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October 25, 2002
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Getting My Teeth Fixed, Paul and Family Arrive

So I was scared, last night. I'd made the appointment on Wednesday for tomorrow, and I didn't sleep well last night with my brain doing its usual tricks of saying, "What happens if the dentist doesn't believe me?" "What should I do if they don't listen?"

I finally short-circuited it with the usual exercise. Since I was worrying about all the things that might not happens, what were the things that I thought would happen? That helped enough for me to get to sleep. Then, of course, Jet was up a bunch during the night, so I didn't get good sleep and I got plenty of opportunities to worry some more and not get to sleep. Whee.

So by the time I was supposed to get up, I had enough time to put myself together, grab the Vanilla Almado Future milk shake, and feed Jet half of it before I left. He drank half of it, and I drank half of it and we both enjoyed it immensely. That was pretty cool. I then drove off into an unusually dense fog. There normally isn't enough moisture for fog, but there was this morning and it was so thick I really couldn't drive at my usual speeds. So it was a good thing I gave myself half an hour to get there.

I arrived five minutes early, so I hit the restroom and then got picked up by the assistant. It turned out that there was a woman who had walked in with a broken tooth. They overlapped her with me, and asked if it was okay, and I was fine with it. I'd broken a tooth before, several, in fact, and it was nice to just sit and read and listen. Dr. Alber is the younger of the two partners in the practice, and I hadn't seen him in action before.

He was really gentle with the woman, told her funny stories, and seemed to manage to reassure her thoroughly. I liked his approach in any case. His assistant looked over the problem, asked me some questions, and determined that I needed more than just her attention with adjusting the guard. They did what they needed to the woman's tooth and immediately afterwards Dr. Alber came over with the blue paper, and we tested my bite.

He frowned mildly at what he saw, but then went in with the drill. A little bit of smoke later, he asked me to try it out. He assured me that he wasn't done, yet, but wanted to know if we were going in the right direction. It was incredible. I was biting along more than just the one tooth in the back!! I said, "Yes. That's exactly the right direction." We tested it again with the blue paper, and he went in again and it felt so much better that it just astonished me. He told me, then, that it was a point of natural tooth that was doing the high spot, which may have been why Dr. Davis hadn't cleared it out at the start. It's good to avoid taking away the tooth that exists, in general. But, in this case, it was definitely a high point that was messing up my bite something fierce. "If it's wrong, it's wrong." he said with a shrug.

So we fixed it. I think it's even a real fix. But I've thought that in the past, and been proven wrong, so I won't hope too much. The relief that this is providing, alone, though, is pretty marvelous in and of itself. Some of that is likely 'cause the appointment, itself, is over, but a lot of it is that I actually got up the gumption to get it fixed and we did something and it feels much, much better.

I've always loved Miles' summation of his mother's beliefs, that what one does has consequences. The subsequent theorem from that axiom is that if one really wants something to happen, one had better do something to make it so. So it's good to do something.

I had exactly 35 minutes to get home, and I knew that it would take at least twenty from the middle of Boulder. I decided to take a side trip and headed into the Erie Safeway with fifteen minutes until my 1:1 with my boss. I bought myself an apple fritter, and then ran for the car, and I got there right on time. I had to just run upstairs to the office, and hope that Jet didn't see me at all. George and Isabel did an admirable job of keeping him occupied, while I charged on up. I only shed my coat, purse, and the bag with the fritter once I'd gotten upstairs. I called Jayashree and got her just as she had settled into her meeting room. Yay for great timing!

She was happy with the review of the spec. I didn't get any raves about it from her, but she was pretty happy with how it had gone and far more impressed with how much easier it made life when I'd had each section reviewed by the marketing person involved. Yay!

We then had to work through some stuff, and we started going into the next items that had to be defined, written, and reviewed, as well. There's a lot of stuff yet to be done and that got me pretty depressed in a mild way. Nothing in particular on her part, but I was feeling the lack of positive feedback and the addition of a lot of stuff to do. There's a lot of stuff.

I went down to get some tea or coffee, and Jet asked to nurse, so he went to sleep, easily, when I was done. So he went to nap at his usual time. I was pretty glad of that. I headed back up with my tea and wandered about, on-line for a bit while eating my apple fritter and working through some work email, too. It was so cool that my jaw and teeth didn't ache at all when I had finished eating the fritter. It was relatively soft, but it was just nice to have no pain at all while eating and drinking something hot.

I keep hoping that I fixed it.

