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October 26, 2002
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Boulder and The Tuxedo

I'm so tired. I can't believe how tired I am and how much we actually did today, anyway.

It started with the bagel breakfast. Jet got up at a bit after six, and I nursed him and delivered him to his grandparents and to Marina and folks. I went back to bed. I thought John was going to get up to do the bagels, and when he didn't stir, I found that it was impossible for me to go back to sleep. I got up, got dressed, and started the oven and the water for the bagels.

I was halfway through boiling the plain ones when John came out. I finished boiling them and covering six of the eight with poppy seeds and popping them into the oven before John took over and got the rest of it done. I got Jet changed out of a poppy diaper and by that time, it was breakfast, everyone was up and it was pretty much useless to go back to sleep.

The bagels were a hit, and we loved them, too. They were as toothsome, chewy, and crisp on the outside as ever. Yummy. Jan really enjoyed looking through The Best Recipe cookbook, and got through the whole explanation of why they're made with the process we used. I love the experiments, they're kind of self-explanatory about the why.

Once breakfast was done, everyone scattered to get ready to go into Boulder. It's pretty chilly today, but sunny and bright, the next week is supposed to be socked in and snowy, so we were going to take advantage of being able to be outside, comfortably, and do the whole Boulder thing, start by seeing how the Boulder Farmers' market was doing, and then hitting the Mall to see what was up there. It made for a very, very busy morning and early afternoon.

The market was, indeed open. We drove by it on our way to our favorite parking garage. There was a lit FULL sign outside, but, being our usual selves, we decided to try it anyway. It was very good that we did, too, as there were immediate spots right up from the entrance ramp. We got two prime spots, within visual distance of each other and when we unloaded we were all together and ready to go. We'd brought the stroller for Jet, and it was a good thing as he'd fallen asleep just as we pulled into the garage. He stayed asleep, in the stroller, as we carried it down the stairs and out onto the sidewalks.

I love the market. It's just so much fun to wander up and down and see what there is to see. All the organic produce, all the local folks, and all the stuff that can't be found anywhere else as it's mostly sold by the people that create it themselves. One such treat was Boulder Backyard Honey. They have hives in their backyards in Boulder, and move them around during the spring and summer so that the bees can get a particularly variety of flowers. They had two honeys at the booth, one was a super light colored sunflower honey and the other was a much darker wildflower honey. They were offering tastes of both. I thought I only really wanted to taste the wildflower honey, but they offered me a taste of each on the end of two toothpicks.

The sunflower honey was first, and it was this incredible burst of pure sweetness. It was pure sweetness with little other taste to it, and it was intense and very, very clear and light in taste. I was surprised by just how much the flavor of it reflected the color of the liquid. I then tasted the wildflower and was floored by the complex depth to it, with lots of flavors that were fruity, musky, and wine like. Yow. It wasn't nearly as sweet as the first, either. I wanted it, badly. I really, really liked the wildflower, now even more against the contrast of the sunflower stuff. So I bought a bottle. I also bought a beeswax votive, and got a business card. I hope that they'll be around a lot next year.

I bought sweet peppers, a few tomatoes, some last of the season herbs, a bag full of shitaki mushrooms, and we all bought some bread for tomorrow night's supper. There was an Italian bakery at the end, and they had pignoli nut cookies, and I had to buy one. It was sweet, chewy, and rich with almonds and toasted pine nuts. It was so good and so small. I have goat cheese, so I didn't get any of that, and we have plenty of bagels. I finally splurged and bought a half a dozen bag of the mild chile bean tamales, that are spicy and wonderful and completely vegan. I am always impressed by the masa in those tamales, with the sweet corn, sweet peppers, and wonderful, rough texture.

Finally, John and Paul headed back to the car to deposit stuff and we headed to the Mall. We wandered up and down it, and Jet and Marina got balloon animals from the guy in front of the Peppercorn while all of us wandered in, in turn, to peer at things. I just looked and didn't buy anything. I was good, and, honestly, I didn't really need anything. It was just enough to go through there and look and see what there was to see.

