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October 6, 2000
two years ago
three years ago

Doing Better

A good day, if still drizzly and cold.

Mostly 'cause Dr. Biller called to say that Fezzik looked really good, and that she was happy with the progress he'd made on the drug she'd given him. Enough that she decided to give it to him again and see if she couldn't buy him another week with it. We also had to juggle a few things as next week we're gone on Friday, so we'll have to bring him in Thursday, which will likely mean that we can't leave him overnight at the vet's.

It was just heartening to have her say that he was doing really well.

Part of the good thing was that John satisfied my craving and took me to the Conoco and we got donuts. I got a chocolate chocolate donut and a jelly filled and was very, very content.

Work was the usual thing. I think that the pressure is what's messing up my sleep and my dreams, that there are a lot more high-pressure dreams because of anxiety about work.

Lunch was fun, though, John and I took Usman, who was a college grad last year, to lunch. Usman works for John, nominally, and obviously likes working for John. The whole group that John's now heading is doing really well, it looks like and they seem to be making life easier for all the software designers, so that's a really good thing. It was fun to just talk with him, too. He wanted to learn how to cook, so I promised to lend him How to Cook Everything next week. I'll get to see if the book really is any good for a beginning cook.

We went to the diner out just off Pearl Street. It's nearly a block away from the road, behind a bunch of auto dealers, and it's stuck next to several repair shops so the parking lot is filled with half junked cars. It's a place with real... ambiance and everyone local to that area goes there to eat, it's nearly always packed at noon and today was no different, it took us a good ten minutes to just get a seat. The waitress was great, though and cleared things out and got our orders quickly.

The food is plain, but good. I got a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with a salad and onion rings. The ham and cheese sandwich wasn't soaked in grease, it was hot and the ham was juicy and the cheese well melted and the bread just starting to brown on the outside and it was served with thinly sliced dill pickle chips. I was impressed at how unoily it was. The salad was just a bunch of greens, two tomato quarters, some croutons, olives, and plenty of dressing. The onion rings were marvels of simplicity, just a crisp, fairly light crumb shell over tender onions. It had been fried at exactly the right temperature, so that they weren't caramelized and stringy nor were they flaccid and grease soaked. Yum. I will have to have those again.

I'd weighed myself in the morning and, sure enough, I'm not gaining nearly enough weight, still. It's two weeks into the next month and I've only gained one pound. The peanut bars might help with some of this as I know that I'm actually eating less at each meal and forgetting my fourth meal in the middle of the afternoon. I brought the whole box in to work with me and had Cary try one. They looked different than the ones he'd brought, browner and moister. I realized that the mom of two boys probably didn't buy gourmet peanut butter and that the texture of the stuff probably changed, significantly, the texture of the resultant bar. They're still yummy, just crumbly!

We didn't leave until fairly late, and stopped by Tony Roma's on the way down, as I'd actually found one a long time ago and it was only recently that we figured out that it was on the way to Fezzik's oncologist's. On the way there, John suddenly realized it was Friday night, and he worried that it would be crazy busy and we'd take forever eating. I noted that most of the cars on the road at 6 p.m. were single driver cars, which meant that people were going home and they'd have to get home before they could actually go out to eat, on the most part. So it could be just fine!

John looked at me and then laughed and said that it was really cool hearing me, for once, be the optimist. It's been a while, I guess. So I was, and I was right! Ha! We got seated immediately, and service was good and fast and the ribs were just what I expected. I'd been getting rather tired of the local smokehouse ribs, which are pretty much dry as the bones they're on. I think it's the high altitude, which makes it really, really hard to do moist ribs in a smoker without some braising liquid. Things just dry out way too quickly to start. Tony Roma's doesn't do it traditionally, they do it expediently, which means, from what we could tell, braising all the ribs first, and then grilling them with the diner's choice of BBQ sauce just before sending them to the table to give them some flavor and some warmth. The meat itself isn't all that 'tasty', but it's tender, moist, and holds the sauces really well.

Depends on what you like, I guess. Chewy ribs that have lots of flavor all through them from the smoking, or tender, moist ribs with the flavoring on the outsides. Traditionalists would laugh at my liking for Tony Roma's; but I like 'em.

It was a good meal, having half a slab with a whole baked potato with the skin (which the pregnancy book recommended happily) and a salad. Plenty to get me to the Vet's and to Fezzik, who seems to be doing okay, and very glad to be going home. Poor pup. He's still standing up to going to the vet's a lot and doesn't protest or anything, but one could see that he was pretty glad to be going home. He slept in the back of Borax quietly as we headed home.

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