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October 21, 2001
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A Little Help From Our Friends

7:27 pm: The cold caught me last night. When Jet got up at 12:30, there wasn't any way in the world I could get up, so it was a good thing that John went and took care of a gassy Jet (possibly because of the chicken wings) and put him back to sleep. I got up for the 3:30 feeding, and did okay with that, but after feeding Jet at 6:30, I handed Jet over to John, eventhough John had been up from the time Jet had gotten up at 12:30 'til 2:30 from simple insomnia.

It's a bad thing to combine insomnia and a cold and a baby who wakes up at night.

I slept in until nearly 10, getting up only because I was too hungry, and then talking over handing Jet over to Joan with Joan. Joan had offered not only two hour's worth of babysitting this weekend, but also an extra two hours on Tuesday and Thursday if I had to get stuff done. I have several holes to plug in what I did Friday, and it would be good to have the uninterrupted time. Joan loves having Jet over and she said not to pay her any more. I think, though, that I should only do it for the one week, and then go back to having a reason to stay half time.

It's too easy to do too much overtime.

John and I decided to hand Jet over for a couple hours today so that John could be insured some time to sleep, and I would be able to choose sleep or actually updating my journal and getting the last three week's worth of entries up onto the site. I slept from 11-12, while Jet slept as well. I fed him and then we had a lunch of leftovers, and when we were done with that, we brought Jet over to Joan's.

Ray was painting the fence, Haley was asleep, but Alex and Joan greeted Jet happily. Joan wondered if we were going to a movie, but we said we were going to sleep. She looked pretty glad to have helped tired us out. I was glad she did, too. I also said that I'd planned to accept her offer for this coming week. Jet always has such a good time there, he was bouncing and trying to sit up against the straps of his car seat just on being brought in the door.

So we left him, pretty content in knowing he was happy. We then went home, John went to bed, and I went upstairs to finally get the last month in order. I had a lot of the entries already written, it was just the download and organizing time. With all the work I've been having to do, it was hard to face a computer after I was done with the day. So I just didn't do nearly enough of it.

I got all of the journal into order, filling in one gap. Last Monday, after the weekend cold, we were way too tired after getting home from dinner to do anything but collapse into bed. I also sorted out nearly two months' worth of pictures, and John and Jet and I have to go through them, sometime and get them up on Jet's site as well. But I had them sorted into the correct weeks' folders.

When John brought Jet home, Jet got changed and then went right to sleep for another two hours! Otherwise I wouldn't have had the time to finish of the journal, peer at livejournal, and sort pictures. I also took the time to count all the hours more or less than my 20 a week for the last couple months, and ended up with a running total of 28 hours. That's a good week and a half off, so I should be able to take the time for OryCon, no problem, and probably take a few days for when my sister is here. That is a very good thing indeed.

I may have zero vacation saved up, but I do have plenty of flex time to fill in.

After Jet woke up, I fed him while John steamed some bao. I then made some corn soup, just a can of creamed corn and a can of chicken broth and when it was all hot, I dropped a beaten egg into the gently simmering soup and had a pretty nice soup. It was good on the throat and nose, and the bao was yummy and the steaming didn't hurt the ambient humidity in the air.

We watched Seattle play their game and ate. Afterwards, I had been thinking about going to Safeway and Dairy Queen early in the day, but we were all tired. Jet was producing boogers of prodigious proportions, and it was 45 degrees out and as black as ink. I didn't really want ice cream in that weather, and we still have to give Jet a bath tonight. Heck, I might take a bath tonight. So, instead, I pulled some Pepperidge Farm apple turnovers out of the freezer and popped them in the oven. The kitchen now smells of cinnamon. Yum...

9:30 pm: Jet did loop de loops all over the dining area. He went forward to my foot, then backed up under a chair, then went around the far side of the table, along the bookshelves. He then trundled, step by step with his hands and legs, all the way over to the entry rug by the door. He then dragged the rug halfway across the room, and when it got stuck on a chair he let go and went for the china hutch and tried to crawl up the corner, banging his head a few times without ill affect.

Eventually, he got to the foot of his high chair and made urgent sounds and tried to climb up the side of the seat. John put him in his seat and then fed him a lot of tropical fruit and lentils and rice. He vacuumed up the solids happily, and then ate a bunch of Cheerios besides. He did sneeze a few times, and the results were fairly spectacular as well as very good at clearing out his nasal passages. Plenty of water and a few burps later and he was cheerfully playing again.

Meanwhile, Seattle and New York were fighting a pitcher's duel, close and tight an suspenseful. I loved it. Eventhough Seattle lost in the end, it was so close and so interesting it was a really great game.

The turnovers turned out crisp and flaky and really, really tasty. We ate them with spice tea and were careful not to burn our tongues on the hot filling. They were perfect for the cold night.

Jet was laughing as we took him up for his bath and he played intently with all his toys in the bath. We had fun washing him piece by piece, and he splashed around happily with whatever limb we weren't washing. He got good and clean in a nice, leisurely way and I think that the steam from the bath cleared his nose out for good and certain. He was breathing perfectly well while I nursed him, and fell asleep pretty quickly when I put him in a bunting. John lowered the crib mattress to the bottom most notch and put Jet in there when he was done.

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