco has these Ling Ling potstickers, frozen chicken and a bit of veggie in 'em. They're spiced right and made to be frozen and just cooked right from the bag. I just put a bit of canola down in the pan, lined the pan with frozen pot stickers, put water to about 2/3rds of the way up the sides of the little dumpling doods and then splashed a bit of cider vinegar into the pan. Put it on the stove on high until it was boiling, put a lid on it and then turned the fire down to about medium and let the puppies steam. When I heard a bit of crackling as all the water evaporated and the oil started to pop, I turned the heat up to medium high, pulled the lid off and then cooked it until the skin against the bottom of the pan that I could see was nearly burnt. When I used a spatula to peel the hard bottomed pot-stickers off the non-stick surface, the crunch and heft of the crust on the bottom was good and golden brown. The thinner paper between the dumplings burns faster, so when it looks overdone, the bottom is actually perfectly done.

And just as I was peeling 'em out John stomped up the porch and into the house. Hoorah!

Food and whatever was on the TV. Eventually, I thought I'd make brownies because I had a big box of four mixes from Costco that had real chocolate in them. I also had pecans, so I just threw those into the mix as well as the high altitude modifiers and the whole thing went into the pan in minutes and forty minutes later came out smelling marvelous. A warm brownie and hot milk later, I went to sleep just fine.

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