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October 5, 2001
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9:29 pm: It was a really nice day today, lots of small things that all worked out really well. John and I had a great time, this morning working with Jet playing in the room with us. Jet was just trolling around the room, panting like crazy from the effort, and going mostly backwards and rolling sideways; but he was basically having a blast with whatever toy he happened to run into. Even when the 'toy' happened to be the chairs John and I were sitting on, the file cabinet, the leg of the piano, a set of spools we use for stools, or the mass of cables under one of the computer desks.

It was also really cool that occasionally, I'd turn from my work to watch him, and when Jet caught sight of me watching, he'd suddenly light up with laughter, bounce up and down and flap his arms back and forth in front of himself in delight at being paid attention to. It wasn't that he needed the attention, clearly, he just really liked it. He'd just go back to playing with his toys when John and I went back to working. That was really neat to watch.

I was having some problems with the new right lens. That sense of having a bubble of extra sight out the left side just kind of intensified as the day went on and now I've got a bit of a headache. Also, this morning, my eyes were just feeling really grainy. I don't know if it's from stuff in the air or from the contacts themselves. The weather's changed drastically, from the too-hot summery days to a suddenly wintry 40, with iron grey clouds and winds. And the changes often brings stuff into the air. It could also be that Jet was up three times last night, but he was up and then down really easily, just nurse and drop back off to sleep.

John and I split the last of the Cajun thingy from yesterday, and he really loved the taste of it. For some reason it didn't seem quite as hot today, for me, as it was yesterday. Maybe it was the combination of that stuff and the wings, or something, but it just tasted really pleasantly spicy to me, today, and I just gobbled it up happily.

Jet and I had fun nursing and then playing in the early afternoon. Then the three of us piled into the Baby Buggy and went to work for a root beer social. We ran around work, had fun talking with people, drank root beer, ate ice cream, and Jet got to see a lot of people. That was pretty fun. I even got to talk with some people about work while I was there. I wore Jet in a sling, and we walked around a lot and talked with a bunch of folks. That was good.

On the way home, Jet fell asleep, so all three of us got a nap while he napped in his car seat in our room while we napped on the bed. It's very convenient to sleep that way because the instant he wakes up, we know, and it's really easy to deal with stuff.

Dinner was simple after the mildly complex day. Just fish slabs and OreIda onion rings.

Jet showed a new behavior in the evening, when I sat him down on the livingroom floor, and sat down to play with him, he scrambled over to my lap and then turned around and hugged me about the waist, and laid his head on my tummy. He then looked up and grinned at me. I don't think he's ever done that before, but it sure is an amazing thing to me.

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