We hit a lot of shops that way, with the little ones it was nice to always have someone watching them while others rotated into being able to shop or being able to play or look at stuff. I really enjoyed that a lot. It was nice to not have to watch Jet so closely all the time.

We went all the way down, and then all the way back to hit the Falafel King for lunch. They specialize in falafel and pita sandwiches, so I got six falafel balls with salad and greens in a pita bread. I went back and got a fork when I discovered just how much dressing and juice got poured into the bread. I got the six deep fried falafel balls with an eggplant salad, plus lettuce, tomatoes, and a mild dressing poured into the bread shell. It was excellent. Lots of wonderful flavors and the textures played off each other beautifully. The falafel was crisp on the outside, with a wonderful, savory chew on the inside.

Falafel are chickpeas which have been ground with garlic, onions, and various spices and herbs and are shaped into a ball and deep fried until they're crisp on the outside. They're a great meat substitute, and provide plenty of good proteins, especially when served in bread. It's yummy stuff.

It was also very filling, and very good at 2 pm in the afternoon, even after the huge breakfast and snacks at the market. Jet, however, refused to eat anything other than a protein bar from his bag and since he had plenty of time to get comfortable with our surroundings, he started to wander off. He was walking just in all directions, often without even looking to see if one or the other of us were following him, so John and I took turns following him. Finally, though, he found that he could walk on the curb of the big concrete circle we were all sitting around and he started going around and around and around... which was very good for us as he never got that far off. He loved walking the curb, occasionally falling off into the landscaping or onto the sidewalk, but that didn't faze him in the least. He'd just get up, climb back on, and keep going, singing to himself.

Jet's singing to himself more and more as time goes on. Not particular songs, though he might mean for them to be, they seem entirely random to me, with all kinds of syllables attached that he just likes saying. They're a jumble of vocalizations that he just does a full lung and burbles to himself as well. He really seems to enjoy just singing to himself, especially when wandering or doing something intently. So it was very easy to keep track of him while he was doing his circuits. So I got to finish my sandwich before we finally moved off to the cars, and went home.

Jet, miraculously, didn't go to sleep on the drive home. He played with Marina for a bit, and when she had to go take a nap, he came to me for some nursing, and he went down, soon after, for his nap as well.

John and I then headed out to Westminster. Turns out that Paul, Marina and Jan had a dinner party with a friend of Jan's, and they were going to be out all evening. So George and Isabel volunteered to take Jet for the evening and let us do things. The movie started earlier than I'd expected, so I didn't get a nap the way I'd been thinking when I got Jet to sleep; but that was okay. Sitting in a movie couldn't be nearly as hard as chasing him around the park.


It was wonderful to go out with John again. To hold hands, and just be with each other. I'm so glad that we take the time and make the time to do so sometimes. I really enjoy that.

We went to see The Tuxedo, and it was a really fun, lightweight movie, with an excellent Jackie Chan with some really great lines. ("We're not all Bruce Lee!!") It was sweet, action-based, and fun to watch.

Afterwards, we tried to find someplace for dinner, on a Saturday night, without hours and hours to go and wait somewhere. We tried most of Flat Irons Mall and finally ended up at Red Robin, which is a burger joint, but they're a burger joint from the Seattle area, and they're a burger joint that really, truly, takes care of their burgers. They do a great job with what they make, and when I got the State Fair Onion Burger, it came beautifully seasoned, with a nice, seared crust. The onions were completely cooked through and even caramelized nicely along the edges. They were also sweet onions, fragrant and mellow. The bun was buttered and toasted crisp on the cut side, but was tender and fresh in the center. It was a great burger with all-you-can-eat plank fries, but they gave me plenty with my first helping. The root beer float left something to be desired on the amount of ice cream and the quality of the root beer. But John's chocolate shake more than made up for it.

The best thing, however, was that my teeth didn't hurt while eating it. At all. Not one bit. I think that most of my problems are now solved with respect to my new bite. I'm so very, very glad.

When we got home, Jet cheered on seeing us, but stayed playing with Grandpa. Hee. He was having too good a time with the gears and stuff that he and Grandpa were building and playing with. It was very keen.

The others arrived well after Jet went to bed, and folks gradually worked their way to bed. Mmm... quiet night

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