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October 31, 2000
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Quiet Halloween

We got one trick or treater. It was Alex with his big brother Jeremy, who was really cool and was driving Alex around in the cold and dark, though some more dense neighborhoods than his own. It was snowing a little outside, and raining pretty hard as well. Cold and blustery and I could see why no one else showed up.

It had been a pretty cold day, too. And I'd forgotten my lunch and so I just had an instant cup of soup, something that was fairly hearty like split pea or something, but it really wasn't enough, not with the requirements my body now has. I spent most of the morning getting ready for a code review, and it happened around 1. It was supposed to only be an hour long, but it stretched out until 3 and when the review was done, I announced, "I want a ham sammich."

Both Bob and Ryan said that that sounded like a craving to them. I think it was just 'cause I was hungry, but it was fun to just go with the 'craving' idea, and so I did. I put my coat on and Bill asked me if I was just cold or if I was going out. I said I was going out to find myself a ham sandwich. He laughed and waved me on. It's good having a boss with a pregnant wife.

So I went in search of a ham sandwich. I actually knew exactly what I wanted and even the likely place to get it. I drove directly to Honeybaked Hams, which, here, is right next to Juan's Burritos and Kentucky Fried Chicken. When I got there, I asked for a classic ham sandwich on whole wheat bread, light on the honey mustard and mayo. I got exactly what I wanted. I also bought a couple slices of ham for our dinner tonight, and that was that. I brought the sandwich back to work and it looked enormous, so I cut it in half, intending only to eat half and maybe the next half would be for tomorrow, or something. But I pretty much inhaled the first half. It was just gone before I even blinked.

So I ate the other half, too.

Which was kinda cool, cause when I got home, I wasn't starving and John could ride the exercise bicycle the way he wanted to and I could just wait for him to finish. Of course, I played Final Fantasy VII while he biked, and when he was done, I turned the oven to 500 and made cheddar cheese biscuits from the White Lily Flour. Just a couple cups of the flour, a few tablespoons of shortening, and I cut that in. Then I grated cheese into the flour until I thought there was enough, and tossed that together thoroughly. I then poured buttermilk onto the flour until I had a really, really soft dough and I just put spoonfuls of it on an ungreased baking sheet. The ham all went into a dish and got nuked until it sputtered, and then I nuked veggies. So when John got out of the shower dinner was done.

The biscuits turned out beautifully. A whole lot like the Gunther Toddy ones, crisp on edges with caramelized cheddar, savory and nearly fall-apart tender on the insides, and not particularly gooey at all. They were excellent with the sweet ham and crisp tender vegetables. Yum.

Good, cold weather kinds of food.

Fezzik, of course, couldn't leave the bad weather alone, so he went out in the evening and came back completely soaked and white with snow at one point. So I rubbed him down with his towel and he was very content to just lay on the floor with the towel covering him completely. I thought it was very cute, and I hadn't known he'd liked having something covering him. He did stay in tonight, though he asked to go out at like 2, when I was up, so I let him out and he lay happily outside and stayed out there until like John got up. I heard him walking around some, which was nice. He is still able to do what he wants to do.

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