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October 5, 2002
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Jet had an extraordinarily busy day today. His social agenda was just stuffed.

Better him than mine. I have way too much work to do, and I decided, this morning, to just stay home and do work and sleep instead of trying to keep up with John and Jet. John had a special job at the church, and they left me asleep when they went off to do it at 7:30. I slept another hour and then went upstairs to work. I got some things done, but not nearly as much as I needed to have done by Monday.

John, however, was completely beat, so I took Jet and we went to Alex's birthday party. It was at Roll-O-Rama. Yup, you guessed it, a roller rink. It was in Longmont, not too far from work, actually, and they had something like a dozen different birthday parties all going at the same time. Jet was the smallest one in Alex's birthday party and I was kind of skeptical that they'd have roller skates or roller blades in his size. It turns out, though that they had a number of pre-school skates, that are actually plastic strap-ons for their shoes! It worked just fine. Jet had them on the smallest setting.

I'll admit that I hovered over Jet for quite a while. I had the skates on him and we went out to the middle of the rink. Jet had no concept of 'right-way' or 'wrong-way' around the rink. He just liked the lights in the center, and was willing to stand out there and watch the lights. When I moved him, he was willing to move his feet to keep up with me. And that was how he skated for quite some time. He would stop and watch the lights every time I let go of him or didn't provide support.

After he got fed a hot dog, chips, ice cream, and a cupcake he got braver. Jet started going everywhere on his skates. He started heading for the rink himself, ad I grinned, decided not to hover, and let him go. He cut right across towards the disco lights. But he was slow enough that everyone treated him as a stationary object and avoided him handily. No one ran into him and no one tripped over him, and after just an hour's practice, Jet was adept enough on the little skates to go where he wanted to go.

Yeah, he did fall. He fell several times, but he got up himself, no problem. Jet had o qualms about falling. I was glad about that. In fact, he'd go out a ways, look back and me and give me a huge smile.


Jet also seemed to love being a part of a big kids' party. He just watched everyone else. He seemed to be really enjoying himself through the whole thing. After he watched Alex open all the gifts, he started trying to get onto the tables of other birthday parties. There was a teenage girl party at the next table, and he crawled under it to rescue a jack and a bright turquoise bead. He played with several coin operated games.

He liked being out in the rink so much that when they turned the lights on to do the games, Jet just cried whenever I took him off the rink during those. When they had a race, Jet was okay about getting taken off, after a while, and when I let him sit by one of the exits, where he could see the races. But he tried, three times to crawl out onto the rink. When I stopped him those times, he finally got okay about sitting there and watching. Then he got it into his head where he had to dangle his skates over the edge. We went over that half a dozen times. When he finally just started thrashing to try and get his feet out in the rink (when the announcer is telling us to NOT put any skates into the rink while they're racing). So I finally picked him up and had to take him away from it entirely.

Turns out that Joan had already left as she was feeling badly, and she'd taken all her kids with her. So I was able to return Jet's skates, and take him back out to the car. He yelled while we were heading out. He was soaked from the girl sitting next to him spilling her Coke. He had also poured water onto himself. So I changed him in the trunk of the car, where he was in the sun and out of the wind. I changed him and changed all his clothing and got him dry.

He was much happier after that, and settled into his car seat. Yay!

When we got home, John was napping on and off in the livingroom and we woke him up. He wasn't feeling any much better, but the rest had helped.

Jet was pretty wide awake. So John took him while I went outside and transplanted all my herbs into movable pots. It was supposed to freeze tonight, and I wanted the herbs to be able to move into the house. So I dug them all out of the box and Jet helped me move them into their pots and get lots of dirt packed around them. The garlic chives and the marjoram fit just fine into the long window box I have. The parsley had really long roots, into the local earth. So I actually had to find another big flower pot just for it. The rosemary was pretty happy, too, and it got its own pot as well, finally out of the shadow of the huge flat leaf parsley.

It was hard work. I was crouched on the ground for most of the time and my back and knees were very unhappy by that. Digging them up was to dig very deep, and I had to pack so much dirt around them that instead of using just the potting soil from the bag, I used all the dirt from the box. I then watered everything as well. Jet helped with that, too, and got soaked, happily.

So by the time we were done I could barely stand up and Jet needed to be completely changed again. Oops. I took a few minutes to just walk around in order to straighten up again. Jet was perfectly content to play with the dirt, and since he wasn't capable of doing any more damage to his clothing, I just left him until I was back in some kind of shape. So we took him in and changed him again and John watched him while I cooked.

I had Sudipto's wife's recipe for curry smelt, a pound of frozen smelt in the freezer, and all the other ingredients as well, from the Indian grocery. So I tried making it. Deep frying the smelt was as much of a pain as it sounds like it would be. It was even more painful when they stuck to the bottom of the pot. But after a while I got the knack of it. Putting each fish in individually and pushing it around until it started to cook and float a little. They didn't stick after that. They cooked quickly and crisped and browned, but they also spat lots of oil everywhere. Yi.

I ate one of them out of the oil. It was really bland and kind of mushy, the way frozen fish can get. It was not nearly as good as the smelt I'd had in Seattle. So I was a little sad about that, but it made it much easier to put it into the highly spiced curry.

I cut things up, cooked everything up, and it turned out well. Jet wouldn't touch it, but he did eat taco salad meat and a good deal of the rice. John and I both liked the curry, but John couldn't tell how hot it was because of his nose.

After dinner, though, Jet ate nearly a whole banana. After nursing off me twice, he wanted more, so we finally gave him another four ounces of warm milk before he went to sleep.

John went to sleep at 9. Jet didn't get there until 10. I cooked the banana that Jet didn't finish, had it on ice cream and ate that and brought it up to the office. Ten minutes after I was in the office, I heard Jet wake up. The door opened, and then Jet smiled at me. Hee. He ate one spoonful of my banana and ice cream and then lay down on the floor and half went to sleep while lying against me as I ate my dessert. When I was done, I picked him up and took him back to his bed and lay down with him and he went to sleep.

He was up again an hour later. I got him back to sleep. I then worked until 1. It was good to have time to concentrate. It has been so hard between taking care of John and Jet and making sure that John got enough sleep. A whole week of that. I was glad that I was finally able to do stuff and feel that John could probably take care of Jet in the morning since he'd been asleep since so early in the morning.

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