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October 5, 2000
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Finding Good Things

Two fairly grim days at work.

Partially due to the four hour meeting yesterday and the simple pressure of getting things done both days for the drop deadline of Tuesday. Plus Geoff and I never really called things 'off' it seems and we mashed our way through a few important things that made him feel a lot better. It's just that stage, I guess. I mostly called off from it all yesterday, as I had the horrendous meeting and am just exhausted from everything, including dealing with the emotions I have about Fezzik.

John's been a sweety. Prickly as I get, he knows how to turn it into a smile, and then tell me what's cool for the time being. He's also fed me on whatever whim I come up with, and that's been useful.

One very, very cool thing is that Cary brought in these energy bars the other day that his wife makes. He shared one with me in the midst of a really long meeting, and I really liked it. It was pretty obviously low-sugar, high protein, low carbs, and filled with food things for me as well as things that tasted pretty good. The peanut butter base, alone, was pretty yummy. I thought they were really good and asked Cary for the recipe from his wife, and she not only wrote up the recipe for me, but even gave me a zip lock filled with all the dry ingredients! Looking at the recipe, I could see why. The protein powder was something I'd have no idea how to look for, other than to go to Whole Foods and ask someone that worked there. And, sure, enough, there were lots of good things in them.

It was just so sweet to have a packet that I could make up really, really easily, given how exhausted I've been.

Fezzik's doing just fine. We had rain last night, and he danced around in it and only came in after he was wet all over. We've started clearing out some of our wood floor areas as the wood floor guys are coming on Monday to redo all the floors we have and put in some new wood floor in the eating area. I couldn't see having a baby eating over carpets all the time. Just didn't seem like a useful exercise. So they'll come Monday, the three of us are relocating to the Homewood Suites, where Fezzik stayed before and enjoyed pretty well. Debbie's said that it would probably be okay to have Fezzik over at their house and yard during the day, as they're still remodeling, so they and the younger pups don't live there, yet. But it's really close to work, so I may even be able to go over there and have lunch with Fezzik! That would be really, really keen.

But we'd cleaned out the closets in the entry area, and Fezzik's decided that he likes sleeping in the front closet. The first night he was in there, in the middle of the night I think he was trying to get up and was sliding and banging around. He just couldn't seem to get up, so last night, I put his bed in there, and if he's partially on it, the cloth provides enough traction for his hind end pretty well. He looked very, very happy in the closet and slept all night without even getting up way too early to wake us up.

That was pretty cool.

So, yeah, there are some cool things. Last night he let me eat Mizithra and browned butter on spaghetti while he had green chile stew and the two of us shared sauteed chantrelle mushrooms with fresh spinach. Yum. It was a very yummy meal, but the mizithra from Whole Foods has a bit more goat bite than the milder stuff from Safeway or even the stuff that's served at The Old Spaghetti Factory. Still, I enjoyed it.

I've been having problems sleeping. I guess due to the stress, but also due to not getting enough exercise, I think. I need to start drinking a mug of hot milk again, too, I guess. I actually got ten minutes in on the treadmill, should probably have done more, but it was already nearly 7 p.m. and John was still in a meeting. Tired.

When we exited the building it was snowing. Bitter cold and John was just in a t-shirt and shorts, as usual; but he was cheerful and helped me cheer back up some, took us to Safeway and got dinner. I wanted roast chicken and stuffing, but they didn't have any roast chickens at the deli and when I looked at the Boston Market packaging, a single serving had 87% of my sodium of the day. 87%. Yeesh. I have problems with foods that have only 30%, I didn't want to think of the way 87% would make me feel. So we skipped on that and got the Safeway enchaladas, which are surprisingly good and since they're in a plastic tray, I can nuke 'em to thaw 'em and then shove 'em in the oven to make them good and brown.

John watched the debates, so I sat in the bedroom with my comicbooks and read until I stopped and heard that he'd flipped channels again. So I went out and we had really yummy dinner, as John also made green beans to help with my veggie needs. I really was craving french cut string beans, so we had those and I enjoyed them a lot.

John had also found a little box on our front porch, looks like they delivered it during the day. Tiny box, and we opened it and there was a RichArt box inside, labeled for John and I. We carefully shook it out of it's packing, and carefully opened it. There were three styrofoam layers, carefully packed with padded layers and inbetween the layers were little booklets, some just in French. And under the careful packing, one layer had little, tiny, probably quarter inch square chocolates with gorgeous abstract patterns on them; one layer had half inch square chocolates that actually had pictures on them of all kinds of things; and the third layer made both John and I blink in delight, there were nine different stacks of chocolate wafers with labels on them from the various regions the chocolate itself had come from. Much like Singer's tasting assortment, but only the regional differences here, and, in this case, packed perfectly and beautifully in a little cube.

It was from Gretchen and Brad. Wow. John and I each ate one of the big ones and one of the little ones and they were utterly marvelous, astonishing. The chocolate coatings were crisp and then melted in the mouth when warmed, and the fillings were intensely flavorful. Not that much sugar to any of them, more of just the rich complexity of the chocolate and fillings themselves. The chestnut filled one was rich with the unique burst of flavor that only chestnuts have, and the praline was rich with nuts and caramelized sugars. Exquisitely made, it was obvious from tasting them that nothing was spared in their creation. Wow. I didn't know there even were such chocolates in the world. Now I do.


We savored those thoroughly. I then made up the batch of peanut butter bars and they filled the house with the roasted peanut smell as they baked. They came out chewier and softer than the ones Cary had; but I also used a natural, crunchy peanut butter, so that might have been the difference. They crumbled pretty thoroughly when I turned them out of their pan, but smelled wonderful. So I let them cool, cut the big pieces up into littler ones and then stuck them into a Ziploc storage container while they were still just a little warm. I didn't want them drying out.

So the day ended much more nicely than it began. By the time the bars were baking it was snowing outside, too. Fezzik went out and came in with a completely white back. He ended up sleeping in the closet again, but at 1 a.m. decided he had to go outside. John let him out, but I was awake, so I went to the restroom and by the time I got back into bed, I was shivering, it was so cold outside. Fezzik, on the other hand, went outside and didn't want in at all, the rest of the night. I've never seen him cold. I don't think I ever really want to.

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