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October 22, 2001
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Walk, Popeye's and Hand Food

8:15 pm: The days seem to just be getting more complex as they go by. I didn't have a contact lens appointment today, so I had to cancel my meeting with Coy, which turned out to be a good thing because I'm still very tired from my cold, and Jet didn't have a terribly good night last night. He didn't have a terrible night, either, but he was up a couple of times, possibly from the bunting being just too small for him.

Jet can't pull blankets back on to himself yet. In fact, he has a tendency to kick them off the first chance he gets while conscious. So putting him in a sleeping bunting often helps keep him warm. Problem is that now that he knows how to crawl he also gets mad when he can't. So the bunting was making him angry when he woke up on his usual hour long sleep cycle. Yeah, like me, luckily, he has an hour long sleep cycle instead of the usual ninety minute cycle most people seem to have.

So he was up three times last night until I took the bunting off him and layered a few blankets on top of him. He then slept from 3 am to about 7 am. He also is used to sleeping in his nest, now, instead of his crib, so we couldn't quite separate being in the crib from the bunting. So we had him in his nest without the bunting by the end of the night.

John and I got our two hours of work first thing in the morning, while Jet was at Joan's. Then I had an 11 o'clock meeting and Jet fell asleep on the way home from Joan's. So he slept while I met. When he woke up I could just feed him, no problem, and then I got the chance to feed myself. John had found some really old egg rolls in the freezer, so he baked those and we had them. Cleaning one more item out of the freezer.

John had a 2 o' clock and I had a 3 o' clock and then John had phone calls for the next two hours.

I tried taking Jet for a walk during John's first meeting, and we made it out the door and down the street and then the wind started to really blow. With the surface area offered by the stroller, I was having to really lean into the pushing. I got quite the workout. The wind got so high I had a problem breathing with it blowing and I was leaning hard against the wind to get us anywhere. If I had let go of the stroller I had no doubt that it would have rolled away on its own. It was blowing so hard that when I finally got Jet inside, he started crying. I think it was simply from relief at being able to breath again, or maybe just feeling safe enough to make real noise again.

So, after that, we played inside. Jet is really mobile now. He can pretty much get anywhere he wants to go. The hesitations are less but he's real deliberate about each limb motion. He's also trying, like mad, to go vertical. He's pulling himself up on everything, and falling over from his new, dizzying heights of being on his knees. He grabbed a plastic He-Man sword I'd been given as a gag gift a long time ago, and dragged it halfway across the livingroom, sucking on the tip and swinging it around by the handle. He climbed up the coffee table and fell down, climbed up the rocking foot stool for the rocker and fell down. He tried climbing up the bookshelf and fell down. He tried climbing up the refrigerator and fell down on the wood floor. Oop.

He's starting to get into everything, and his old toys just aren't that interesting anymore. Especially compared to the new world that's opening up to him every time he just goes a different direction. While I was having my meeting John told me that Jet went down the hallway, found the air return for the furnace, and got a ringing sound out of it when he hit it. So Jet just sat there and whacked it continuously for a while.

I got so tired of chasing him during John's phone calls that I just plopped him in his crib. John got the mattress board all the way down to the bottom rung last night. So it's a little baby cage now, and Jet had a blast poking at me through the bars. We had fun leaning up against both sides of the bars and peering at each other, poking at each other and touching each others hands for a bit.

Eventually, I just laid down on the floor of Jet's room and slept a little while Jet played with the toys in his crib. That was useful. Once John was done, I took Jet down and changed him and we headed off to dinner.

I really wanted Popeye's chicken for dinner. It had been a very long time since we had eaten fried chicken, and we just brought Jet in his seat into the gas station quikstop and set him on a table and went to order our dinners. We got all settled and then I heard a bunch of 'oooooohhhs' and 'aaaaaaahhhhs' and it's the whole crew of the fast food place all lined up making faces at Jet. Jet just looks at them solemnly, and they all suddenly hold out a package of Keebler cookies for him. So I take the package and our wonderfully hot dinners.

The chicken is smoking hot, the skin is crisp and sweet and the meat is juicy enough to burn my mouth. I am careful with it, though, and with the amazingly hot mashed potatoes with Cajun style gravy. The biscuit was crisp and buttery on the outside, tender and steamy on the inside, and it was perfect with a dab of honey. What was an unexpected wonderfulness was that the soda fountain had run out of Sprite syrup. I was thinking, as I was filling my cup that I was getting a quart of sugar water, but it turned out that the syrup had run out and I got what I really wanted, seltzer water. Fizzy just water over ice, and I was just totally content.

My blood sugar felt much happier after eating. We then went to Safeway and bought stuff we'd forgotten the last trip in. It was also good to have all the coupons and to indulge in a few things like Sara Lee cheesecake bites and a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread. I should probably make the latter myself, sometime, and even in the bread machine, but for right now it was just very tempting.

We also got Jet some hand food. We'd given him a Ritz cracker the other day and he got it everywhere, but was looked very content about being able to eat something himself. So we bought him some fruit wheels and biter crackers.

After getting him home we gave him one of the wheels and the structure is such that it didn't shatter or go everywhere. Instead, it melted with the addition of his drool and stuck to him pretty well. It stuck to his mouth, his face, his hands, his cheeks, and the front of his shirt, but it didn't scatter everywhere, so that was quite the success.

It took a bit to get him to sleep, and we'll try the crib again and no bunting to see if he can just sleep in his normal bed.

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