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October 12, 2001
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First Cold

7:35 pm: Poor Jet. He has his first cold today. It's just a common cold, with a stuffy nose and all that, so he's achy and unhappy and grumpy with just about everything. Poor kid. It's good for his immune system to stretch its muscles, but he's just unhappy with the whole deal. He really hates his nose being stuffed, especially when he really wants to nurse a lot for comfort.

I guess he was probably getting sick the last couple of days, which is why all the grumpiness. He spent the morning being grumpy at Joan's, but she fed him and that made him mildly happier. Both Alex and Haley had colds from their vacation, so Jet probably caught it from them. By late afternoon Jet was burning a 101 fever, which isn't bad and nothing to worry about.

I got a lot of work done between Joan taking him and then John took a lot of care of him today. Given the Tuesday and Thursday I was glad John took him. I did nurse Jet a lot, just because he seemed more comfortable when he was doing that, unless his nose filled up and then he'd get mad. Poor kid. But it broke things up enough so I could think. They did go out for errands in the afternoon, and Jet slept a bit in the car. I got a bunch more done.

I did take the time, in the morning, to make chocolate baked donuts for John and I as he and Jet hadn't gone out for donuts this week. Lunch was leftover casserole. Dinner was delivery pizza. Lots of really simple things.

Last night was cold. Jet had an interesting night. He didn't get up until 2 am, but then was up again at 4. I was just in my robe, and after eating, he didn't want to go back to sleep and had gas. So I gave him anti-gas drops. A few burps later and I had to bounce him to sleep, but he woke up when I put him down. Then I bounced him and then sat with him in the rocking chair until he finally fell deeply asleep. This time when I put him down, he stayed asleep.

I, on the other hand, had real problems getting back to sleep because after staying up so long my body had gotten thoroughly chilled. Even with two extra blankets I couldn't get warm again. It took me an hour to get back to sleep. Jet, however, stayed asleep until 7.

He's actually pretty content right at the moment. He had a very short nap an hour ago, and woke up crying, but once he calmed down he's pretty quiet and content. John and I both spent most of the day comforting Jet whenever we could, just being there with him when he was complaining (while he doesn't have any words his tone is absolutely perfect) seems to make him happier.

I finally mixed up some nasal saline solution, as called out in Zand's Smart Medicine For A Healthier Child, as Jet's nose was so stuffed so often that it was really worth mixing it up and using it instead of plain water. It really seems to make him less upset. So that's useful amid all this.

John and I both seem to be coming down with whatever Jet has. I might well have had it the last few days, which is why I was finding that even with my morning naps I was feeling exhausted. I was half hoping that Jet would just go to sleep for good when he went to sleep at 7, but it's not to be. He doesn't know that sleep is good for him. I kind of wish he did.

Ah well.

It was interesting to find that I was pretty patient with Jet eventhough he was so unhappy so much of the day. Maybe the last couple of days made it that much less of a surprise. It helped me a lot to find that holding him or cuddling him really did seem to help, if only in the short term. But having some capability to help him just by being there for him when I couldn't really do all that much for his symptoms really made it a lot easier to be patient with him, even when I would have been irritated as heck by anything else that made that much noise. I am pretty surprised to find that I am not that irritated by him.

Yet. There may well be a time if he's like this for days.

Then again it seems that John is patient whenever mine runs out and I seem to have more patience when John's runs out. So between the two of us I think we'll do okay no matter how long this lasts. Then Jet gets happy for a little while as well, and even ten minutes of contented, quiet playing on Jet's part is a good enough break. I am amazed, even more, by what the parents of colicky babies have to go through.

Now there is a way to learn ones limits.

I think the fever should break soonish. We're keeping him warm, as I always feel really cold when I have a fever. There's a new, sweatshirt like single piece outfit with prop planes all over the body. The inside of it has that softness all new sweatshirts have on the inside, that downy softness that I love against my skin while a sweatshirt is still new and not nubby. Jet seems pretty comfortable in it.

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