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October 11, 2001
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Meeting Hell

10:13 am: After all the boding of last night, Jet only got up one last night. He had nearly no solids yesterday, ate off me every two hours, had an hour long nap from 6:45-7:45, went to sleep at 9:45 and then slept just fine. So any preconceptions about late naps being a problem, not eating solids during the day being a problem, or having frequent feedings during the day being a problem are now all thrown out the door. What fun.

Though in combination all bets are off anyway. But I was pretty well rested by this morning, and with my usual hour long nap after Jet had gotten up, I felt pretty human for the first time in a few days. John had stayed up late last night, but he was willing to take Jet this morning, and they did just fine.

I got up in time to feed Jet before changing him and sending him off with John. I then made some instant oatmeal from a box of stuff that's especially for women with lots of soy protein and stuff in it, and took it up with a glass of orange juice, into the office. When I got there, the phone surprised me by ringing. It was a 9 am meeting. Oops. I set up the handless setup and then went to get my Visor, and heard Bill asking me a question. Oops.

It was pretty funny on the other end, which was good. I then found out that I'd been signed up for another committee and far more meetings. Trip made a good point, that if I'm half time, doesn't that mean I should have half the meetings? I'm actually getting about twice the meetings, in part because my job isn't quite what it used to be. I'm all into the defining of things for everyone else, which means meeting and talking with a whole bunch of people about a whole bunch of different things, which means a lot less time for actually working on anything.

8:15 pm: I had three hours of meetings Monday, Wednesday and today. When there's only one hour to do anything in it's kind of discouraging. Of course, when I take two hours to do things in then I'm over time and not getting paid for it, either. I am supposed to get time later, but we'll see how well that does.

Today worked out okay, though. One good thing is that the meetings are such that I can do a few things while I'm listening to them as well. Having two hours of meetings during the time when I'm usually able to concentrate without Jet was kind of good and bad. One of them I had to concentrate on the other I didn't, so not having Jet enabled me to concentrate on one of them, but the other took enough of my attention to make it a bit hard to work on anything complex, so it was wasted concentration time. Tomorrow should be better.

Jet and I did have a good time while we were 'off'. I nursed him and then I got my lunch and then the two of us went for a walk under a cloud streaked sky. The wind was blowing pretty had, but we were having a good time. Jet was watching everything, his head whipping around to see people or trees tossing and moving, and studying just about everything he could see. I think he really likes having the time outside, and it's probably better for both of us compared to being stuck in the house all day.

He actually went down for a nap today, from 3:45 to about 6! Amazing. John got home at about the same instant Jet went down for a nap, so both he and I got another two hours of concentration time in, and that was really good for my self-esteem and the amount of progress I could make on my work project. I even got dinner in the oven before Jet woke up, and John was a sweetie and fed Jet solids while I finished off a few things.

Dinner was 'refrigerator casserole'. We had a zucchini and a half, a part of an onion, some white meat of roast chicken, a bunch of drying flour tortillas, and part of a brick of Monterey Jack. I sauteed the onion, added some garlic and zucchini and let them cook until really fragrant and a little caramelized. I cut up the chicken and ripped apart three or four of the tortillas, and grated the cheese. I mixed everything together and poured a can of green chile enchilada sauce over the whole thing and covered it with grated cheese. Stuffed the whole thing in a 350 degree oven and set the timer for half an hour.

So I got some work done while it was baking and John was feeding Jet. When the alarm went off, I pulled it, bubbling, out of the oven, and finished off the last of what I was doing. I then changed Jet while John made salad and we got to eat. It was very tasty, and I liked the mix in textures with the tortillas being very soft, the chicken was chewy, and the zucchini still had a little crunch in the skin and was juicy. So the mix was very satisfying.

After dinner we bundled Jet up in a really thick coat that's way too big for him, but is the heaviest thing he has. We popped a pair of bear slippers over his feet and ankles, tucked his hair in under the hood and then the three of us went out into the wind.

It was blowing out. Wind that would take my breath away one instant, than be still the next. It tossed the trees into sounding like sea surf and the wind chimes were just banging away. Jet settled in his stroller and just waved his arms and legs about, keeping his balance in his seat, and we couldn't hear if he was making any sounds at all. I just strode out in our walk, and we did it quickly. The moon was out, and turned the world into silver in motion.

When we came back inside, Jet's nose was red from cold, but he was happy as a clam in his warm coat. John settled him on his play mat, and he sat on his new Gund bear that has a bunch of fasteners on it. He started by trying to eat the huge yellow buttons, and then, while I watched him, he picked up the zipper tab and proceeded to zip and unzip the zipper. My.

I tried feeding him solids in the afternoon, and he ate the carrots just fine, but when I started feeding him plum, banana and rice, he started to protest being fed. Finally, I just handed him a loaded spoon, and he got half of it on his hands and face, but managed to stuff the spoon and a good amount of food, into his mouth. The second spoonful lost a lot more contents to him and his clothing, but it, too, eventually, made its way into his mouth. The third was just flung willy nilly. Oops.

Still, he showed me he could at least put the spoon in his own mouth. It turned out, later, that with John he refused the plum mixture as well, but happily ate apples in quantity. So Jet just didn't really like the plum and rice mixture and wasn't really looking to feed himself. Still, it was good practice, he'll have to do it eventually.

Jet was pretty tired this evening, even with the two hour nap, and grumpy enough that I had to ask John to play with him so I could write this, even. So the nap was a very good thing indeed, so far as Jet's attitude about life tonight.

Hopefully I'll get my car back tomorrow, and even more hopefully I won't have any meetings and I'll actually significant amounts of stuff done. It's good to have hopes for a day.

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