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October 8, 2002
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Catching Up

9:28 am: Mmmm.... fresh bagels. It was nice to wake up to the scent of freshly baked bagels. Jet grabbed half of one of my plain ones. John didn't have any problems getting them boiled and baked. His green chile ones were studded with green goodness. Jet had eaten some of them, but had bypassed them for a cup of peach yogurt.

I had two of my bagels with peach glop and cream cheese. It took a good deal of chewing, but they were yummy.

The guys ran off at 8:15, so I had the house for a few minutes to myself. I got the dirty diapers out for the diaper service, sipped some grapefruit juice, and wandered off to work on time. Yay! So I'm here in a meeting and getting stuff done.

9:34 pm: Work was pretty okay. Lots of stuff to talk about with other folks. Also, when I called John to say that I was going home, I heard Jet in the background. I said that I'd stop by the grocery store, on the way home, and if there was anything else John wanted me to get. There wasn't anything. I just got milk and some cilantro and headed home.

Jet was running, literally running around the kitchen and livingroom. He was running, talking, and laughing like crazy. His eyes had dark circles on them and he kept stumbling now and again. He was so tired. So when I finally gathered him up and let him nurse, he fell asleep so fast, he didn't even finish one side.

He napped a good hour. John and I got to work. Jet woke up at 2, right when John was having a meeting, so I took Jet and this time he nursed solidly for a good long while. It was a good relief. At 3 Jet came up with me, and John got him started with paint. Jet cheered whenever he did something and smiled hugely. He loved it. John couldn't drag him away, so he spent my meeting playing with the software. Unlike yesterday, it wasn't a problem as I didn't have to say much. I was glad of that.

John did take him afterwards, and rode the exercise bike while I got even more time to do stuff. Finally, I quit and started making dinner. I had fresh, Chinese egg noodles that I wanted to make into lo mein. I had plenty of char shao to shred, and added red and green cabbage, mung bean sprouts, the last of my garlic chives, cilantro, and some seasonings. It was very yummy. Jet not only ate most of the bowl of noodles, he ate some of the vegetables and meat as well. He liked the char shao so much he was dancing while he ate it.


I also cooked the four colossal shrimp from Albertson's today. I just deveined them, put them in a salt brine for about ten minutes, and then stir fried them. They were crisp, sweet, and very juicy. They'd been frozen while perfectly fresh, and they tasted much better than the ones I'd bought a while back from Safeway. Jet happily ate shell off the shrimp, and avoided the meat. He just grinned at me when I asked him to spit the shell out. Calcium, I guess.

The evening was pretty quiet. Just playing with stickers, crayons, and running around. Both John and I cleaned stuff up, and started taking care of things that got neglected last week. John also served us ice cream and Jet ate more than either of us, running back and forth for spoonfuls from whomever had the time and attention. We also got to watch the AL game. The Twins pitcher was excellent. It was very nice. Jet went to sleep no problem, and we're sipping herbal tea, watching TV, and I actually have the time to write.


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