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November 20, 1999
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I slept in very late. Mostly because I could and I was tired enough that it felt really, really good to just burrow further into the warmth and enjoy it just a bit more. I heard John get up fairly early, and there was the sound of the shower, and then the noise and clatter in the kitchen. It took me quite a while to wake up, but I did eventually and staggered cheerfully out after putting contacts in. The kitchen was deeply scented with hops.

John was brewing, whistling as he worked, relaxed and happy. It was fun to watch him puttering here and there and everywhere with all the things that he wanted to do. There was coffee brewing so I got a mug, grabbed some of the brownies I'd made last night and had breakfast and took it upstairs to work for a while. I got another stage further, and came down in time for lunch. John built us grilled cheese sandwiches and we had them with chips. Simple and straightforward.

At 2 p.m. I got to rectify a mistake I'd made on Wednesday. It turned out that the special Good Eats was an entire hour rather than the half an hour of the usual episodes. I already have all the regular ones on tape, and I wanted this one pretty badly. So I did it live and cut all the commercials. While Alton Brown was making his corn bread pudding the fire alarms in the house went off for no good reason at all. John ran around trying to figure out what was going on and what was wrong. He eventually concluded that one of the older alarms was just going off randomly and since they were all hooked to all go off if one goes off, they were all going off.

So we left at 3 p.m. and hit the Eagle on the way to seeing Dogma and bought a whole new set of fire alarms for John to put into the house before Mom and Dad get here so they don't get woken up in the middle of the night by screaming alarms. A good thing, all in all.

Kathy really, truly loved the movie Dogma; and John and I pretty much agree with that sentiment. It's a really good movie and goes along in the veins of Gaimen and comics. It's good, funny, and made me think in cool ways. Go see it!

Sadly, Costco was closed when we got out of the theater, we'd been thinking of getting a bunch of stuff. Safeway is nearly never closed, though, and John had spent a bunch of time this morning sorting through coupons and things. The one problem with shopping at Whole Foods is that they don't really carry any national brands, so coupons are mostly useless there. So we did a ton of shopping at Safeway today and managed, between the coupons and the Safeway membership, to save $12. That's enough to cover all my indulgences, which was very nice.

Dinner was some thin-cut, well trimmed pork chops, leftover potatoes, leftover mac and cheese, and leftover green beans mixed with some of the frozen. Yes, we had to empty out the fridge to fit everything else in for Thanksgiving, so that was a good thing, all in all.

I went to sleep soon after that. Just tired, still.

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