Liralen's Adventure Through Life
October 2002
  1: Sleeping Through the Night
  3: Jax
  4: Ugh
  5: Roll-O-Rama!!
  6: Chile Dishes and Baby Bubblebath
  7: Busy Jet Day
  8: Catching Up
  9: Sakura
10: Indian Food
11: Opening Boxes
12: Size Seven
13: Running, Eating, and Communicating
14: Pleeeze! Can I Help? and Tea
15: Making Dinner from Scratch
16: Party at the Pumphouse
17: Working, Swimming, and Eating
18: Meetings, Tacos, and Monk
19: Pho with Bob and Bad Dog Birthday
20: Time to Myself, "Spirited Away", and Rubio's Fish Tacos
21: Mobile Heart, Cranky Jet, and Profit Sharing
22: Crazy Busy Day
23: Making the Appointment
24: Good Review
25: Getting My Teeth Fixed, Paul and Family Arrive
26: Boulder and The Tuxedo
27: Time to Myself
28: Swimming with Jet
29: Butterflies, Dim Sum, Massage, and Ice
30: A Hot Cuppa
31: Halloween

A very nice month at home, with a nice, long visit by John's parents and his brother and his family at the end of it.

Jet slept through the night for nearly a week, he got to rollerskate, do bubble bathes, talk, run, sleep in the middle of parties, see the Butterfly Pavalion, and swim a few times.

I got massages to deal with the stress of having so many people, cooked some really good red chile pork, and had a good time figuring out what to do with myself and how to really take care of myself. It was really nice to have some time entirely to myself while John's parents were here, and they all took Jet out to do stuff. Yay!

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