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October 9, 2002
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We decided to go to Sakura, today, for lunch. It was fun, but only Chad and Bob came along. Cary had spent a thousand bucks on an electric guitar, so his weekly allowance had been lowered, so he was skipping lunches with the gang.

The prices on lunches was far more reasonable than some of the dinners we've had there. Then, of course, I had to blow my budget and I ordered a single order of flying fish roe with quail egg, and ended up spending twice as much as if I hadn't ordered my small treat.

But it was worth it.

John and Jet are much happier today. This is a terrific thing, and it was really cool having John and Jet just wrestling and laughing and bumping around the livingroom for a while this afternoon.

I'm tired. Ah well, so it is.

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