I had a meeting at two. John came home when Jet woke up and we all had lunch together. Jet loved holding a whole bunch of the globe grapes and biting the ends off the grapes. He'd get the first, crisp, sweet mouthful and then go onto the next grape. He only had half a dozen, and he carefully bit the ends off each one of them before he went back and started eating the rest of each grape. He refused to let us pull the seeds out, but after a while he'd start spitting them out himself. Yay! It was funny, though, seeing him sit there, eating grapes with all his intensity.

I had my two o clock and I think I frustrated myself as much as I frustrated everyone else in the group with some feelings about things dropping right and left into cracks. The scope of the project is much smaller than I thought it should be, but we also don't know all the bounding information. Still, the task they've picked up is one that is probably good for the short time frame we're looking at; but there's so much of an attitude of "We'll take care of this one thing and only this one thing." It bothers me to be that narrowly focussed and to not, up front, try and look at the whole picture before diving into detail.

I am a detailed oriented person, and it's hard for me to step back and say, "HEY! We can't look at these specifics, we have to figure out how this whole thing is going to fit with everything else." If no one, however, else is going to, I guess I have to, since I know the problems that can occur when no one gets there head up out of the implementation to at least see where we're going.

It was frustrating.

It was so frustrating that I pretty much spent the afternoon playing Angband. I have nearly thirty hours extra from the last couple of weeks, so I blew some this afternoon for my own sanity's sake.

Paul, Jan, and Marina arrived while I was doing this and while John was having his meeting. I was in no mood for more people, so I spared everyone problems and just remained cloistered in the office while John went downstairs after his meeting. Turns out that he went to sleep, took a nap. I probably should have, but instead, when I finally did get downstairs, I was greeted by Jet with his Boppie, so I took the break and nursed him. He fell asleep and I tucked him into his bed, upstairs when Jan went to get a sleepy Marina to wake her up in time to go to dinner at six.

Right before six, I got Jet and strapped him into his car seat, and he didn't wake up for that. He only woke up when they strapped his seat into the car with Marina. Hee. John rode with them, and I drove the other car with George for company one way and then Isabel and George the other way.

We headed into Longmont and Deli Cioso's and we had good food. Jet played with his quesadilla and rice, and ate a little, but mostly watched Marina and tried to play with her while they were seated next to each other at the table. Marina wasn't all that keen on playing too hard, as she was still waking up from her nap. But they got along just fine. It was cool to see them together, pretty much distracting each other. It was nice in that Jet had no desire to just get down and run away, he was too fascinated by Marina.

We all had a great dinner and headed home. Everyone went into the basement and we all played with the electric train for a while. John, Jet, Isabel and George had hit Toys R' Us one day last week, and bought a new battery and a charger for the battery for the train. Now Marina and Jet can ride it for hours before the battery runs out. Luckily, the train, the battery and all the kids go to sleep at night. *grin* So Marina couldn't' get up at 6 and ride the train around the basement. Whew. But they loved it.

I went upstairs once everyone was happily established, and started making bagel dough. I made two batches, and the first batch I just made plain. The second batch John put a bunch of green chile into, and when the plain batch was rolled up and ready to go, we put the second batch on one of the smaller sheets to rise. They puff quite a bit when boiled, but not nearly as much when just left to ferment overnight. So they could fit on a smaller sheet for the night rise. It's only after the boil and when they're about to bake that they all really need to go on the big sheet. So in the morning, John was planning on baking one sheet and then the other. I think it'll work out.

Or we may just need to buy one more half sheet pan.

As it was, Marina wanted to help make a bagel. John kneaded the chilies in while we shaped, rolled, and made them into rings. Jet watched happily. It was a fun evening, and when it was time to go to sleep, Jet did so pretty easily, as he was really tired.

While he was nursing, I saw the replay from the World Series came when the three-and-a half-year-old Darren Baker had run to the plate to get a bat and JT Snow grabbed him by the shirt collar and hauled him out of the way of an on-coming, possible play at the plate. Poor kid. GREAT thinking on Snow's part. I was so impressed by him getting the kid to a safe place before the collision that was developing behind him. Maybe it's the mom gear kicking in, but I really thought that a heads up, thinking, wonderful play, eventhough there really wasn't a collision afterwards. Still, it was just cool that Snow had that much brain and heart to get the kid out of there.

Cool. It turns out that Snow has a four and a half year old, so he knew how to get him out of there. Neat.

The yogurt, from last night, looks like it may have turned out well. It needed to cool all day, so we'll see how it is tomorrow morning, if anyone (likely George) wants to try some of it with their bagel. Hee

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